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Nowadays most of us are using Instagram and there is no surprise these numbers will increase in the upcoming time.

Most people have two types of questions in their mind, first, How do people make money on Instagram in 2023? and Do people make money with Instagram 2023?

But do you know you can earn money on Instagram? Yes, you can, there are various methods by which you can make money on Instagram.

Instagram Facts:

  • It was launched in the year Oct 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege.
  • In 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 Billion.
  • 2 Billion registered members with 400 million monthly active users.

Instagram is the best place to make money and it is also the root of marketing nowadays. But it is not as easy as it looks. Everything needs hard work and hard work is the only key to success.

This post is going a bit longer and helpful if you catch it perfectly. So let us start without wasting more time.

Before anything we start you must have some knowledge of Instagram marketing, if you don’t have then I suggest reading this Instagram course “Instagram Marketing 2021: Complete Guide To Instagram Growth” from Udemy.

Get Your Instagram Account Ready

First of all, we need an Instagram account. If you have a personal account then we don’t need you to create a new account and select your account type as you wish (Sports, GK, Meme, or Celebrity). OR you can purchase Instagram Accounts there are various places from where you can purchase (We can help you in getting your Instagram Account).

If you are creating a new account from zero then you need to gain followers first. You must have at least 15K(15,000) followers before starting. To gain followers you can do the following things.

  • Daily post 5-6 posts on your Instagram Account.
  • Post at least 4-5 videos weekly. One viral video can change your account status.
  • Try to engage with your followers. Reply to every comment and ask your followers to share your posts.
  • Post original content only. Instagram is very strict with its policies. If your post is not original and you are using third-party content then use apps to edit your images or videos.

Select Your Target Audience and Niche

The target must be impressive. In an online audience, the audience is divided into three tiers. In 1st Tier, USA, UK, and Canada, In 2nd Tier countries like Korea, Japan, and other countries, and in 3rd tier countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

The most profitable target is countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. I will explain to you later in the post why it is most profitable.

Niches like Model and Hot Girls are easy to boost. You can gain more followers in a short time if your account niche is Model or Hot Girls. And niches like Sports, Science, Celebrity, and others are slow to gain but more profitable.

Methods to Make Money on Instagram

There are many methods to make money with Instagram but the following are the most advanced and profitable methods of making money with Instagram in 2023. You can make real and huge make money with Instagram in 2023.

Promoting Your Own Website or Blog

This is the easiest way to make money through Instagram. You need to have a website where you published an article related to your Instagram account and have Adsense enabled (Adsense is the only highest-paying ad network).

Let us assume you have 100K followers and you are getting 40 to 70K reach on each post when we convert them into traffic then you are getting 10K unique views daily with 4-5 posts daily. Converting reach in traffic is very hard.

Assume more in deep numbers. You have an Instagram account with 100K followers and 40K reaches on each post. 4 posts daily and 120 posts monthly. 40×4=160K reach and 160×30= 4.8M reach monthly.

Now let us convert them into traffic.

You are getting 10K views daily then convert them with monthly 10×30=300K Views.

Now see you are getting 300K views monthly with your 100K Instagram follower account.

Now let us convert traffic into revenue

Suppose, you are getting 300K views monthly on your blog and you have AdSense enabled on your blog.

If you are getting 10K clicks on ads and the CPC is 0.4$ then your earning is $4000 monthly.

Remember the blog must contain good quality articles so visitors come and read your article, you don’t need to come & go, visitors, because they will not make money for you.

Find Sponsors for Your Instagram Account

Sponsorship is something about promoting someone’s product or brand on your account. You need to know that you should keep your post clean and use proper hashtags.

Also, now it is necessary to mention that “this is a sponsored post” by using hashtags like #AD or #Sponsor.

In most cases, you don’t need to go and find sponsors actually sponsors come to you. You have to use proper hashtags and proper posts.

Do you know what proper posts look like? Let me tell you how proper posts look alike. For example, you have an account in the Travelling niche. Then you can’t just post pictures of where you visit. You must take some good pictures in HD and explain those pictures in your posts.

You also should use proper hashtags, if you are publishing post-related suns then use hashtags like #sun #sunset. It helps you to reach more users. Through this, your posts will look professional, and users will love to read your posts too.

In the profile, you have to mention your email address or mobile number so brands can contact you easily. If you don’t know how much you should charge then let them tell you their price first and then try to do the negotiation.

