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Everyone has an idea in their mind but converting that into money is not easy. You may face many problems and the main problem is money.

Want to know how to start online business with no money? It is now easy to know with this article you will learn something today. Keep your mind on the article to understand how to start online business with no money.

Whether you have a business Idea or not it doesn’t matter, in this article of the series, I will tell you how to start a business with no money which business you should start, and many more.

Doing the job and having your own business make a great impact on your life. There are many things you need to consider before starting any business. You can’t just start a business by spending money or having an idea.

There is no business you can start with zero money because you are giving your time and Time is Money.

There are two types of businesses you can do Online and Offline and both businesses might require money to start but this article guides you on how to start a business with no money in 2020. You are going to learn many things.

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Prepare yourself mentally

Starting a business is not just about investing money in your idea. You need to understand first what you are doing, with whom you are doing, and for whom you are doing.

You need to keep yourself mentally ready. According to reports 9 out of 10 start-ups are getting closed within 5 years because of different reasons.

If you are not mentally fit then you can’t handle the pressures and your teams. There is good and bad news coming every day in businesses.

You need to make yourself motivated and make yourself ready to tackle the worst situation ever.

Below are points, you should remember before starting any business.

I. Your Idea is Great: You get an idea and share it with some people whom you know. You are sharing ideas for knowing their thoughts, suggestions, or just.

Some people may be demotivated by saying different things like, “Your idea is good but it is hard to succeed”, “there are already many products in the market so you will not get success”, or “You need lots of funds to grow the company”, “There is no future of your product” etc. Some may be true but these people will demotivate you morally.

You might think, I will not share my idea with anyone, if you do not share your thoughts or ideas then your growth will be limited hence you have to share your idea and take others’ suggestions but you have to find positive points from what others say. Starting a business idea.

You have to research if your project is worth then stick with it. Always remember your idea is great.

II. Never Share your 100% of an idea: Above I said you should share your idea and now I am saying not to share project details. Don’t get confused with it. I am saying never to share 100% of your idea.

A modern thief is moving around you and me, they will get your idea, modify it, and launch it.

When you get an idea you will try to share it with your friends, online friends, entrepreneurs, online so-called advisors, and investors.

Now, while sharing your project details with them, try to share the least but best. If you have 10 unique features in your app then share only 3 to 6 features. But while pitching to investors on the table share every possible point.

III. Do not drop your project: You may not get a reply from an investor or anyone then do not get demotivated. You may get failed more than once but if you think it is worth building then go for it. And relaunch it but after analyzing your faults first.

But if you are not getting success again and again then either there is no need for your project or you are not able to do that project.

IV. Keep working with what you have: You wouldn’t believe but I know someone who started his online earning journey on YouTube with an old Android mobile now has a YouTube channel with 5 million subscribers.

So don’t give yourself an excuse that you don’t have a mobile, internet, computer, or time. Just work with what you have.

V. Watch videos and read books: Watching motivational videos helps you to work more efficiently the same with books. Sometimes it also gives a new idea.

If you follow the above steps in your life then you might get success in your business.

Let me explain to you with the example here; Assume you wanted to build a mobile app but don’t have programming knowledge, what would you do now? Drop the project? Most of them drop their project at a very starting point. And they even don’t know how much their idea is worth.

You have to ask your friends (who have programming knowledge), to find an online work enthusiast person to work for you for the stake but not for money. Hard but best. If they are working for stake then they are giving their 24/7 but if they are working for money then they are giving their 9 to 5.

You can do anything just have to think more about it.

Generate Business Idea

I hope you got some motivation from the above points but now you have to come to the second most important step.

Having an idea is nothing new and hard. Every human being has some idea but has an idea that can generate profit and can be used for people.

This is where most of the start-ups are not able to raise funds. They think their idea is very good and worth millions of dollars but they never try to learn how different their idea is and how their project can impact human beings’ life.

Did anyone in the 90s ever think that NetFlix would be this big? No, and this is called an Idea.

There are various things that you need to remember while generating an idea. Those points are as below.

  • Test your idea
  • Is your idea solving any problem?
  • Analyze the market
  • Analyze your competitors

I. Test your idea: You have got an idea? great. But did you test your idea? You can’t just launch the project without testing your idea. I am not talking about the product here.

Testing of ideas can be done in various ways like asking someone about your idea, and what they think about it. Develop a small demo of your idea and ask for suggestions.

II. Have a problem-solving idea: While investing in projects investors are most likely to look at the problem that the project is solving. If your product is not solving any current problem then nobody will join you in the future and hence it will fail.

