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I already shared different methods to make money online but making money online is not possible without the Internet. Today we are going to learn how to get free internet at home without paying any money.

The Internet is one of the life-changing inventions done by humans. But it is costlier for some and cheap for some. And who doesn’t like free Internet? We all love to get anything for free, right?

You might be paying $70 to $150 per month for the Internet.

There are two ways to get free Internet are Public Wi-Fi and Apps that pay you on the Internet. So let’s find out the APPs which can help you to get free Internet online.

Top 5 APP To Get Free Internet At Home

There are many methods to get free internet illegally or legally. Here both methods will be included. There are some trusted companies that let you earn free Internet by downloading and using their app. Let’s understand how to get free internet.


InstaBrdige is a free mobile app-based support for both Android and iOS. It helps you to get free Internet from anywhere and anytime. They provide you with a list of available wifi networks with passwords.

How to get free internet without paying using InstaBrdige?

InstaBridge is a Stockholm-based company managed by Degoo. It was founded in the year 2012.

To date, they have more than 50 Million downloads on the play store with 4 out of 5 ratings. Go to the Instabridge site to download their app.  Once you download their app you need to sign up. You can sign up using Google, Facebook, or Email.

On your homepage, it will automatically show available wifi networks with the password, is not cool? It also shows you the networks on the map so you can catch them easily.

Their VPN is also another inbuilt feature. You can purchase a VPN using money or can earn points and redeem them to get a VPN. There are some options to earn points daily by login in, watching videos, and completing some tasks.

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FreedomPop is a Los Angeles, California, USA, and was founded by Stephen Stokols in the year 2011. It is owned by Red Pocket Mobile. In the market, it is known as an Internet Mobile network provider. They claim that they provide free internet to everyone but yes they do charge for it.

They have apps available for both Android as well as for iOS. Once you sign up on their platform they will provide you with wireless network access points this can be used on any device you have to use.

You can also shop at their online shop. FreedomPop is only for USA residents. how to get free internet.

Juno Internet

Juno is a USA-based internet service provider. It provides 10  hours of internet per month for free which can definitely get increased by purchasing their service.

Their minimum charge per month is $30. With the free version, you get 10 hours of free internet, reliable connections, and an email address with mobile and web access.

Juno is only for USA residents.

Free Wi-Fi Spot

This is like craigslist, they have a directory, Wi-Fi-FreeSpot™ Directory is a listing of locations that offer Free Wi-Fi. USA State-by-State listings come first with Europe and other regions of the World listed further down the page.

They almost covered every state of the USA and Europe.

You do not need to sign up or ask for any special permission in order to use their platform and if you are from the USA then this is definitely for you.

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WiFi Map

It works as they are “Described” in their name. WiFi Map is available in almost every country where free wifi is available. To use them you have to download their app which is available for both Android and iOS.

You can use their website to search available connections but to check their passwords you need to download their app. They have more than 100 million networks and almost covers every country.

You can also upgrade to pro where you can get lots of extra networks and ad-free surfing. Already more than a 50Million users downloaded the app. how to get free internet illegally.

Some Other Methods to Get Free Internet

This is not really a method but yeah it can help you to get free internet at any time. Some random places like Railway Stations, Airports, Libraries, Colleges, and many more places where you can get wifi networks for free. how to get free internet illegally

Is It Safe To Use Public Wi-Fi?

Yes, but not always. Sometimes it may harm your device completely. Hackers are always looking for ways to hack your device. So to keep your device safe you can do the following things. how to get free internet without a sim card.

  • Keep your device updated.
  • Turn off BlueTooth and Wifi after using it.
  • Use a VPN.
  • Disable file sharing.
  • Use AntiVirus.
  • Clean your wifi lists.

The above steps can save you and your wifi from hackers. Also, try to disconnect and reconnect wifi networks frequently. It also helps you to keep your wifi network safe.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you get free internet?

Yes, you can get free internet by using the above-mentioned methods you can get free wifi networks and the Internet.

Can I get free internet at home?

Wifi-Map can help you to track available networks near you.

How to get internet without paying for it?

By joining the above websites you can get free internet without paying for it.