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Have you searched for various survey platforms but got stuck on Surveoo? Then you might be interested in knowing if Surveoo is legit or not. It is worth spending time or not.

Making money from online surveys is a fun and exciting way to make money. If you have extra free time, you can try to make money on Surveoo.

Make sure you know that survey sites are not a way to become rich, you can only earn enough money to get two or more cups of coffee daily. To become rich you should check out this article Start Online Business.

In this Surveoo review, you are going to know if Surveoo is legit or a scam, if they are legit then it is worth your time or not.

What Is Surveoo?

Surveoo is an online survey platform where users can earn free money by completing online surveys. They have more than 8.6 million registered users from 115 countries who completed more than 37.6 million surveys.

According to some reports Surveoo was founded by Julien Lefebvre and based in Paris, France. But they are active in more than 115 regions mainly popular in Brazil, India, and France.

This is what Surveoo is but to know more about them you have to scroll down on this Surveoo review article.

How To Make Money On Surveoo?

As we know it is a survey site, and you will find surveys as a major source of income. There are two main ways to make money on Surveoo first you will generate revenue through surveys and another one is bonuses.

Paid Surveys

Surveys are mostly paying around $0.20 to $10 which is not bad for beginners but if you have some experience then it is not worth it because each survey takes 2 to 40 minutes.

Most surveys take 10 minutes on average but some surveys may take more than 40 minutes as well. They have a wide range of topics hence you have to make your account so that you get surveys related to your interests.

They do not reward disqualification hence it is highly suggested to make your profile accurate with correct information and always keep your answers correct.

Most of the surveys do have qualification surveys hence you have to pass them to become eligible for paid surveys.

Surveoo doesn’t have its surveys so you will get third-party surveys. The number of surveys is high so earning potential will be high too.


If you become an active user of the platform then you can be eligible for bonuses. Which you can claim after reaching some levels.

As of now, there are more than 10 bonuses on the profile which can lead you to earn some free money.

Referral Program

Surveoo has a referral program where you can get 10% of your referred members’ earnings. You can earn a good amount of money if you refer a good number of people.

Payment Methods

Surveoo has three payment methods, Bank Transfer, Amazon gift cards, and Paypal. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold you can ask for withdrawal which is different for different locations.

The minimum withdrawal is $15 and 1800 INR for Indians. Bank Withdrawals can take up to  15 days. Amazon gift cards will be sent to your email address.

You must enter the correct details because if you provide the wrong details then you will not get the funds returned in your wallet.

Surveoo Apps

Surveoo doesn’t have apps but you can put their website on the homepage as said by them. I would suggest accessing them directly from the browser instead of the app, it is not worth installing any app by them even if asked by them.

Surveoo Is Legit or Scam? Surveoo Review

Surveoo has good reviews on Trustpilot, they have a rating of 4.5 from 7848 reviews which is good but they do ask their users to leave positive reviews on Trustpilot which means reviews on Surveoo are fake.

Hence instead of reading positive reviews let’s check out negative reviews. This shows that Surveoo doesn’t care about their user’s opinions because even when they are able to reply on Trustpilot they are not doing it.

I am not at the conclusion of this Surveoo review but in my opinion, Surveoo is a scam platform or at least they are not paying everyone.

Let’s check out the reasons why they are scams.

  • First, they are asking for positive reviews.
  • Minimum withdrawal is a bit high
  • All surveys are from third-party
  • Admins are not replying to negative reviews
  • Survey rewards are too low.

These are the reasons why we call them scams. If you think any of the above reasons are worth your time saving then you should stop yourself from joining.

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