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If you know what you are doing then you can earn a good amount of money from your own SMM panel site. By having a script for an online social media marketing tool.

There are various methods to make money online from your own business. I also already published various articles on how to start my own online business.

Do you want to start your own SMM panel and Looking for an SMM panel script? If the answer is yes then you are at the right place.

Here I am going to share the list and a small review of the best SMM panel scripts.

You can also check out another article on how to start your own SMM panel website. I explained it in detail and step by step.

5 Best SMM Panel Script

There are many scripts available on the internet but not all of them are useful. Hence I decided to add here only the 5 best SMM scripts that you can use.

SmartPanel Script

SmartPanel is one of the best and most highly used panel scripts. Already more than 1200 people purchased this script. It comes with a high-quality design and features.

It has received a rating of 4.93 out of 5 from 139 buyers. Which shows that buyers are satisfied with the product. You can buy an SMM panel script for $39 only.

The smart panel SMM demo is available on their sale page here.

It takes 5 steps to start making money with your panel.

  • Install the script
  • Configure API
  • Import service and set rates
  • Configure system
  • Make sales and money

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Drip-feed
  • Add unlimited services & categories
  • A custom rate for each user
  • Ticket system
  • Currency converter
  • Multilingual
  • Paypal, Stripe, and Manual payment methods.

You can provide quality and cheap SMM Services to your customers, they can buy all packages or services like Facebook likes, Insta followers, Twitter followers, YT views, and many more using your SMM panel. You can create as many services & packages according to your expertise, this is a completely dynamic panel.

Price: $39 one time

Payment Methods: You can purchase this script using Paypal, Skrill, and Credit Card.

Perfect Panel Script – Buy SMM Panel Script

Perfect Panel is one of the largest SMM service reselling platforms. That allows anyone to create their own SMM panel website with companies’ scripts.

Here you don’t need to purchase any script, you only need a domain and then fund your Perfect Panel account and at the end connect your domain with your panel. Now you are ready to earn money.

Want to check out their Logo? Here you can find the demo of the PerfectPanel Script.

It was started in 2014 and since then they have completed more than 1 billion orders for its clients.

Key Features:

  • Mass order
  • User API
  • Multilingual
  • More than 17 themes
  • Ticket system
  • Mobile friendly
  • Refill system
  • 80+ payment methods
  • much more

Pricing: If you have monthly orders of up to 1000 then you have to pay $50, $75 for up to 5000 orders, $100 for up to 15000 orders, $150 for 50,000 orders, and $200 for up to 100K orders. (Here orders means how many times your users make a purchase)

Payment Methods: Paypal, 2Checkout, Perfect Money, WebMoney, and Bitcoin


SmartStore is the second most purchased SMM panel script on Codecanyon. This script is used by around 300 users. They have a very good UI/UX admin dashboard.

Through the admin dashboard, you can manage everything from one place very easily.

If you want to check out the demo part then you can visit and find the demo link for the user dashboard and admin panel on their sale page.

Interestingly above panel script and SmartStore SMM panel script were created by the same person. His username on Codecanyon is seji2906.

Key Features:

  • Multi API providers
  • Enable automatic API
  • SMM panel script api
  • Pre-built basic pages
  • Proceed orders automatically
  • Accept payments through Stripe & Paypal
  • Theme customizer
  • and much more

Price: $45 one time

Payment Methods: You can purchase this script using Paypal, Skrill, and Credit Card.


SmartLab script was launched in June 2021 and till now they sold more than 78 times. The rating on Envato is not quite good or bad but they have highly mixed ratings.

As of now from 7 reviews they have a rating of 3.86 out of 5.

Key Features:

  • Connected with thousand of SMM providers via Powerful APIs.
  • Resellers are able to sell your service via APIs (white-label).
  • Automatic Payment gateway with easy currencies setup.
  • Functionality is Simple and all Dynamic Features.
  • Support modern browser and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Strong and powerful admin interface.
  • A clean and modern user interface.
  • Premium and quick support.
  • Easy Documentation.

Price: $49 one time

Payment Methods: You can purchase this script using Paypal, Skrill, and Credit Card.

Magduriyet – Advanced SMM Panel Script

Magduriyet SMM panel script is the new SMM script in our list. Around 200 people purchased this script since its launch in May 2020.

The design of the website is very attractive and simple. If you don’t like their design then you can customize it according to your need.

Click here to find out the demo link.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual
  • Enable automatic API
  • Simple design
  • Get all services automatically
  • Accept payments through Stripe, Paystack, & Paypal (more than 13 options)
  • Ticket support
  • and much more

Price: You can buy an SMM script for $34

Payment Methods: You can purchase this script using Paypal, Skrill, and Credit Card.

SMM Matrix

Update: Seems they are really trying to solve the customer support problem hence I can suggest that they are safe to use.

This SMM Matrix script is available on Codecanyon. Available since Nov 2021 and last updated in March 2022.

Already more than 180 times this script bought by users and has a rating of 4.16 out of 5 from 25 ratings.

Key Features:

  • Full responsive design
  • Push notification
  • SMS
  • 24 Automated payment gateways
  • Multilingual
  • Single order
  • Manage content system
  • Manual service adder
  • Ticket support
  • and more

Price: $29 one time (we have got a script which you can buy for $19 only, one license) (to get a script to contact us at [email protected]).

Payment Methods: You can purchase this script using Paypal, Skrill, and Credit Card.


No no, Fiverr is not any script. I am sure you have heard about them before. But still, I am adding them here because Fiverr is the best and cheapest place to find developers who can build SMM panel scripts for you from scratch.

You just need to visit their website and use the search box to search SMM and here you will find all freelancers who can build a panel for you.

Non-Active or Scam SMM Panel Script

Not, all script providers are legit there are some scammers who are promoting their fake scripts. Following are some of the scripts that you should not use.

Indusrabbit (closed/disappeared)

IndusRabbit was one of the best and trusted panel script providers but suddenly they disappeared. Their original website is gone and a duplicate website is trending on google.

If you searched on google, “Industrabbit” then you might see the domain” but this is a duplicate domain or site. So do not purchase anything from this site.

SMM Panel Store

SMM Panel Store is the website where you can find a list of many scripts and themes for your panel.

There are many scripts but I am not sure if they are legit or not. So I do suggest using them properly and at your own risk.

Their website is

SMM Panel Script

SMM Panel Website Script is another script that you can use to find different scripts. But I am not sure if they are legit or not. Hence you have to use them at your own risk.

Instead of that, I suggest using above mentioned top websites.

Here is the link to the site