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Want to earn some free cash? Let’s check out the FreeCash review then.

If you are in online earning for a long time then you might have heard before, that there was a site called FreeSkins that allowed users to earn free game skins.

Now the same platform changed to which doesn’t only allow you to win skins but also will enable you to earn free cash as well.

Making money online allows you to earn free money online. If you have some free time to spend then you should spend that time on Freecash which allows you to earn free money and allows you to play games as well.

Before using FreeCash platform you should be aware of them, it is legit or not, how much you can earn, whether it is worth spending time on it, and much more.

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What Is FreeCash?

FreeCash is a German-based registered online GPT platform founded by Deb Hopkins, according to their website it is owned by Almedia UG. The platform allows you to complete tasks and earn money.

It was founded in the year 2020 and has grown very fast in comparison to any other GPT platforms, till now they paid out more than 900K USD to their users.

When FreeCash launched it was called FreeSkins, where users love to play & and earn free skins like Fortnite, PUBG, and CS:GO. But after seeing huge success team decided to expand their business and implemented lots of changes.

Like they changed their name from FreeSkins to FreeCash, added more methods to earn, different payment methods including Crypto & Paypal, etc. These changes have taken place in August 2021.

FreeCash Sign Up and Log In

The registration process on FreeCash is much easier than you can think, you can sign up using your Google account, or Steam account, or you can use the classic method using Email & password.

It doesn’t ask many questions while registering hence you can’t about signing up to take a look at their platform. You can find the Sign-in & SIgnup button on the homepage.

Click here to sign up and check out how does their dashboard looks like.

If you thinking to register using VPN then you should not do that, they have a strong system to detect VPN users and block them immediately.

FreeCash is available in every country hence you may not need to use a VPN but still some things that registering using the USA or Canada’s IP can help them to earn more. You must be at least 13 years to sign up.

How To Make Money On FreeCash?

There are different methods to make money on FreeCash, you may get tired of trying all of them so start one by one.

FreeSkins Survey

One of the easiest and highest paying methods is Surveys, you can easily make in double-digits. But it is a bit time-consuming, like any other paid survey site (e.g. Rewardia) you have to complete your profile in order to get more and more paid surveys.

Most of the surveys last longer than 10 minutes but it doesn’t mean you will not get longer or smaller surveys. Surveys depend on your profile, so make sure you have filled your profile.

On average earnings from each survey are around $1.00 to $10.00, it can be more up to $50 too and sometime you may get disqualified as well.

If you are able to complete at least 1 survey daily for 30 days then you can easily earn around $100 to $250 per month from surveys only.


Another popular method to make money on is Offer Wall. They are currently supported with 6 offer walls through which you can earn free money, which means you will get different tasks to complete including surveys, downloading apps, visiting sites, signing up, playing games, etc.

You can complete as many tasks as you can complete or all tasks that are listed on each offer wall. Hence earning from this method is infinite in some sense, earning depends on each offer wall, some tasks pay high and some less.

Tasks are filtered according to your location, suppose you are living in Australia then you will find offerwall & tasks related to that region.


FreeCash picks the best and high-paying games from their offer wall and put them under features offers, you can play games and earn money within a FreeCash using the offer wall.

For example, one of their current game allows you to earn $5.74 by playing the Disney Emoji Blitz game & reach 22 levels. That’s not bad for game lovers, right?

Daily & Monthly Contest

FreeCash Leaderboard is the place where rewards are shared with top leaderboard winners, $25 daily or $250 monthly. The more you earn the more chance you get to win on Leaderboard.

There will be 100 winners, the top one will get a high chunk and the last one will get a less chunk of reward.

Previously total daily reward was $500 and the monthly was $2500 and the total number of users rewarded was 250 now rewards are changed as above.


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If you referred 100 people and out of the 20 are active and each of them is earning $50 per month then 20 of them are making 50×20= 1000 USD each month, and you’re earning from this $1K will be $50 which is not bad.

Extra Income

You can also make some money by following them on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Downloading their app will let you get a bonus of 150 coins.

If you are able to earn more than 1000 coins daily then you can claim a daily streak where you can earn up to 50,000 coins on the 7th day.

Download FreeCash App

Currently, the FreeCash app is available for Android devices only. So if you have an Android device then you should try them for sure.

Already more than 100K users have already downloaded their app. It has a good review of 4.6 out of 5 from 8.91K reviews.

How Much I Can Earn?

It is possible to earn more than $300 each month? The main topic of this Freecash review.

With FreeCash, yes it is possible to make more than that. Top earners are already making more than $1500 each month.

From surveys you can make around $200 each month while completing offer wall average high earners are making $1000 each month, by playing games you can make extra $100 each month.

Plus earning from the leaderboard can make a total earning of more than $1500 each month, the minimum earning can be $300.

FreeCash Payment Methods

The reward you will earn will be in coins, 1000 coins are worth $1.00. You can withdraw using Paypal, CS:GO, Gift Cards, Fortnite, Roblox, NetFlix, Play Store, Spotify, Stake, and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ETH, DOGE, and Litecoin.

FreeCash Is Legit Or Scam?

Freecash is a 100% legit earning platform, you can earn real money by completing tasks online on Free Cash or performing other offerwall tasks.

Freecash has been rated by users on TrustPilot, it received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from more than 18K reviews.

From the overall review, it seems everyone is happy but after reading negative reviews, I found that most of the people are reporting that they didn’t receive a payout and their account got closed.

Some users also reported that customer support is helpless.

After reading positive and negative reviews, I can say that you can trust this site, but make sure to first withdraw as soon as you reach the minimum payout.