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You may be planning or thinking to launch your own GPT website. Starting your own Get Paid To site is not as easy as it looks but also not as hard as you think.

To start your own GPT website you need to understand what you are required to have.

Avoid Following Things

First of all, you need to avoid using nulled scripts. Many of you may be thinking of launching a GPT site by using nulled scripts and then dropping your idea. Because these nulled scripts may contain viruses that can hack your website later.

Second, avoid using free hosting and free gpt script. Free hosting is the best to test the products or scripts but it is never useful to run your site. Free hostings can’t handle your traffic and your site may get offline suddenly.

Best GPT Script

Evaluation Script (Recommended)

The evaluation script was launched in the year 2010. In starting they were providing PTC scripts only but later they added GPT scripts too.

If you compare the evaluation script and Titan script then I would choose the Titan script because of their features and design. But the script is a bit expensive in comparison to other scripts.


  • Anti-cheat system
  • SSL Support
  • Multiple captcha systems
  • Maintenance mode
  • Ticket and Forum system
  • Mass Mailer
  • Power template engine for advanced customization
  • Easy content management system
  • Multiple currencies
  • Membership system
  • Point system
  • Purchase and Rent referral system
  • Live statistics / Country statistics
  • Multiple languages
  • Supports Payza, PayPal, Bitcoin, PM, and Payeer with instant/manual methods.

Price: $45 to $990 for the lifetime license

Click here to Purchase EvaluationScript.

Titan Script (Recommended)

Without any doubt, Titan scripts are one of the best GPT scripts in the market. Whether you are planning to launch GPT, PTC, Revshare, Affiliate Marketing, or ICO titan script always rocks.

UseTitan was launched in the year 2013 and they are updating their scripts on a timely basis so you can enjoy better security. Do not get confused with the names Titan and UseTitan both are the same.

Their scripts are mobile-friendly too hence you don’t need to spend money on customizing. The following are some features of USETITAN Script.


  • Offer Walls
  • TrafficGrid
  • Mini Videos
  • Affiliate Networks management
  • Paid To Promote
  • Facebook Likes
  • Credit Locking
  • Login Ads
  • Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), and Ethereum (ETH) Support.
  • Co-Administrators
  • Multicurrency pricing
  • Traffic Exchange
  • Geolocation (Geotargeting)
  • Anti-Cheat System
  • Games and more.

You can view the Demo on their website here. You can also find a nulled version of Titan script but I suggest not using it because the Titan GPT script nulled may have viruses.

Price: $119 for a lifetime license

Click here to purchase a script.

BitScript Script

If you have a very low budget then this is for you else try the above scripts. BitScript is the cheapest GPT script provider in the market. The script design and look are also very simple, you can see a demo here as a user interface, and click here to see the demo as an admin interface.


  • Check the user’s IP address
  • Many different themes are available
  • Easy to add ads, banners, and 9 Banner spots.
  • 3 types of Captchas.
  • Easy to add Google Analytics.
  • Easy to add a timer.
  • BitGo & CoinPayments payment method (also supporting FaucetHub).
  • 6 Offerwalls (including PTCWall, WannaAds, SuperRewards, and more)
  • Games.
  • Add Faucets (addons for 12$).
  • Add as much as URL Shortener you want (addons for 15$).
  • Enable 2FA and more.

Price: You can purchase a script for as low as $7 per month to $70 per year. 

Click here to purchase the script.

Incentive Scripts

Incentive script is the advanced version of GPT scripts but does not have many effective features. And most of their features require you to pay extra money. At first, the script will look cheap but their addons are a bit expensive.


  • Easy to install
  • More than 10 CPA & offerwalls
  • Block IP or Country
  • Proxy detector
  • Customization
  • Social media login
  • Gift shop
  • MLM
  • Revenue share
  • Multi-language and more.

Price: Minimum is $49 per three months to $150 for a lifetime.

Click here to purchase the incentive script.


IronScript is a new and unique type of script. It is more like software that allows you to create your own GPT website. The script is used by known GPT sites like KingofPrizes.

You can manage all your activities like rewards, tasks, and payments from one place. They allow you to choose from different themes where you can customize your colors and upload images as well.


  • All the offer walls that you want
  • Survey walls
  • Surveys of the main suppliers
  • Option to add your Android app
  • You will not have to do anything. Offers and surveys will be updated automatically.
  • Multi-language
  • Add the offers and survey providers that you want
  • Set up your referral system
  • Referral contest
  • Add raffles and giveaways
  • Banner system for your ads and highlights
  • Add your blog
  • Create the store of your website to your liking
  • Customize the help section
  • Support system
  • Email campaigns for users
  • Statistics of your site and your earnings
  • Built-in security system

Price: You can purchase a script for as low as $20 per month and $40 per month which includes mobile and app.

Click here to purchase the script.

Why Should You Start GPT Website?

Definitely to earn money. GPT sites are less competitive and easy to start. You can start your own GPT website with a minimum of $400.

Promote Your Website

After creating your own GPT website by using the GPT script you need to promote your website so you can get views & earn money. You can use an advertising network for that purpose.

The most effective advertising networks are CoinZilla, BitMedia, and MellowAds (MellowAds is now a scam) are some known advertising networks that promote GPT types of sites. Or you can contact (URL Shortener) where you can promote your website for $70 per month. The average registration you will get is around 200 to 500.

Is There Any Free GPT Site Script?

Unfortunately, there is no free GPT site script there. If you google and find any such scripts then I suggest staying away from those scripts. Those scripts may contain viruses that can steal your website plus other data from your computer.

GPT reward PHP script nulled is also not safe.

Conclusion: All the scripts are the best but I recommended the UseTitan GPT website script because of the low rate, best features, and good support. Promotion is one of the crucial of the projects hence use a proper ads network to promote your GPT site.

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