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This article is mainly for Girls. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get paid for pictures of your body online but it is very – very hard for boys to make money online through this method.

WARNING:  If you are not interested in adult things then you should stop here immediately.

There are lots of places where you can get paid for pictures of your body online but here we are going to talk about only those sites that are specifically made for these things plus other methods too.

If not interested in selling your body image then you can earn money by selling photos of yourself.

I never loved to write an article on those topics which can’t help you to make money and I was also surprised once when I got to know that people are making money by selling their images.

At the end of the article, I will tell you one interesting method which will help you to double your earnings.

Is This Safe To Sell Your Images Online?

Your body is your art and you are the owner of that art. You can sell that art or show that art it all depends on you. Selling images doesn’t mean showing faces.

Safety should be first hence if you think you are not capable of showing your face then don’t do that.

You can follow the below steps to avoid any problems;

  1. Try not to show your face.
  2. If interacting on an online platform then try to confirm that the customer is not someone whom you know.
  3. Silly but helpful, don’t show nud*s while showing your face and vice versa.
  4. Never meet customers in real life
  5. Do not fall in love with customers.

These simple things can help you to avoid any problems with online platforms.

In my opinion, selling simple images online is not a problem if some company is ready to pay you for your images then you should sell your images to that company but most probably you should check the companies’ profiles first. Make sure the company is not going to use it in adult spaces.

Is It Illegal To Sell Pictures Of Yourself

Is it illegal to sell pictures of yourself? No, selling images of yourself is not illegal if your age is 18 or above. If you are below and want to get paid for pictures of your body then you need to have your parent’s consent.

Maybe your age is somewhere around 18 and think that you have a nice body and want to know how to make money with a nice body? And got a bit confused if this is legal or not. So yes, it is legal, you can make money with your nice body.

Online websites only accept users who are a minimum of 18 years old. But in some countries, they accept users who are above 21 years old. Some websites may ask you to provide a valid ID. I would not suggest you share your ID unless there are millions of users.

Who Wants Pictures of Your Body?

You might be thinking, why someone needs a picture of mine when they can get images from Google?

Mostly such types of pictures are purchased by companies and single men. Companies are using these images to promote their product or service and sometimes some companies do resell these images.

You know not everyone on this earth is lucky to get a Girlfriend or life partner hence they choose to purchase such images to fulfill their desires.

There are many platforms where you can sell and there are single men who are ready to purchase your images and they expect to have a video call. Also, you may know about sexting too. If not then read this article on how to get paid for sexting.

How Much You Can Earn?

This is the easiest way to make money online and that’s why most girls use this method to earn money. Earning from this method depends on you. How much time you spend, which platform you used, and in which country you are.

It is you who has to set your own goal, if you set your income goal at $200 each day then you have to work at that level to achieve it.

Many users reported that they earned $180 to $450 each day by selling their body images. But sometimes it takes time to start getting paid because you have to set up yourself according to each website and customer.

5 Best Sites To Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body

Now let’s check out the sites where you can get paid by selling images of your body. I am going to mention only those websites that are active and trusted by users.

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BentBox (Recommend)

BentBox is the platform for both adult and mainstream content. Once you open their website it gives you the option to view either mainstream or adult content if you don’t like adult content then choose mainstream. You can change that from the settings page after signing up.

This platform allows you to sell your images plus videos too. Just sign up with your email and username and then click on the upload button. Or go to Boxes and then Feed there you will all recently uploaded images.

Most active users charge $8 to $15 for each image but I suggest you set a rate somewhere between $2 to $5 because I saw most of the users have set a high price and not getting any images sold and at the same time users who set small rate are getting their images sold.

Follow the below method to sell more images. This method might not work 100% but I am pretty sure that you can get some sales.

  • Follow as many as people you can (search the profile of user “jcp62” & check what she does to sell images).
  • Upload pics every hour or two.
  • Upload videos too (of a few seconds).
  • Use attractive tags.

You can withdraw your earnings through Bitsafe, Bank Transfer, Amazon Gift Card, Skrill, Neteller, or Paysera.

Squarepeep (Recommend)(SquarePeep Is Now Closed)

SquarePeep is a platform where anyone can send you a message for money and you can ask them to send you credit which means money. Here you can also sell adult pictures.

1 Credit = 1 Dollar

This platform is not free. You have to pay $3 for verification which is not a big amount (one time). Currently, there are not many sellers or users so there is a chance that you can get more clients.

Follow the below method to sell more images. This method might not work 100% but I am pretty sure that you can get some sales.

  • Follow as many as people you can.
  • Upload pics every hour or two (at least 2-3 images each day).
  • Upload videos too (of a few seconds).
  • Use attractive tags.
  • Do what most active sellers are doing. Under NewsFeed visit the Trending page to know what high-earner users are doing.

You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, WIRE, or check. The minimum withdrawal is $100.


Who doesn’t know about the platform? Almost everyone who sells her images or videos only knows about the platform.

You can create your account on OnlyFans for free. To get more followers you just need to keep your profile updated by posting new videos and photos daily.

The more you post the more followers you get. Try to post images or videos for free in the beginning and later put prices on some and you can sell your videos too.

