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Online medical transcription jobs are one of the best work from home jobs. It doesn’t not only pay you it also allows you to learn new things. You can become a medical transcriptionist in very little time.

How to find medical transcriptionist jobs? or Looking for medical transcription jobs at home? Do not need to spend more time finding them, we have got to cover for you.

If you are looking for work from home jobs then this article will help you to get your first and passive work from home job. This article will guide you to find your first medical transcriptionist job.

Medical transcriptionist jobs are a bit different than other transcription jobs. You will find a difference between general transcription jobs and the best medical transcription jobs from home and also this article will guide you on how to become an online transcriptionist so enjoy the article.

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But MT jobs aka Medical Transcriptionist jobs are for those who have good typing skills and knowledge of the medical background. Most companies will ask you to provide an experience certificate so it is better to have medical transcription training.

What is The Medical Transcription Job and What Do They Do?

The medical transcriptionist job is not new, with time & technology availability of a transcriptionist has increased. In medical transcription jobs, you have to transcribe the recorded audio of doctors, nurses, and physicians.

The transcribed data will be stored in the patient’s records. Some companies allow you to choose your own time for work.

In the market, there are many medical transcription software available but none of them are more accurate than a human being. This is the main reason why companies are hiring medical transcriptionists.

Difference Between Normal Transcription Jobs and Medical Transcription Jobs

At first, it is very similar but both have some major differences. In both transcription jobs, you have to transcribe the audio, Audio to Text.

Normal transcription jobs don’t require any formal training. Several companies hires transcriptionist without any previous experience.

But in a medical transcription job, you need to have experience or have done training. Unlike normal transcription jobs, medical transcription jobs don’t focus on every category medical transcription focuses on the medical area.

Training and Experience

To become a transcriptionist you don’t need to have any specific education. Companies usually look for employees with a medical background, and medical knowledge, and who can understand doctors.

Some companies may ask you to have done training. You can get a medical transcription training certificate from…………

Medical Transcription Equipment

To start doing a transcriptionist job you need to have some general equipment which is also required for normal transcription jobs.

The medical transcription equipment that you need to have is as follows:

  • A computer or laptop with reliable
  • Good internet connection
  • Headphones
  • A foot pedal
  • And software (mostly provided by the company)

You must have the first three pieces of equipment to start working as a medical transcriptionist. The medical transcription software is mostly provided by the company itself. So if you are joining any new company then read their review before downloading their software.

How Much You Can Earn: Medical Transcription Salary

Medical transcription is one of the best work from home jobs that pays better. With some small knowledge in the medical field, you can earn a good amount of money. Medical transcription is not a salary-based job, some sites may pay hourly pay.

Every site has its rates. but the average rate for medical transcriptionist jobs per hour is between $15 to $30. And sometimes they pay more according to your experience and skills.

Sites Where You Can Find Medical Transcription Job Sites

You can find many medical transcription job sites online. But do you know how many of them are trusted and paying? You don’t? You should because there are many scam sites

Check the below sites and select the best one.

1. Eight Crossing

Eight Crossing is one of the best medical transcription sites. You need to have a 2-year of experience to join Eight Crossing. Transcriptionists may also consider who has a degree from transcription training programs.

The minimum requirement for working from home is your typing speed should be 1,000 lines per day. Eight crossings medical transcription.

It is INC certified company and providing medical transcription services since 2001.

2. Fast Chart Medical Transcription Pay

Fast Chart is a 29-year-old USA-based company. Their headquarters is in Durham, NC. They hire home-based transcriptionists and independent contractors.

The minimum requirement is that you need to have 2 years of experience.

3. Nuance Transcription

Nuance works with those who have one year of experience in acute-care transcription. They hire mostly for full-time jobs.

Nuance worked with big companies like Eastern Bank, HSBC, and Delta. They are very professional in their work.

You do not need to purchase equipment like automated telephone directory services, telephone call steering systems, and server and embedded speech recognition because it is provided by Nuance itself.

4. Absolute Transcription

Absolute hires transcriptionists with at least 3 years of clinical or acute care experience. They take a small test hence you have to pass the test to join them.

Absolute transcription hires for full-time and part-time. If you want to join part-time then 8,000 lines per pay period are required and 12,000 for full-time.

Payments are done on the 1st and 15th of every month, you will receive mail once payment proceeds.

5. GMR Transcription

GMR transcription is known for its professionalism. Read their review on Glassdoor, they have good reviews. You need to pass the typing and grammar tests.

According to their website, most transcriptionists earn $1000 to $3000 per month. They accept applications from the US only.

6. nThrive Transcription (Previously known as Precyse)

nThrive works with transcriptionists who have good medical understanding. You need to have 3 years of acute care transcription experience to join nThrive.

The work is provided to you on various days, so you need to be available most of the time. Precyse Medical Transcription changed to their name nThrive.

7. UbiQus

UbiQus doesn’t need any experience or specific skill to join, but your typing speed should be 70 WPM. They hire general, medical, and health transcriptionists from all over the world.

You can apply as per your needs and wait for their reply. You should add as many as experiences you can.

8. Athreon

Athreon has been in the transcriptionist industry since 1988 and till now they paid many users. Unlike other transcriptionist companies on our list, they don’t only focus on any one topic.

Athreon hires transcriptionists for medical, health, and law. You will get paid for doing transcriptions for them. They hire transcriptionists according to their typing speed. They have online transcription jobs for beginners.

Some Other Medical Transcriptionist

Above are some best and most trusted medical transcriptionist job sites but they are not limited. There are many more transcriptionists’ sites

  • M Modal
  • Med Trans
  • Amphion Medical
  • AviaCode

If you are looking for mt jobs online then go to FelxJobs or Indeed and search for “medical transcription” There you can find lots of mt jobs online.

Conclusion: Medical Transcriptionist jobs are one of the best jobs to stay at home moms. Home-based transcription jobs are the best part-time jobs for students to earn some bucks. Such remote jobs have many scams too so read reviews carefully before joining any of them. If you face any problems then comment below I will try to help you.

Finding medical transcription jobs at home is not hard with this article.