For example you someone mobile, there are already various mobile phones in the market but if you come up with some extra features then people will follow you and it can lead you to investors.

III. Analyze the market: Now it’s time to analyze the market. You have to check whether your target is small or big. Most investors invest in a project that has a big market.

You have to check how big your market is, how many users or customers you are targeting, and how many customers you can achieve.

IV. Analyze the competitor: While generating the business idea you have to check your competitors. What others are developing, how you can get benefits from others, what they have problems with. Users will use your product if they find any new attractive features in your product.

There are two best ways to analyze the competitor (I) use a competitor’s product and (II) read reviews. If you use them then you can get to know how your product is in comparison to them and if you read reviews then you will get to know the problems they have.

Build The Own Team

Sometimes this is not necessary but having a good team can change the face of your company. If you are capable of launching the product alone then do it but I suggest you have 1 or 2, team members at least.

If you try to hire someone then you have to pay a salary but if you don’t have money to pay them then try to sell your equity.

What is equity in the business? ” Equity represents the shareholders’ stake in the company”. You can read more about Equity here.

It is better to have a co-founder than a random team member. You can hire a co-founder who is ready to work for Equity and also ready to invest in your project.

CoFoundersLab is a platform where you can find co-founders who would also like to invest in your project.

Now you are ready with your working Idea and Team, but what next? There are many things to do. Before checking out them do share this article on Pinterest or any other Social Media. It will not take more than 20 seconds.

Design a Business Plan and Pitch Deck

To raise funds and to invite co-founders you might need the business plan and other documents. A better business plan, pitch deck, and market structure can raise millions of dollars even though your idea is not worthy of it.

And at the same time, badly designed docs can raise you nothing even though you have a great idea.

Create a Business Plan

A business plan is a document where you have to mention everything about your business plan (how to start a business plan). Like the nature of the business, background information, financial status, the strategies it intends, the marketing plan, and much more.

In short, it is a document that shows the potential future of your project.

According to Wikipedia, “A business plan is a formal written document containing business goals, the methods on how these goals can be attained, and the time frame within which these goals need to be achieved”.

According to Entrepreneur, A business plan is a written description of your business’s future. That’s all there is to it–a document that describes what you plan to do and how you plan to do it”.

You can find business plan templates or samples here on bplans. If you need any help then you can contact us.

Create a Pitch Deck

A Pitch deck is a document that you need to have while contacting investors. If you don’t have a demo or product at that time pitch deck helps you.

In the pitch deck, you need to have added everything but in short. Things you have to add are a problem, solutions, market, team, etc.

You can find the Pitch Deck template and how to write the pitch deck here.

Make Side Money To Run Business

If you are getting a chance to earn money even when you are working on a project then you should make money. Side money or extra money is always good for business.

You can also start small businesses by Google “how to start a small business”.

And yes I know this article is about how to start a business online with no money or less money but who said you should not make money?

There are various methods to make money but I would say making money online is the best because you can earn from anywhere.

Even if you can do a part-time job as a delivery boy, you have to be ready to do anything. Even you can learn more about how business works. If you want to make money online then we already have published many articles here on

Some recommended online work from home jobs you can do are;

  1. Be a delivery boy and earn money
  2. Amazon jobs you can do from home
  3. Earn from Instagram
  4. Make Money from YouTube
  5. Earn from TikTok

I suggest you work on Instagram and YouTube together, even though you can sell accounts and earn money.

Reduce The Expenses and Save Money

Now you have to save your extra expenses and save money. I am sure you are spending money on coffee and party but this is a time when you have to stop this.

You can save lots of time and money if you do this. Suppose you are spending $20 a week at the party and all other things and you are spending $100 around a month for just fun. You can save this amount.

It doesn’t mean you should not enjoy life but reduce it. If you are traveling once a week then make it once a month. The more you Reduce your expenses than can increase your chance of getting success.

Now let’s talk about the business after taking a decision on the idea, market, and documenting your idea. This is where your business is going live. So before going ahead share this article if you like it.

Legalize Your Company

There are various factors you need to legalize your company so let’s check them out one by one.

Company Name

You want to start the business so I am sure you have thought about what you are going to call your company. The name of the company should be small, understandable, easy to remember, and meaningful.

For example this website, I have chosen “moneyforwallet” because it is easy to remember and understandable but it is a bit long.

If you are working on an APP or Website project then try to choose a short name and short domain so once users visit your site they can remember you.

Register Your Company

Every country has its own rules and regulations if you are in the United States then you have to face different regulations and if you are in India then you have to face different regulations.

Laws and regulations are made for us so you should follow all legal ways to get your company registered. If you are from Canada then there may be different laws on “how to start a business in Canada“.

