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Zaoree is the search engine the same as google chrome but it pays you while searching on the web. The Zaoree belongs to the company OPERATING SYSTEM MARKETING, S.L., CIF: B-86990280, with fiscal and social domicile in Colmenar Viejo, province of Madrid, Spain. The company was founded in 2014 by Adolfo Martínez and Lucía Navarro.

What is Zaoree?

Zaoree is the online web search engine portal that pays its users to search online. Their searches are taken from google, bing, and many other search engines, if your search or query is available on Google or Bing then it will show if not then it will not show.

It was founded in the year 2014 in Spain by Adolf Martinez and Lucia Navarro. You can use this platform without having an account to but to earn on Zaoree you need to have an account.

How To Join Zaoree

You can find sign up and login button on their homepage, the bottom side of the homepage or click here to sign up on Zaoree. While registration they will ask you to submit Email, Password, and Ambassador code (Ambassador code means referral code).

It will look like this;

zaoree sign up

But to join them you must be at least 18 years old. And it doesn’t matter where are you from, you can join them from anywhere.

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How To Make Money On Zaoree?

To make money on Zaoree you need to create an account there first. And after creating an account you have to submit the details like profile detail. Also, you need to submit your address and VAT or any local ID number, they will ask you according to your country.

There is no single way to make money but there are more than 3 methods to make money on this platform. You will get to know more about ways later in this article.

Paid Searches

This is the method for which they are known for. For every search you do on this platform you earn some amount of money and this can be $0.00 too but do not worry you are going to earn some money.

They show ads on their search pages and they pay you from this. When you do search on this site and they show ads and when you see this ad they earn from these ads and they pay you a few percentages with you.

zaoree search

(I searched Save Nature and I request you to Save Nature and plan at least one tree once in a year).

Get Paid To Visit

Yes, you can earn while surfing online. You can see the above image and can find the option of Paid Visits, there are ads showing for every site you visit you get paid.

You earn around $0.0004 to $0.001 per visit you do.

Get Paid To Watch Videos

This is not the best and easy way to earn money but it is another way to make money. You can find a watch video option when you do search on their site. New pop-up will open where you have to watch a video.

Paid Registration 

There is an option where you can earn money for registration. Below you can check the image of how much they pay for registration.

Other Options To Earn Money

There are many other ways to make money online on this platform. Read their FAQ for more information regarding earning. Other options are like carrying out Surveys, To do Micro-tasks, By installing Apps,  By playing Games, and  Becoming an Ambassador.

Payment Methods and Withdrawal Methods

Currently, there is minimum withdrawal is 1 pound. You can withdraw funds using PayPal or Bank Transfer. Payment may take up to 24 hours to recieve in your account.

What I Don’t Like About Them

I don’t like the way they serve ads, they serve ads almost every place. You may not like that as a chrome user.

Another thing I don’t like is the way the show search, it seems they are focusing on ads only. They show searches in a very small size.


Conclusion: It is the best alternative of google chrome if you are using chrome daily. There are many methods to earn money online and it can be the best option for you. Make sure you fill your details on your profile first before using them.

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  • Easy to sign up
  • Almost every country
  • Supports Paypal & Bank
  • Numbers of tasks


  • Requires addition info to use platform
  • Confusing for many
  • Captcha on every tasks