Looking to get paid for pictures of your body apps then this is the suggested one.


Purely for adult content. Not for images but for video images.

Chaturbate is a platform where millions of users register and make money by selling their videos and getting tips while going live.

FanCentro (Recommend)

FanCentro is the most widely known website in the selling images online industry.

It allows you to host content on your custom domain. It means if you have a domain name and want to post your images on your custom domain then you can do that and can earn.

Fancentro takes only 25% of your earning, which means if someone purchases a subscription of $100 then you will get $75. It is not bad as they are doing everything except uploading images.


At IsmyGirl you can go live and earn money or can sell your images. Users have to pay $1 to watch your images for one day and $20 for each month but if they want to view your videos then they have to pay $16 for each video.


ManyVids is most probably for those who want to sell his video. You can upload your video and users can purchase a subscription to watch your videos.

It is one of the most active platforms. Manyvids also allows users to watch the video for free. You can charge anywhere between $3 to $1000 for each video and also can do live streaming.


AVNStar is another website where you can sell your adult images online.


ExtraLunchMoney or ELM is the marketplace for images. you can upload your photo or video and can set your price for each image.

You can use “moneyforwallet” referral code while registering. Not only pics but also videos and texts. According to their stats, most of their active members have earned around $200 to $500 per month.

Other Methods To Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body

The above sites are the easiest way to start but these methods are not limited here is some other methods through which you can earn money online.

Use Instagram

Instagram is another best way to sell your images. You just need to create an Instagram account and post some of your images.

Remember you are not allowed to post nud*s on Instagram.

Once you get enough followers ask them to pay for watching your video or body images. It also allows you to accept payment in your local currencies. Sell pictures of myself for money on Instagram.

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Bloggers Blog

This is one of the interesting methods to promote your content and can attract users. If you use the above sites or Instagram methods then most likely you will get free users who are not always ready to spend on your body pictures but bloggers who have a blog are easy to contact and worth it.

I always get such messages through the contact us page.

You just need to open each site that you find and then send them a message using the Contact Us page. Write an attractive message so users can read your message at least.

Start Own Blog

Another method is to start your own blog and add your content and use plugins through which users need to pay you first to watch your video or images.

This method is not suggested because it is hard to get visitors to your blog at first and even if you get visitors then it will take time which is not that much worth it. Get paid for pictures of your body app.

But if you have followers on Instagram then you can use them to redirect to your website. And most definitely users like to purchase your images in this way.

How To Sell More Images

See it doesn’t matter how you look or what is your skin color. The most important thing is how you take images. To sell more images you need to take some attractive images which you can do only when you have the best camera.

You need the following things to take better pictures:

HD Camera: If you have a low budget then you can purchase a Canon PowerShot SX530 and if you have a high budget then go with Nikon D850 FX-format.

Camera Tripod: For a low budget AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag and 

Time: You need to have enough time to talk with customers. If you contact customers then you need to have time to spend with them.

Clear Room: Not necessary but the decorative room really looks attractive, if you are taking images at home.

Background: If you are taking images outside then make sure the background is looking awesome.

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How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures?

Many different factors affect this decision. Like how much experience you have, pic pose, feet itself, audience, and much more.

If you have very attractive feet then you can easily manage to sell photos of your feet. If you have taken a photo in such a pose that people love to watch then companies might purchase it and can pay a good amount.

I can say the minimum price you should set should be somewhere between $4 to $10, at the start. But getting experienced and creating your audience you can charge $50 to $200 for each foot’s pictures.

Wanted Feet Pics?

Feet pics wanted? go to BentBox or SquarePeep, both are awesome places to purchase feet pics but this is not limited there are many other platforms you can try.

Where Can I Sell Pictures Of My Body For Money?

You can sell your body pictures for money at many places and some of the top places are already mentioned above. Simply choose the platform, send pics for money, and receive payment for it.

I want to show my body online, I can? Yes, you can show your body online for money by selling pictures of it.

Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body As A Man

Do you think you as a man can make money from pictures of your body?

If you seriously ask me that then I can say yes it is possible but not for everyone. The one who looks model can only make money from it.

What Is The Suggested Method?

I am pretty sure now you know how to make money showing your body online and the method through which you can but now the question is which method is most profitable and best? Highly recommend following all the above methods because all of the methods are best.

You can show your body for money online through any of these methods. Is it illegal to sell pictures of yourself online? No, it is not.

But if you ask me where to start then I suggest you create your Instagram profile first with some random & small names so users can remember your name sometimes people have only one account through which they don’t like to follow any random girl’s profile, you know why.

You can start to make money selling pictures of your body online.

After creating an Instagram account now create an account on the above-mentioned sites. Now grow both Instagram and these accounts. After getting more followers create your blog and connect them and at the end focus on an Instagram account and pick one site from the 5 mentioned sites. sell body pictures for money.

Now you have to work on Instagram, One site, and Your blog. Through this, you can easily access your profile and maintain it. And most definitely you can earn a nice amount of money.

Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body

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If you do not know how to sell your body pictures online then this article is for you and will help you to sell pictures online. I hope you will be able to sell body pics online.