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Making money is not hard but people create hype for it, definitely negative hype. And because of this negativity, new people have fear in them so they hardly trust these online earning methods. Legit Online data entry jobs from home are another way to make money from home.

Many scam sites say that will pay you for completing data entry work but they never pay you. They are stealing your hard work and time. I will show you the best and trusted online data entry job sites and I will also tell you how scammers scam you or me.

I would suggest you read the whole article because you will not only get a list of trusted data entry job sites but you are going to learn many more new things.

What are Data Entry Jobs

Let’s start with what is data entry jobs. Some of you may know what are data entry jobs but some of you may don’t know. Data entry is the process of filling information into one form or in one place on a computer and the information is taken from anywhere.

Let me explain to you with an example.

Assume I hired you as a data entry operator, now I will provide you the source of information (this information can be anything, from anywhere) and ask you to write that information in MS Excel. Now, this whole process is a data entry job.

Data entry jobs are very simple jobs. But the thing is finding a place where you can get data entry jobs is a bit hard. If you google “Best Online Data Entry Jobs” then you will find many sites saying they will pay you $$$ but they are most likely scams.

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How to Find Legit Data Entry Jobs from Home

Finding data entry jobs is not hard if you search on Google or Yahoo you will find many data entry jobs but the thing is they are legit. Or they are a scam? How to know if the following sites are scams or not?

To know if those data entry jobs are legit or scams you need to do some research. But you don’t need to do anything because we did it for you. Here you can find data entry jobs.

The most common thing scammers do is add their pay rates. Most of the scam sites say they will pay you $80 or $100 or any big amount of money for a 1-hour data entry job. Legit Online data entry jobs without investment daily payment

What are The Requirements for Data Entry Jobs

Every job requires some basic skills and knowledge if you think you can find any work or jobs without having basic skills then definitely you will be failed.

Basic Skills You Need to Have for Data Entry Jobs

Some companies may ask you to prove your skills and eligibility but some will not it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some basic skills.

  • Should fast and accurate in typing
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Knows the basics of MS Word, Excell, and others
  • Communication skills
  • Software and App knowledge

google data entry jobs from home.

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Types of Equipment You Need to Have for Data Entry Jobs

No, companies are not going to provide you computer or any other equipment. This is some equipment you need to have to make money online.

  • Working computer
  • Internet with good speed
  • Earpod, this is not much needed but sometimes it is required.

The recommended site is Fiverr, scroll down to know how to work on Fiverr.

What Is Data Entry Salary?

Salary from data entry jobs can vary from place, time, document, and experience. But if you charge or get $10 to $30 then you can expect a $6,000 to $14,000 data entry job salary per month.

If you got experience then you can make more or if you are fresher then you can get less.

Best Online Data Entry Job Sites

Now let’s have a look at these trusted sites. Most of these sites are companies that hire Data Entry Operators and some of them are not hiring for a long time. Hence if you want to do online data entry jobs from home as a freelancer then click here to check legit sites.

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DionData Solutions 

Diondata is one of the oldest and most trusted work from home data entry job companies. It was founded in the year 1999.

They rarely hire data entry operators. You need to have to check their website so you can know when they are hiring. Also, they are not very active, when I checked their website it was updated in 2018.

They are also not active on any social media platform if you get an invitation from social media saying they are from DionData then block them instantly.

The Smart Crowd (formerly VirtualBee)

TheSmartCrowd is owned by Lionbridge which has been in the market for the last 20+ years. Registration on SmartCrowd is very simple. Work from home data entry jobs

After registration, you need to complete a skill evaluation which helps SmartCrowd to provide you with more tasks.

The pay is around $0.60 for 1,000 words and the average pay is $5 to $20 per hour. You can withdraw a minimum of $30 which is paid once a week. The payments are done through a check.


MTurk is known as Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is one of the best sites for micro-task job sites. There are various types of jobs on MTurk and you can find Data Entry jobs too there. Work from home data entry Amazon. Amazon data entry jobs from home.

You can make $2 to $10 per hour.


