Free Backlink Series #1

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Taken these links from different sources and tested by myself

In this post, I will talk about Backlinks and share some free backlinks.

So OK. From the title, you may get to know what I am talking about. This page is going to be in and under Start A Blog category. This article is only for those who are planning to start a blog or already started blogging.

If you are not planning to or have a blog then stop here and check other articles like make money online.

Before using the below sites for your backlink purpose you must know something important.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link that connects one website with another. For example, I write google and I added a link on that text (it can be an image too). When you click on google then the new page will be open,

Here you can see my google is connected with my website or visa versa. Backlinks are also known as inbound links and incoming links.

How many types of backlinks in SEO?

There are two types of backlinks in SEO. Backlinks are important for SEO and it is damnd hard to get. I am not going in deep as this is not a detailed version of the article.

One is which helps you to rank in google and the second one which is will not touch your rank at all.

DoFollow Backlink

DoFollow backlinks are the one which helps you to rank on google. The more “good” do follow backlinks the faster you will rank.

The DoFollow links look like this;

Image Credit: spyfu

DoFollow tells google that this or that link is mentioned somewhere. And you know when you got to mention that it means you are valuable. And Google ranks your site on the basis of your website values.

 NoFollow Backlink

Nofollow is not a valuable one. It doesn’t affect your ranking at all. The site with 100 NoFollow backlinks will not rank that much whereas a single DoFollow backlink can rank your website faster.

The NoFollow backlink look like this;

Image Credit: spyfu


Why BackLinks are Important?

Backlinks are important to rank your website in google. The more backlinks you get the more easily you can rank. Let me tell you why backlinks are important with my example.

When I started this blog I haven’t any backlinks for 2 months. I saw some backlinks but they are useless because they are just listing sites or domain tracker sites (everyone gets those backlinks). After two months I realized I am not ranking in google, I thought my articles will start ranking after some time.

I started focusing on backlinks rather than articles. So I reduced the number of an article I was publishing each week. I tried to find various articles, blogs, comment sections, forums, and much more. For a few days, I found some blogs and forums where I planned to add my backlink and I did that.

In the 3rd month, I got a sudden spike in google ranking. I saw my one of the articles (on which I added backlinks) got ranked to the 1st page (6th position) of google in just within a month.

What you should avoid while getting Backlinks

See getting backlinks is not hard but getting Dofollow and good backlinks are hard. You might hear some free backlink generator, I suggest you to not to use this free software.

You might want a free backlink checker. I was using for my backlink checking.

  • Do not use a free backlink generator or software.
  • Add a backlink to your niche sites only (for ex. If you have a health niche blog then do not add a link to a technology site)
  • Do not spam articles or blogs with links.
  • Try to get only one backlink from one page from one site.
  • Try to get DoFollow backlinks only.
  • Do not use the backlink submitter.


Ok, now I am sure you got to know the basics of backlinks. Now let’s check out our first series of Free Backlinks.

1st Series of Free backlinks

WHMCS ( DA 57 PA 65)

Register on WHMCS. Go to the menu and then profile and click a New Group. Add information like title, article, and image. To create a link, use this markdown [your_anchor_text] ) and as for image, use this one  [alt_text]   (https://yourimagelink.png). 

It takes 3-5 days to get rank in Google.


Go to seositecheckup, enter your website URL, and click on Checkup. That’s ALL. Your website will get index within 4-5 days.


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