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If you are not from the USA then you might not hear much about Givling. US student debt loans are increasing year by year and it gives ideas to entrepreneurs to start innovative platforms.

According to the report, in 2019, US student loan debt surpasses credit card debt to $1.5 Trillion approximately. Getting a loan is also very limited in the USA, students can get up to $12,500 per year.

Let’s talk about Givling now.

What is Givling?

Givling was founded in the year 2015 by Lizbeth Pratt. She was the founder of many different projects. Givling is a new and innovative platform that allows students to pay off their study loans or mortgages.

It is a California-based company. The working process of Givling is a bit different than other trivia games, which we will understand later in this article.

How Givling Work?

To use the platform you have to download a mobile givling app first, their app is available for iOS and Android. It doesn’t matter if you need student loans to play Givling trivia games.

Givling trivia games can be played in two ways, first, you can play and enter a contest to win cash. And in the second method, allows users to crowdfund for someone who needs it.

Since now they have awarded over $6 million to their users.

There are two types of accounts users can create Players and Borrowers.

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Join as Player

Users can join the platform as Players, there will be a group of three people, randomly people will be joined as a player in groups of these three people.

Your group will get a bunch of questions, yes or no type of questions. For every correct answer, you or your team gives you will earn a point. The more you answer the question the more question you get.

In case you or your team member gives the wrong answer, you will receive fewer questions.

Join as Borrowers

Borrowers are the users who are student loan debtors. If you are a student and on a debt loan then this is the best platform for you. It works as same as players but there are some more ways to earn points.

Like, such as inviting friends, watching ads, buying the app, and shopping for merch.

As a student, you will get in Givling Queue, the more points you earn the more chance you get to top in the queue. At one time, there will be 10 students along with you.

How To Join Givling

To join the platform you need to givling the app from the app store or google play store. While the sign-up process, they will ask you some basic info like name, username, email, mobile no., and givling invite code.

You can get one invite givling code from their Twitter page. Click here.


In Givling Crowdfunding users can get up to $50,000. As mentioned above users can earn points from five different methods.

    • Two free trivia games (every day)
    • The Free$10K Queues (two each funding cycle)
    • The Free$50K Queue (one each of six funding cycles)
    • Free Daily Drawings (every M-F)
    • Free $10,000 Drawings (random)

Users can play two free trivia games each day. The best way to gain points is by answering the question and watching ads.

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Givling Mobile APP

Givling app

It is a mobile app-based platform and its apps are available for android as well as iOS users too. Their apps are in different languages, supported languages are, English, Danish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian.

The fun fact is they have more users on iOS in comparison to Android users.

The app sizes are 24 MB for Android and 94 MB for iOS devices.

Social Media

They are active givling Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. On Instagram, they have 14K followers. 4.5K followers on Twitter and 84K followers on givling Facebook.

Is Givling Legit? 

Yes, they are trusted, and it is free to hence giving them a try is not a bad idea, right? Play store reviews also tend towards the company. So is givling a scam? No, it is not.

Conclusion: If you are a student and looking for a debt loan then you are in the right place. Education is one of the basic needs of every gentleman. It is one of the trusted programs and unique innovative platforms to join. In this Givling review, we are not partnered with anyone this is my personal review.