If you are from the United Kingdom and want to register your company then go with and if you are from India then I suggest registering as MSME first at Or if you are from any other country then you have to google about it.

Create a Website, Email, SSL

Most people generally forget this and they don’t give importance to this step but for me, this is what makes your business impressive.

In the modern era having an email address is important even though your business is offline. Email address looks like an “admin@moneyforwallet” or “[email protected]

First, purchase the domain and hosting (you will get a free email address) and then install the SSL certificate. Use a free theme but choose attractive, clean, and fast themes.

List Out The Tools

Now you need to find out the free and paid tools which you may be required to have to work fluently. These tools are very helpful unless you are doing offline business.

You can bookmark this page or copy the below tools & save them in TXT so you can view them anytime

  • Crowdfunding platform – Kickstarter
  • Google AdWords for promotion

There are many more but these are some which can help you to start a business with no money. But there are many more tools that you will get to know about it later in this post.

Find Investors

Every business needs funds and investors are the way to get easy funds. If you have a brilliant idea then investors will invest as much as you want.

There are various types of investors for example seed funding, Angel Investors, VCs, and much more. Also, there are many online platforms where you can find investors. If your product is for local people then go for local investors first.

Platforms like AngelList and CrunchBase is the best place to find investors. You can view investors according to your place and category.

Find and Choose Your Customer

You have planned everything but before developing your product you should know whom you are going to serve and sell your product. If you don’t know whom you are targeting then you need to spend lots of money on marketing so you can get a “few” users or customers.

For example, if you are developing an app related to a game, then you need to analyze the market (which I discussed above) and have to find out which types of users are there, which country has more users, age, gender, and much more.

Develop Your Product

This is the most important part of your business. If you are not able to raise funds then go for development directly. After developing the product chances of getting funds will be increased. Why start a business?

Try to build a demo app first, the demo is nothing more than the initial part of the product. The demo includes the main and attractive points of your product.

Why Business Fails

It is said that 7 out of 10 businesses fail within 5 years. There can be various reasons why most businesses are closing down. But the most common reasons are as below. We are not here to fail?

  • No need for your product
  • Bad marketing
  • Bad management

The above are some main reasons why companies are getting closed within five years.

Now you have got the way to start a business and if you follow the above ways you can start the business with less and or almost no money. If you liked the above-mentioned methods then do not forget to share this article.

Business Idea

Ok. So until now, we talked about how to start a business on your own or how to start a business online with no money. But now let’s talk about some online business ideas and some offline business ideas.

Online Business Ideas

Blogging: This business required a small fund which anyone can afford, $15 for hosting and domain and that’s all. Install WordPress and start your work. To grow your blogging journey you need to spend at least 3 to 4 hours on your site. SEO, SMO, and backlinks are major things you need to deal with.

Social Media Marketing Agency: Trending and profitable too. It doesn’t require any initial funds but requires skills and knowledge related to social media marketing.

How to start a business at home

Freelancer: Another business idea that you can start with no money. There are freelancing platforms like, Fiverr, and Upwork where you can provide your service and build your fortune.

Offline Business Ideas

Be a Driver Provider: There is always a need for drivers. If you are able to find customers and drivers then you can easily make this business big. For example, hire a driver and tell him that you will pay him money after a month and take payment from the service seeker in advance.

The Guard: You can become a bodyguard or watchman or you can create an agency that provides the watchman or bodyguard. Big businessmen and pubs are always seeking such services

Shoemaker: You can produce shoes that are always needed. That requires lots of hard and competition is very high. How to start a business online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take some basic questions that come to mind before starting any business.

I can start a business with 0 money is true?

Actually no, you can’t start a business with 0 money but there are some methods and business types which you can start with zero money.

I should start an online business or an offline business.

It depends on the skills you have. But I would suggest you Online business because it is easy to start and you can easily handle more than one business at the same time.

How to start a business with no money?

Starting a business online is possible without money if you read the above points then you will understand how you can start a business with no money or less money.

Why start a business?

You may be tired of your 9 to 5 job and have many ideas in your mind. So starting a business is the best way to get ride-off your tired life.

How to start a business and be successful?

If you choose the best niche and you can do smart & hard work then you can be successful.

How to start a business and get funding?

VCs are the best way to get funding and they are ready to invest when you have a good idea. How to start a business with little money

Tips on how to start a business

The simple tip for starting a business without capital is to do hard work and choose the best business idea.


It took me more than 2 days to complete this article and that’s why I asked thrice to share this article. Most people know how to start a business without money and this article is for them. You can also read this post by our friends at Pixpa for more tips.