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Do you play games online? I am sure you are. Do you know you can earn money too? Yes, you can but it is not easy as you think. And it is a bit expensive too. There are people who are earning money by playing games online. Play games and earn money.

You can earn real cash by playing games, you can convert simple mobile games into cash games.

Note: Games are made for just fun and you can earn money too but never take the game as seriously. Playing games for a long time can harm you, so I suggest not spending more than 3 hours a day on the game and try to calm down while playing games.

There are many online games that are making thousands of dollars playing games. Here we explained some best ways that can you get paid to play video games and games.

There are games where you can win real money online by playing games but here you will get paid for playing games online.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the best way to make money for gamers. If you are good at any game then record the game and upload that on YouTube. This can take a bit much more time but it is a long-term earning resource. Sometimes possibly you can see x10 earnings from videos after a year or two from upload day, just because of getting it viral.

Let’s take the example of PUBG. If you are playing 5 games of PUBG in a day then record them and upload the video in which you played well.

You can also add your voice later as commentary so visitors can enjoy them. Or you can collab videos can make one video like “My Best Running HeadShot” this is a strategy to keep updating content on your channel and getting views.

There are three ways to make money from youtube:

  1. Enable monetization on your youtube channel.
  2. Promote sponsor products or apps or YT channels.
  3. Superchat, where your viewers can donate to you (for live players).
  4. Explain your tricks and tips about the game.

If you have some funds to invest then I would suggest you start a youtube channel and promote your channel. You can also hire a youtube expert who can help you to grow your channel.

2. Play and Earn on Live Stream

You can make money by streaming your game on YouTube or Twitch. Twitch is made for gamers and they are good in comparison to youtube in case of doing a live stream. According to a report, Twitch streamers are earning more than $30 million or more in a year.

The more subs you have the more money you can make. You can monetize your Twitch channel with ads. To get monetization accessibility you need to have at least 50 subs and a 500-minute watch time.

But it is not as easy as it looks. There are already plenty of good numbers of players who are already established. To make fortune in online streaming you need to have thousands of followers and viewers.

To start earning with the online stream you need to have a decent computer and the best choice of game. You should select the game in which you are best and which most current people love to play and watch.

Check out the equipment which you need to have for the online stream.                                                                                  

3. Become a Writer

If you know most things about the game and gaming industry then you should try to be a writer in the gaming genre. You can write articles on existing sites for which you can get paid.

You can write articles as a freelance writer and get paid per article. Write about the game which you love and know most of the things about it.

Games journalism is competitive too as most people love to write about games. But still, you can find a blog or site where you can become a writer. You can start your own blog but it will take months or years to make money from it.

4. Start a Blog And Write Guides and Tricks

Every gamer has their own way to play the game and people always love to know the ways through which they can play games and win the game. You can start a blog where you can write about the best methods to play games, guides, and tutorials.

Also, you can mention the best Trick you know about the game which can help people to play games. You can also write eBooks and sell them to your visitors. The best way to gain visitors to your blog that contact YouTubeers and ask them to mention your blog where you published your tutorial and tricks.

You can also create a marketplace and sell games things like points, skins, and costumes.

5. Join The Tournament

You must be very talented in any specific game and must be active so you can know where and when a new tournament is going to host. If you win any tournament then you can win a pretty much amount of money.

You have to fight and defeat world-class players to win the tournament which is not easy or it is? If you or your team win any high-paying tournament then you can win millions of dollars from tournaments.

Here you can check the game stats of every game and player.

6. Get Paid to Test Games

Games are tested in various formats and by various types of people and then it comes on the market. The people who are testing games are not any specific people even you can join and get paid to test games. This is the best for the people who play the games and analyze each and every aspect of the game.

You can join sites like PlayTestCloud, BetaFamily, and ErliBird and test the games. Most of them are paying $10 for 15 minutes test.


How to make money online by playing games?

Some game allows you to play and earn and another method you can use is streaming which most gamers do.

Do gamers make money?

Yes, they do make money online. Read all the above-mentioned methods to start making by yourself.

What games can earn money?

Nowadays, any game can earn money for you you just need to concentrate and play wisely.

How to make money as a gamer? How do gamers make money?

Above mentioned methods are specifically for gamers who want to make money as a gamers.

Conclusion:- Play games and earn money is a new trend and it is best for gamer lovers. To play a game and earn money I suggest starting with recording games and adding commentary on them and uploading videos on the channel. Contact and if you have money then promote your video. And then start your own blog. Now you can earn from both Youtube and Blog. So now play games and earn money.

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