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Coinsbaron is similar to Freecash, one of the most trusted and high-paying GPT sites. But does it mean that Coinsbaron is also legit? or is it a scam?

Many of you might already using it or planning to use it but you should know about them if they are worth your time or not.

As Coinsbaron is the new platform most of the users are still confused hence we thought to bring you a legit and honest Coinsbaron review for our readers.

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What Is Coinsbaron?

Coinsbaron is a Get Paid To website where you can earn free coins by performing different tasks like completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, claiming from faucets, and much more.

They have partnered with many apps, survey providers, product advertisers, and more. It will allow you to earn free coins which you can convert into real cash.

According to their website, they have more than 163K registered users who completed around 700K surveys. In total users earned more than 346K.

Coinsbaron was launched in the year 2022 but became quite famous in 2023.

How To Join Coinsbaron?

Users can sign up using Email, Gmail, and Discord accounts. To create an account using Email you have to enter your mail ID, username, and password, complete the captcha, and submit the form.

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Different Methods To Earn On Coinsbaron?

There are following methods that you can use to earn money on Coinsbaron. You will earn your rewards in coins which you can convert into Paypal, crypto, and Gift Cards.


Coinsbaron has partnered with many offerwall service providers and you will find lots of methods to make money. Partners like Torox, Lootably, TimeWall, MyLead, Monlix, Wannads, KiwiWall, AppsPrize, AdGem, and many more.

The hot deals can lead you to earn more money most of the offers are related to games and betting games.


Challenges are the extra income source. You can find the different tasks that involve the task you have completed like completing surveys.

The challenges they have are Earn Coins, Invite People, Cashout Once, Win Monthly leaderboard, and much more.


The low-earning methods will allow you to earn some free money. Tasks are simple to complete like you have to follow their social media accounts.

Daily Bonus

If you earn 1000 coins or more within 24 hours you can keep your daily login bonus streak active. Daily spin can also earn you some free money from 1 coin to 10,000 coins daily.

Customer Support

Like any other site, they do offer Ticket support but they do not offer any type of live chat which such websites should offer.

Live community chat is there but it is not very useful. Also, many users reported that bots are active in chat instead of real users.

In reviews, users also reported that they were not getting replies from tickets.

Coinsbaron Payment Methods

There are two withdrawal methods, Cryptocurrency and Gift Cards. If you want to withdraw in Crypto then you need to have a Litecoin, Bitcoin, or Dogecoin wallet address.

Otherwise, you can withdraw your earnings as a Gift Card in the form of Amazon, Apple, Fortnite, Google Pay, League of Legends, Nintendo, Minecraft Minecoins, and Steam.

Coinsbaron Is Legit or Scam?

Coinsbaron is the safest place to create accounts and surveys plus links shared on the website seem good and legit. But does it mean that they are legit?

They seem not worthy as per reviews. On Trustpilot, they have good ratings but it has to check if they have honest reviews or fake reviews.

After checking positive reviews I found most of the reviews are written in some ways and they are not relevant. Negative reviews are talking about the payments and account block.

Most users got their accounts banned and some didn’t even receive payment.

They have an app on the Play Store, the last update was in Dec 2022. They have only 10K downloads which shows that the numbers shown on the website are not legit. They have a rating of 3.3 out of 5 from 70 reviews.

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