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Today I will share a guide on how to get Backlink from Wikipedia. If you think your blog or website is not eligible to get a backlink from Wikipedia then use other blogging platforms like Medium.

Let’s understand how to get Wikipedia backlinks.

Wikipedia DA is 93 and PA is 81. 

Remember it is a NoFollow backlink.  Do not spam Wikipedia they are very strict with their pages. If your link or article is really worth then only try this method.

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So let’s start

Go To

Select English as a language

Click on Create Account, registration should be done, and verify your email address.


Now got to google search

In the Search box type “ “your keyword” intext:”dead link”

(at the place of “Your Keyword” enter your keyword for example health)

Now it will look like a “ “health” intext:”dead link”

You will see many Wikipedia pages that are on Health Niche and those pages have dead links.

Now click on any page, and you are now on a random Wikipedia page.

Copy thisdead link”    

Click  “Ctrl + F” (in page search) and then click “Ctrl + V”.

You will find dead links. If not found any dead links then move on and open another page.

After finding a dead link, click on “edit source” and then click on “start editing”

Now again just press “Ctrl” + “F” and search “dead link”.

Here you are, now you have to replace the link and title with yours.


Here is the source version, from where I got this trick


Go here –
And click “English”


Now click “create account”


Complete all the information required. And verify your email address.

You will see this page:-


Now open a new tab and use this search stream. “your keyword” intext:”dead link”

For ex- “tourism” is our keyword.


And we will research “dead link” opportunity with the article marked in the image above.

After the article is opened, press “Ctrl” + “F”

And we found something……………


We found a dead link source.

get wikipedia backlinks tutorial

Click “edit source”


After clicking “edit source” — you will see a pop-up.

Click “Start editing”, how to get backlinks from Wikipedia?.


After that, just press “Ctrl” + “F”

and search “dead link”

The term will be highlighted.


Now just replace the dead link with your article URL and change the dead URL title with your title.

and also remove everything after that in that complete code. Below is what I removed —

{{dead link|date=October 2016 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }}

After that, click “Publish Changes”


You may need to solve a captcha.

Hope you got to know how to get backlink from Wikipedia.

How to get a permanent backlink from Wikipedia?

If your contents are right and good then you can get permanent backlinks from Wikipedia.


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