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Who doesn’t love to get free products? Every one of you may want to get products without paying anything. But if you live in New Zealand and want Free samples, it might be tough for you.

Because there are few trusted platforms where you can get free samples, we picked some of the best websites where you can get Free Samples in New Zealand.

Free samples will lead you to try new stuff before will gets launched in the market. We all know companies want to improve their product to capture the market.

Now let’s check out the list of sites to get free sample packs in NZ.

10 Best Sites To Get Free Samples In New Zealand

There are more than ten websites where you can find free samples but we picked the top ten sites that are the best, safest, and easy to get free samples in New Zealand.

UbyKotex – For Womens

U By Kotex is a leading feminine care brand in New Zealand that offers free samples. You can find products for almost all household uses for women, tampons, liners, and pad products.

As it is for samples hence you will get limited free samples, you can ask for four free samples every year, it is limited for each household.

As of now, I found that they have Ultrathin Pads, Sports Ultrathin Pads, and Overnight Ultrathin Pads. In the Tampons category, Applicator Tampons and Sports Tampons are available, and in Liners you can find Backup Protection Liners.

You don’t have to register on the platform but it asks you to share all details so they can send you samples.



Dermalogica was founded by Jane Wuwand in 1986 having headquarters in New Zealand and serving women. The founder is a professional skin therapist.

Their skincare brand is tested by more than 100K skin therapists in more than 100 countries. And total number of skin treatments done is more than 1 million.

You can find the following samples for free; Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum, Liquid Peelfoliant, Acitve Moist, Oil to foam cleanser, and post-breakout fix.



BioPak is a company that aims to stop wastage or stop natural disasters at their best level. New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, and United Kingdom.

The company was founded in 2010, till now they saved more than 227 million tonnes of plastics, 1.4 million kilos of compost created, and more than 112K trees planted.

To get free samples you have to register on the platform, and then go to the order free sample page, after ordering samples you will get your free samples within a day.



Tena has been there for more than 60 years for more than feminine pads, underwear, and pants, masculine shields, and effective solutions.

They are creating discreet feminine pads, underwear, pants, masculine shields, and other effective solutions for this surprisingly common problem.

It is a bit interesting method to get free samples on TENA, you can get up to 3 samples for free. To get free samples in New Zealand you have to pass through a small survey which will tell you if you are eligible or not.



Moogoo Offers different products from different categories like Moisturisers, Skin problems, hairy care, Sun safety, Baby Range, MooGoo face, cleansers, Dental care, Body care, Lip Balms, and much more.

In free samples currently, they have three products Vitamin C, Skin Milk Moisturiser, and Nappy Balm.


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Poise is a Thin and Discreet range for bladder leaks with superior dryness, comfort, and odour control which other pads can’t provide.

Their free samples or products list three different liners, pads, and some other things that you may want to try.

To get your free samples simply visit the link of the website and complete the form. You can find freebies samples for a limited time.



WowFreebies has more than 15 categories from which you can get any type of free samples that are available in New Zealand.

Whether it is something for your home, a free competition to enter, or some baby and kids freebies, we have great freebies listed for you.

As of now the categories that they are listed here are Vouchers, Travel freebies, Pet freebies, Garden freebies, Health beauty, recipes stationary, and many more.

The website provides only freebie items in New Zealand. You can find free samples packs nz.



PeekaBox offers a wide range of products, vouchers, and samples for newborn babies in New Zealand. You can also find discounted products that you can’t find at any other place at the same rate.

You can order a PeekaBox over the holidays but you will only receive the items after the holidays end.

PeekaBox Pregnancy and PeekaBox Baby are both FREE sample boxes for mums-to-be or mums with a baby (under approx 6 months). Contribution to shipping applies.



CellWestGroup provides a free AntiSlip Mat that prevents from falling your cell phones, sunglasses, coins, or anything else that you can easily fall and break.

You will get only one free sample for each household so don’t try to spam them.

This offer is available in limited regions only like United States (i.e. excluding Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Europe, and United Kingdom.