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Postmates is the best option for those who want to earn some extra money. It allows you to deliver food & Alcohol and get money for it.

Postmates operates only in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Bastian Lehmann founded Postmates in the year 2011.

There are many other companies the same as Postmates (for e.g. DoorDash) which pay you for being a food delivery boy. This can be a good side hustle job. You can earn money by becoming postmates driver.

So let us know more about Postmates, here is the legit review of Postmates.

What is Postmates?

Postmates is one of the fastest-growing on-demand food delivery service provider. Postmates operates in more than 3000 cities of USA and also operates in Canada and Mexico.

It was founded in the year 2011 by Bastian Lehmann. Postmates has headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. It generated $100 million in revenue last year.

Postmates generates lots of jobs in the USA, according to report Postmates has 2 million orders per month.

In simple words, Postmates offers delivery service jobs, you have to deliver Food, Alcohol or Grocery from shop or restaurant to clients.

Earning: $10 – $15 per hour

Fees: N/A

Referral Programme: Available

Website: postmates com


  • Car, Bike, Scooter or any mode of transportation
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Social Security Number and Driving License
  • Insurance
  • Smartphone (I know you already have)


Postmates Sign Up

The sign-up process at Postmates is very easy. To join Postmates go to their website and submit all the details like your address, sex, age, preferred location, vehicle details, driving license.

Postmates does a background verification of every profile. After doing verification Postmates will send you a welcome kit. The welcome kit includes a bag, prepaid card, and manual.

After doing Postmates fleet sign up, just download the Postmates fleet app, activate a prepaid card, search for gigs and accept it.

There is no Postmates sign up bonus.

How Does Postmates Work?

Postmates feet app is very easy to use, the design of the site and the Postmates Fleet app is very simple. For every new order, you will get a notification that you can accept or reject.

You can also accept all orders automatically by enabling auto-accept mode from setting.

With the Postmates Fleet app, you can perform all your actions very easily. For more ease Postmates show you the map with the multiple routes and you can select the fastest route accordingly.

Do you know how Postmates pay?

Do you have any idea on how Postmates Fleet pay and Postmates pay structure? The pay structure depends on the location and distance between them.

You can get paid directly in your bank account on a weekly basis.  Mostly it pays on Thursday or Friday. In case you want to get paid instantly then you can enable this option from setting page and can get paid instant.

There is a minimum payout is guaranteed for each order. You can also get Tip which you can keep with yourself. The customer gets a Tip notification which he or she can cancel or proceed with Tip.

According to their article, the minimum Postmates rate for average places is $4 per hour, but many users reported they are earning $15 to $25 per hour. You can also charge $0.1 for every minute you are waiting.

For more accurate payout rates check out Postmates Payout Information Page. Here you can know how much does Postmates pay to a specific country, state, and city. And also, it shows which vehicles are supported in the specific region.

Is Postmates is worth to join?

Side hustle jobs like Postmates are good if you have some free time. If you want to make money in your time then go with Postmates.

Postmates is profitable and good to join if you are living (or choose) the place where traffic is less and doesn’t have to face many problems with traffic.

Online Postmates Reviews

Let us take different sites and check their reviews about Postmates. These reviews (mostly) are from the customer side, the one who orders the food.

  • Trustpilot: 1200 and more people reviewed. The trust score is 1.1 out of 5. This is really very bad.
  • Indeed: It has 3 stars out of 5. More than 1.9K people rated Postmates on Indeed.
  • Influenster: Postmates has a 4-star rating on Influenster which is really good.

The rating of Postmates is mixed ratings. So I suggest you try it yourself. And choose if you can continue or not.

Some FAQ by Users (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is joining Postmates is free?

Yes, it is absolutely free.

How much I can earn on Postmates?

Earning is depends on your location but according to reports average earning is $10 to $25.

What restaurants do Postmates support?

Numbers of restaurants are supported by Postmates. You can find the supported restaurants on Postmates here.

Is Postmates is better than Uber Eats and Doordash?

It depends on you and your preferences if you like the options provided by any one of them then go with them. Postmates, Uber Eats, and Doordash all are good on their own.

Do Postmates deliver to the door?

Yes, Postmates deliver the foods to your door.

I will get Tip on Postmates?

Ues, you will get Tip on Postmates when anyone gives you Tip. At Postmates you will get 100% of your Tip.

Do Postmates support cash?

No, you can link your credit card and debit card to do the payment. But yes you can use cash to give Tips.

Where I can find the Postmates code?

You can find all Postmates promo code on their promo code page here. You can know if promo codes are for existing users or not.

What is the Postmates customer phone number?

The Postmates customer service number is 1800.

I can earn Referral commission

Yes, you can get up to $150 for each invite when he completes 30 orders within 30 days. You can find Postmate’s referral code on your profile page.


Conclusion: Postmates is the best side hustle jobs to make money. You should do such jobs in your free time like on vacation. This Postmates review doesn’t endorse any company and you to join them. Postmates Reddit review. This Postmates review driver is just to guide you. If you found this article worthy of your time then share this article. Tag: postmates job review.