If you read Amazon Work From Home article then you may be aware of MTurk. Clickworker is similar to MTurk. They have various tasks to do including data entry jobs.

Clickworkers’ application is available on the Google Play store too with 100K downloads. The pay rates are different on Clickworker.


Sigtrack hires operators frequently. Users must need to have a PayPal account and they accept users from the United States only. You can read the job specification here.

You need to search petition signatures against voter databases to see if they match. Their basic requirement is

  • Windows 10, or macOS 10.13 or higher
  • Windows 7 SP1 usually works
  • High-speed internet

The pay rates are not mentioned and it varies from job to job.

Xerox Work From Home

According to their website, they have more than 8,000 employees working from home for Xerox. You should keep checking their website for a new job openings.

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TDEC (The Data Entry Company)

TDEC is always looking for data entry operators from home. You can check their website for new openings.

You need to have the basic requirements to do these jobs. They do not advertise the job on their website but you can email them.


Microworkers is another micro job site. They have different jobs including data entry jobs. Once you register with them you can find different jobs.

Some tasks include data mining, data categorization, data tagging, data labeling, and data matching.

The minimum payout is $10.

Axion Data

Axion is a Pennsylvania, United States-based company. They have openings occasionally but if you find their officers near you then you can apply offline too.

Better Business Bureau(BBB) rated A+ and Axion has been active for the last two decades.

You have to pay a small amount of fee to join this company, the fees vary from $5 to $10. According to their website, they were receiving fake applications but after applying fee applications were reduced to up to 90%.

Applicants must have 1 year of experience and can write 50 words per minute. You need to pass a criminal background check.

Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications Data Entry Jobs focuses on transcription jobs but they frequently hire data entry operators too.

They offer a pay rate from $0.40 to $1.75 per audio minute. No rates are mentioned regarding data entry jobs but it is a bit lower than transcription jobs.

Currently, they are not looking for data entry operators but yes they are hiring transcriptionists.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing is another job site with various services including data entry jobs. The negative thing is they never announced any job openings since 2018.


SimplyHired is another freelancing platform where you can find major data entry related to jobs. The jobs are getting added on an active basis with the description and salary.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions is not dedicated to data entry jobs they are known for their call center but yes they hire work-from-home employees which include jobs like data entry.

They are active on Twitter if you want to join them then keep checking the tweets they may post there.

AccuTran Global

AccuTran is a Canada-based transcription company that was launched in 2002. They are always looking for a person for data entry work.

Currently, they don’t have an opening but you can visit their website if they announce any openings.

The basic transcription pay rate is $0.004-$0.0055 WPM and $0.40 per audio minute. Click here to check out Accutran Global.


Appen is the best part-time flexible job site to find jobs. They are known for microtasks and search engine evaluator jobs. They are hiring very often you may find jobs for you but are not sure about data entry jobs. No experience in data entry jobs from home.

Other Freelance Source of Data Entry Jobs at Home – Freelancer Marketplace Sites

As I said above mentioned sites are companies sites that are looking for data entry operators. Here I will list sites from where you can find freelance data entry jobs. There are some data entry jobs from home without investment.


Fiverr is a well-known and very famous freelance marketplace. You can create your service (gig) on Fiverr.  I checked some freelancers there and found they are making $200 to $1500 per month from data entry and entry-level data analyst jobs.

What you need to do is register on Fiverr and click on Create A Gig.

It is a bit hard to get buyers as there are already many data entry job service providers. But you can beat them if you use some Fiverr hacks for example;

  • Offering low rates compare to other sellers.
  • Add attractive thumbnails and titles.
  • Purchase your own Gig so you can bump your Gig (Black trick but very effective).


If you have less experience then TrueLancer is for you. You can post your service and also you can search for available jobs.


FlexJobs is another platform to find remote data entry jobs. You have to pay fees to access their platform but overall it is good as you are going to get many online jobs not only data entry jobs.

Their fees are different and it is between $10 to $50 choose which you like.