Use Influencer Marketplace To Get Sponsor

You may not hear about this before. Sometimes it is hard to find any sponsor even after you put in your all effort. Then you should try the influencer marketplace. You don’t need to put much effort into finding sponsors. Just sign up, connect your Instagram account, and rock on.

Check out some marketplace here:

  • TapInfluence: Easy and free to register. You can not get only sponsorship for your Instagram you can also get a sponsor for your FB pages, YouTube Channel, and more. You can also view the average amount you can get paid for each post.
  • Tribe – This influencer marketing platform has new campaigns daily that you can pitch for, with some of the world’s biggest brands searching Tribe for new influencers. You have to download the APP to use their service.

Use KickSta to get more organic and active followers on your Instagram account.

Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Affiliate marketing is a big business but hard to start. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. Read this post if you are not very aware of What is Affiliate Marketing.

In short affiliate marketing is promoting third-party products and when someone makes any purchase from an affiliate link then you can get paid.

Most affiliate links are long and look bad so we suggest you use URL Shortener to shorten your affiliate links.

Where To Share Affiliate Links?

You can share your affiliate links at various places on Instagram. But Instagram allows only one link to have on the profile so you can’t share more than one affiliate link. But wait there are more places where you can share your affiliate links you can check out below.

  • Instagram Bio: Your bio section is the best place to share your affiliate links. Add some emojis and text so the user knows what you exactly promoting. You should keep rotating your links and analyze the user’s action. Analyzing users’ actions can help you to know which type of affiliate program is best for your audience.
  • Share a link in your post: You can share the affiliate link in your posts. But you have to care about posts, adding links in every post can decrease the interest of users in your post. Write the post explaining the product and add the link to the product in it.
  • Create ads on Instagram: Select the most active post and promote it on Instagram and select only those posts that have your affiliate links. You can get more user interaction with posts plus links which increases the chances of making a purchase.

Choose The Best Affiliate Network

There are a number of affiliate networks available with which you can work. The following are some best affiliate networks. I suggest you try all networks once create a report of your experience and choose the best one from them.

  • Rakuten: Another best network that gives 10$ as a bonus. You can get access to Rakuten by filling out this form. It is also good for shopping.
  • Amazon Associates: It is very easy to get access to Amazon Associates. Just sign up, choose the product, and promote it. There are millions of products that are available on Amazon you can promote what you like to do. Amazon gives up to 10% off each sale through your link.
  • MaxBounty: Here quality matters, MaxBounty is very strict while accepting users. You need to have a good number of followers to get in. It is also one of the highest-paying networks.
  • ClickBank: How to make money on Instagram with Clickbank? It is the most active and high-paying network. There are various categories actually there are more than 15 categories so you can choose your niche.

Sell Your Own Physical and Digital Product

This option is for those who have already their own shop. In my opinion, this is the toughest method to earn money on Instagram. In this method, you don’t only need an Instagram account you also need to have your own shop.

How can you make money on Instagram with a digital product? Digital products can be sold on Instagram.

Selling products needs much time and effort. You have to keep tracking product orders and managing an Instagram account same time is a bit hard. The best way to avoid this problem is to start shopping at Shopify and let them handle most of the hard work.

By selling products you can make money from Instagram followers.

Click here to know how to start Shopify Shop.

Credit: Instagram

Instagram allows you to sell a product by Shopping on Instagram. By using this you can tag the price rate on the specific product. Check the reference image provided by Instagram and learn How to make money on Instagram as a teenager.

Whenever the user moves their cursor or clicks on the image they can see the product name and its rate. Also can find the “Bag” button bottom of the image. Unfortunately, it is mainly available in the USA and some selected countries. The process is a bit hard as you need to get approval first from Instagram before starting to sell your own product.

Whenever the user clicks on the Bag button the new pop-up displays a description of the product and the rate of the product too. Comment if you want me to write an article on how to create your own Instagram shop.

Sell Your Photos and Let Instagram Make Money for You

This is not as easy as it looks, selling photos on Instagram is not an easy task. You have to take some good high-quality photos to make it sell. You can get a good amount of money and constantly pay buyers. If your photography is good then you can make money on Instagram by selling your photos.

Buyers always looking for an Instagrammer who uploads attractive and worthy images. They might contact you through the email address mentioned in your bio. Your images should be something really worth it, you can expect buyers if your images are of low effort and quality. You can never sell random images.

