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There are many different methods and ways to make money online and a lock screen is one of those newest methods in the market to make money. S’mores App Review.

S’mores app is a lock screen app that is available and helping users to make money for the last many years. This is the Money Lockscreen apps.

S’more will not make you the next Jeff Bezos but it is quite fun and good to earn some extra money for a cup of coffee.

S’more is a trusted and legit app to make money online.

Let’s check it out and understand more about the S’more app.

What Is S’mores APP?

S’more is a rewarding and lock screen app that allows its users to earn money & reward by watching ads on the lock screen. Advertisers are using this platform to promote their products and S’more shares the rewards with its users.

There are already many lock screen Smores App available in the market but only a few of them are such good as S’more is. This is one of the highest paying lock screen app which is available in limited countries.

How Does S’more Works?

You just need to download their mobile app first which is available on the google play store only. It means it is an Android app only. After that, you have to register with them using your email or Gmail account.

You can enable or disable ads on the lock screen, so when you want to show ads and when you don’t want to show ads you can use disable and enable features.

After enabling it you will start seeing ads on your LockScreen.

Supporting Countries

Unfortunately, S’more is not available in all the countries, if you are from the USA then only you are able to use it.

How To Earn On S’more

S’more provides different methods to earn money while using their S’mores App online. There are more than two methods available to earn money on S’more apps.

S’more Lockscreen Ads

The proven method for which they are known is lock screen ads. You will earn points for enabling ads on your screen. You don’t need to click on ads or keep seeing those ads. Just swipe up or right to view ads and close ads.

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Complete Survey To Get Paid

Another method to earn points is completing surveys. I do not suggest attending this survey until it pays you more. Because those surveys are from a third party and it takes more time to get your reward credited.

It is better to use official survey sites like Survey junkie and Rewadia is one of the best survey sites.

S’more Video

Want to watch some funny and informative videos then this is the method to earn some points. There you can find videos of 30 seconds to some minutes.

The normal pay rate is 1 point for 30 seconds video. Video ads are not always available.

Complete Offers

Another method to earn points is by completing offers. There are various methods to earn points and various offers are always available.

S’mores Referral

You can refer your friend or someone to earn 25 points and your friend will also earn 25 points after registering.

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How Much You Can Earn

At first, you will earn 50 points for downloading the app. Verifying email address to get 10 points. Complete three surveys to earn 66 points. Use the app continuously for three days to earn 30 points.

Point Rates

You will get $0.10 for every 10 points. So you will earn around $2.50 for just installing the app. There is no s’more app hack.

How To Withdraw Money

Withdrawing your own money sometimes takes more time on random sites but on this S’more app, you can withdraw money from S’more very easily.

Just go to the payment section and click on the redeem button and that’s all. Just wait for your payment mostly payment takes no more than 24 hours.

You can withdraw using Gift Cards. The minimum withdrawal is $1 = 100 points. Thanks for reading the s’more app review. Do not forget to share the article.

S'more Review




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  • Different methods to earn money
  • Supports Amazon and other gift cards
  • Easy registration
  • Low cashout


  • No paypal support
  • You must not inactive
  • Available in USA only
  • Only for Android users