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Want to start your own SMM panel website? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Starting your own SMM panel is not tough as you just need to purchase the SMM panel script but running such a website is tough. You have to spend lots of time and money too.

Others will say that you just need to purchase the script and set up the website to start making money but it is not right. They will not tell you how much effort you have to put in to make a profit from such a website.

Making money online from SMM panels is easy but making a profit out of revenue is a bit tough don’t worry in this article you will get the best tips, guides, and tutorials to make a profit out of revenue.

Let’s start with some basics first.

What Is The SMM Panel?

First of all, the SMM Panel stands for Social Media Marketing Panel. SMM panels are websites through which users can get automated social media followers and other services like downloading, voting, viewing, and liking.

No one knows the original or first SMM panel but it seems panels were started around 2012 to 13, who cares?

How To Start SMM Panel Site – Step By Step Guide

Step 1) Get a Suitable Domain

Most people make mistakes here. They think that any domain can work for their website. Hence you are going to start the SMM site then you need to purchase a domain related to SMM and it must include the word “SMM” in the domain.

And make sure your domain is small and doesn’t contain more than 7-8 alphabets. For example, Smmcook, Giantsmm. This is a name that is easy to remember and related to panels.

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Step 2) Choose a Web Hosting Platform

There are already many hosting providers on the Internet and many of them are the best. Choosing one of them is very tough. As you are going to start the SMM panel website you are going to get lots of traffic.

I suggest purchasing Bluehost’s shared hosting plan as it is cheap and easy to upgrade, so once you start getting huge visitors just upgrade your hosting and it will not take much time.

You can get shared hosting for as low as $3.95/month plus a free domain & SSL certificate. You can find the list of the 10 best web hosting service providers here.

Step 3) Configure Domain & Install SSL Certificate

If you are going to purchase domain & hosting from Bluehost then you don’t need to think much about this step as you will get all these three things in a single plan.

If you are purchasing a domain from another domain registrar bought hosting from another hosting provider and purchased an SSL certificate from somewhere then you need to configure them.

SSL certificates are very important as Google stopped accepting websites without HTTPS.

Step 4) Purchase & Install SMM Panel Script

The most important step. Scroll down to check out the all best SMM panel scripts available on the internet. The installation of each script is different and every script has read.MD folder or documentation file which guides on how to install their script.

You just need to purchase the script and follow up on the documentation to install the script.

I will share those scripts that provide API and will tell you from where you can get API.

Step 5) Promote Your SMM Panel Site

No one is going to visit you if you do not tell them that you have this or that product. Advertising is one of the main factors that can affect any business.

I know you are thinking of promoting on Google through Google Adwords, right? If you are then you are right but there are some other methods through which you can promote your panel and get a better response to compare to Google.

BHW aka BlackHatWorld, this forum is one of the suitable places to promote such online services. Almost all SMM panels have their thread (the specific page where user announce their service or anything) on BHW.

Just visit the BHW forum and you will get to know everything. Remember you should create a thread under Forums > The marketplace > Social Media. They do charge some fees but it is ok when you start your own business.

You should offer free followers or likes to test for a limited time, it will attract more users.

Also, we can help you with paid promotions contact us here.

Step 6) Analyze & Proceed

After promoting your site you have to wait for a result. Meanwhile, you can analyze and review what users are doing and what they are purchasing on your panel.

Analyze and add promotional offers like free followers on purchasing some number of followers or something like that.

And make money.

Purchase Best SMM Panel Script

If you want to check out the list of all SMM Panel scripts then visit here.


SmartPanel script has already been purchased by more than 900 users. The script lets you handle and make your own panel. You can set your own rates, services, time, customize, and much more.

You can buy an SMM panel script from here.

To use the script you just need to install it on your server and connect it with any other SMM panel websites. Here you can find a list of the best SMM panels, you can choose any one of them.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Drip-feed
  • Add unlimited services & categories
  • A custom rate for each user
  • Ticket system
  • Currency converter
  • Multilingual
  • Paypal, Stripe, and Manual payment methods.

Demo: Click here

Pricing: $39 one time

Payment Methods: You can purchase this script using Paypal, Skrill, and a Credit Card.

Perfect Panel

PerfectPanel is one of the oldest all-in-one SMM panel service providers. Here you will get everything related to SMM and you just need to have a domain name and nothing else.

It was started in 2014 and since then they have completed more than 1 billion orders for their clients.

You can either use your own domain or can purchase one from them.

Key Features:

  • Mass order
  • User API
  • Multilingual
  • More than 17 themes
  • Ticket system
  • Mobile friendly
  • Refill system
  • 80+ payment methods
  • much more

Demo: Click here

Pricing: If you have monthly orders of up to 1000 then you have to pay $50, $75 for up to 5000 orders, $100 for up to 15000 orders, $150 for 50,000 orders, and $200 for up to 100K orders. (Here orders means how many times your users make a purchase)

Payment Methods: Paypal, 2Checkout, Perfect Money, WebMoney, and Bitcoin


SmartStore is the second most purchased SMM panel script on Codecanyon. This script is used by around 300 users. They have a very good UI/UX admin dashboard.

Through the admin dashboard, you can manage everything from one place very easily.

Interestingly above panel script and SmartStore SMM panel script were created by the same person. His username on Codecanyon is seji2906.

Key Features:

  • Multi API providers
  • Enable automatic API
  • Pre-built basic pages
  • Proceed orders automatically
  • Accept payments through Stripe & Paypal
  • Theme customizer
  • and much more

Demo: Click here

Pricing: $45 one time

Payment Methods: You can purchase this script using Paypal, Skrill, and a Credit Card.


Fiverr is not a specific SMM script provider but you can search for the Gig and find freelancers who can build an SMM panel websites for you at a very cheap rate.

You just need to visit their website and use the search box to search SMM and here you will find all freelancers who can build a panel for you.

Indusrabbit (closed/disappeared)

IndusRabbit was one of the best and most trusted panel script providers but suddenly they disappeared. Their original website is gone and a duplicate website is trending on Google.

If you searched on Google, “Industrabbit” then you might be seeing the domain” but this is a duplicate domain or site. So do not purchase anything from this site.

Crown SMM panel script

The Crown SMM panel script is now closed. The available one on the Internet is a scam or untrusted one.

SMM Reseller Panel

If you are going to use any established SMM panel script then still you need to have SMM panel API (in most cases). You can use InstaFaster as their API is very cheap and fast.

Don’t know how to create an SMM panel website? Then these reseller panels will help you. There is some SMM reseller panel script.

Or do you want to buy your own SMM panel site? Then contact us we will help you to purchase your own SMM panel website. But make sure you have a big budget to run such a website.

FAQ On SMM Panel Script

Starting your own SMM panel website is safe?

Yes, having your own SMM panel is safe and it doesn’t cost much.

Which is the best SMM panel script?

PerfectPanel is the best and cheap SMM panel script on the internet you can find.

SMM panel websites are legal?

Till now no government has banned such services, hence SMM panels are legal.

Is there any free SMM panel script download?

Currently, there are no free SMM panel scripts. If you found any then comment below.

Should I use nulled scripts?

No, you should stay away from SMM panel script nulled versions. Search for Smartpanel – SMM panel script nulled and you will find many but do not use them. Instead of that buy SMM panel scripts from legal methods.

What is the best SMM panel hosting?

As mentioned above Bluehost is the best SMM server provider for your website. Learn how to create SMM panel website.

Conclusion: Hope you now understand how to make an SMM panel website. Making SMM Panel is very simple to build. But still, if you are facing any issues then you can contact us using the comment box or the Contact Us page.

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