People might contact you by clicking images for their marriage, for their own, or for any random click. You can charge what you want but charge only what suits both buyer and seller. Always use proper hashtags to reach the proper audience.

Sell your Instagram Photos on the Marketplace

There are some famous marketplaces where you can sell and buy images. This is the best place to sell your Instagram images and make money on Instagram. Check out some of them below…

  • Twenty20: Marketplace for photo buyers and sellers. This is the largest marketplace for photo buyers and sellers. You can visit their help page in case you have any queries.
  • Foap: It is a video and photo marketplace. Foap helps in connecting you with brands, and companies, and earning money with your photos. They run missions or tasks where you can participate through your images and can get paid if you win.

Sell Your Instagram Account

Tired of Instagram? or want to try something else? Then you can sell your account and start something else to make money online.

Instagram accounts can be sold for thousands of dollars. The rates are mainly depending on your followers, users’ activeness, and niche. There are buyers who are ready to purchase a 100K followers Instagram account for $1000 to $2000.

Check out some of the sites below…

  1. TooFame
  2. FameSwape (You can bid there, it means someone wants to sell his account for $100 then you can Bid for $40 or any amount)
  3. SocialTradia
  4. Swapd

Above are some sites where you can buy and sell your Instagram accounts. Must check their transaction fee and selling fee before choosing any one of them.

How Much You Can Make On Instagram?

It is hard to say how much you can make on Instagram, there are celebrities who are making thousands of dollars for each post. Kylie Jenner charges $1,266,000 for each post she publishes and she has around 139M followers.

You can estimate you’re earnings by analyzing users’ activity. The account with the most active and most followers can earn more definitely.

How Do You Make Money On Instagram?

Before asking how do you make money on Instagram? ask do you make money on Instagram? Because various people work on different methods.

Follow the above-mentioned methods so you can start making money online.

How Many Followers Make Money On Instagram?

Having a minimum of 500 followers on Instagram is the best time to start your journey you can wait to reach your followers to a few thousand.

Do you still have a question, how many followers do you need to make money on Instagram, in your mind? Then you should the whole article again.

Can You Make Money On Instagram Live?

Yes, there is no direct method to make money on Instagram Live but you can optimize it by adding links and promoting sponsored products.

How To Make Money On Instagram Reels?

The Reel was launched to give competition to TikTok. It is really beating them up. Making money on TikTok is known by everyone but do you know you can make money on Instagram Reels as well? Yes, you can.

The Instagram reel is the fastest way to get more followers and users. You can promote sponsored products and your own products.

FAQ On How TO Make Money With Instagram Account

Is this possible to make money on Instagram without followers?

Yes, you can make money without followers but you can not make money with 0 followers often, but in rare cases, some buyers might be interested in buying your old account with zero followers. In such a case you can make money on Instagram without followers.

How much money do you make on Instagram?

You can easily make $1000 to $1500 per month with at least 100K followers on IG.

Does Instagram pay you for followers?

No Instagram doesn’t pay you for having followers. But the above-mentioned sites can pay you for having followers.

How to make money on Instagram with 500 followers?

If these 500 followers are active followers then you can make money by selling your body picture, and affiliate marketing.

How do I make money on Instagram?

You can make money with different methods like sponsored ads, your own website, promoting links, selling accounts, and much more.

How to earn money from Instagram in India?

All the mentioned methods are working for Indian users too. If you are from India and want to make money using Instagram then make sure to follow the above methods.

When do you make money on Instagram?

Monetizing Instagram is very easy but it requires some knowledge and skill. You need to follow the steps accordingly to make money.

My Bonus Tip: Instagram is the best platform to start making money and there are people who are making thousands of dollars on Instagram. So you can also make money on Instagram. But making money on Instagram needs some time and patience. If you have some money in your hand there I suggest you purchase an Instagram account instead of creating a new one. If you purchase an Instagram account then you will get an established account and it will reduce your hard work.

But remember there are people who are using BOTS to create an Instagram account but they are fake users (BOTS), before buying an account check users’ activity on the account. And if you don’t have money then create a new account and keep posting posts and ask your friends to follow you, use proper hashtags, keep tagging people, and ask small influencers to do S4S (share for share).

I hope the How to Make Money on an Instagram article will help you to make money through Instagram. If you need any help from us then comment here.

7 Proven Methods Of How To Make Money On Instagram

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