You can read the data entry job description on every job listed there. They are also available worldwide. So you can apply from anywhere. You will not find job rates there on their site you can know how much you are going to get only while applying.


Indeed is a popular online job portal website. You can find every type of job there online and offline.

Click here to get landed on the Data Entry Jobs list on Indeed. The pay rates vary from job to job. The average data entry pay I found is $10 to $30 per hour. If you are looking for high-paying data entry jobs then this is one of the best platforms.


Remote is another platform to find legitimate online data entry jobs. There are not many data entry jobs there but you can find some best data entry jobs online.

If you are looking for professional at-home data entry jobs or data entry online jobs then this site can help you to do.

How Fake Data Entry Jobs Provider Scam You

When I search on Google “Online Work From Home Data Entry Jobs” you will find many sites that offer online data entry jobs and you can also see many ads related to that.

They are not doing this for fun or for time to pass. The scammers get jobs from third parties and find innocent people to work their job and in the end, they do not pay. Through this they (scammers) get their money and work done.

Now check how scammers scam you.

Advertisement (Google Ads)

When you search for anything related to data entry-related jobs you will find there are some ads on the top of the search result page.

I searched for  “Online Work From Home Data Entry Jobs” and I found 4 ads on the first page, 3 ads on top of the search result page and one on the bottom.

data entry jobs scam

The above ads look like legitimate work from home data entry jobs sites but when I opened each of them I found them spammy and scam. Because they don’t have any info regarding their status and no mention of them on Google, Pay rates are high when I opened their site I found they mentioned rates between $5 to $30 per hour which is in no way possible to offer.

High Pay Rates

If someone invites you to join any data entry sites and you found rates high then immediately close those sites because they are a scam. Legit data entry work from home job sites will never pay more than $20 per hour, yes in some cases they can pay you more than that but in rare cases only.

Scam Through Social Media and E-mail

Scammers can try to contact you using Facebook or any other social media. Most of the time scammers post in Facebook groups. They target newbies to complete their tasks.

Sometimes scammer uses email spam, if you ever shared your email address somewhere then maybe you noticed random emails. Their attractive banners can attract you to join them.

Scam Through Referral Programmes

Once you join those scam sites they attract you with their referral commissions. They will say that you will get a big amount of commission if you share. legitimate data entry work from home jobs.

Once you start sharing on social media or anywhere they will block and because they are already going to get many workers because of your share. SO INSTEAD OF SHARING THOSE FAKE SITES SHARE THIS ARTICLE.

Alternative To Data Entry Jobs

Online data entry jobs are the best part-time online jobs to do from home but there is an alternative to it. There is many online work from home jobs like Data Entry but Transcription jobs are the best alternative to data entry.

The pay rates of Transcription jobs are high and job openings are much more than any other work from home online jobs.

We have an article on Medical Transcription Jobs and the Best Transcription Jobs you should read it once.

Work From Home Data Entry Jobs FAQ

How much do data entry jobs pay?

The average pay rates are $5 to $20 for per-hour jobs.

What are data entry jobs from home? 

Data entry jobs from home are like other data-entry jobs the thing that gets changed is place.

What do data entry jobs do?

Data-Entry operators are submitting data in one place which was given by companies.

How to find work from home data entry jobs near me?

You can find data entry jobs near you through Indeed or any other local job portal site.

Work from home data entry jobs no fees, correct?

Yes, it is correct. Data entry job sites never ask for a fee but there is one site that takes a small fee.

What jobs can I get with data entry experience?

You can get data entry jobs in any company either offline or online. You can get other jobs related to it like a computer operator (Basic), Transcriptionist, and many more.

How to find legitimate work from home data entry jobs? 

You don’t need to find it now because you have found work from home data entry jobs above.


Conclusion: Data entry jobs by home or data entry work from home jobs are the best way to make money online. A dedicated person can also build a full-time job in data entry works. The starting pay rates are low but it increases as your experience increases. All the work from home data entry companies above are the best and trusted companies but I would suggest going with Fiverr because there you can build your own data entry kingdom.