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Looking for the best URL shortener sites? Then you are in the right place. Here is the list of all the best and safest shortener sites.

Either you are a blogger, page, or any other place where you like to share links but due to limited space you can’t share the original links hence at this stage such URL Shortner comes into action.

All this URL shortener free site comes with their own features and limitations you have to choose each according to your needs and preference.

If you don’t know what is URL then you should reach this article.

Now let’s take a look at some questions which you have in your mind.

What Is URL Shortener Site

URL Shortener is an online tool that lets you shorten your long and complicated URL. For example, your URL is and by using these tools you will get links like or even you can customize these links to

This URL Shortener custom helps you to track all the activity done on your links. You can analyze all the activities done through your visitors.

Why You Need To Use URL Shortener

Definitely, no one likes to view a long URL. Shortener site helps you to share your links on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook which has limited space for posting.

When you share your original links then it is hard to track activity but with these tools, you can track all your activities.

Most of these sites are free and easy to use but you also can upgrade your account to get extra features of these sites and extra benefits.

Top URL Shortener

Here is the list of top URL shortener you might like to use.


Rebrandly is a Dublin-based company. It was founded in the year 2015 by Davide De Guz. They have more than 250K registered members and more than 1 billion links are generated.

This is one of the best URL Shortener for Twitter and Facebook.

Rebrandly worked with companies like Fiverr, HP, Indeed, Opera, Mobisoft, and many more.


  • Bulk link creation
  • UTM parameters
  • API access
  • Add emojis on links
  • Rapid auto-scaling servers
  • Private reporting and Custom reports
  • Click tracking

Pricing (monthly):

  1. $0.00 – 5000 limits
  2. $29.00 – 25,000 limits
  3. $69.00 – 1,50,000 limits
  4. $499.00 – 1,500,000 limits

Demo Link:


URL Shortener Bitly is one of the oldest US-based URL shortening platforms. It was launched in the year 2008 by Peter Stern. With the free version, you can only use Bitly’s domain to use the custom domain you need to upgrade your account.

It also comes with a chrome extension. Best url shortener for affiliate links is here.


  • Custom domain
  • Analytics details
  • Audience intelligence
  • Custom URL
  • Supports Zapier and TweetDeck
  • Fully-responsive
  • Cloud hosting
  • URL retargeting

Pricing (monthly) (No view limits):

  1. Free – 500 Links
  2. $35 – 1500 Links
  3. $300 – 3000 Links

Demo Link:


This is not an advanced version of shortening sites because it doesn’t provide any data. It is a simple shortener site that lets you shorten your link and share it.

Looking for a URL Shortener for Youtube? Then this will best be suited to your requirements.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Fast redirecting
  • No need to sign up

It is a completely free and easy-to-use site. The site was launched in the year 2002 and since that date, it served more than billions of links.

Below is the direct way to the URL shortener link. Demo Link:

Enter a long URL to make tiny:



If you are a developer then this is for you. Polr is an open-source code available on GitHub which the developer can fork and can start its own URL Shortening site.

You can also check out their demo page so you can understand how it works. Polr is free to use.


  • Easy to use
  • Custome domain
  • Open-source
  • Start own site
  • Free to use


Blink or was launched in the year 2008 and it was acquired by Donuts Inc in 2017. They have a URL that is really very smaller, it is and it is also easily rememberable.

You can also use google analytics to track and analyze your link activity, currently, they support only one URL builder.


  • Browser Extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • API Access
  • Can add more users to one account
  • Import Links
  • Export Links & Data
  • Support: Chat & Email
  • Bookmarklet
  • and many more


  1. $0.00 – 1000 Links
  2. $12.00 – 10,000 Links
  3. $99.00 – 50,000 Links
  4. $299.00 – 250,000 Links
  5. $599.00 – 500,000 Links

Demo Link:

Shorby URL Shortener

If you have your own blog or social media accounts then this is the best shortener site. They provide you unique page for sharing your all links.

This website allows you to customize your link and create your own unique page.


  • Unique links
  • Different themes
  • Different cards
  • Custom domain
  • Add team member


  1. $12.00 – 5 Pages
  2. $24.00 – 50 Pages
  3. $82.00 – 250 Pages

Demo Link:

IS.GD is one of the fastest and simple URL shortening websites. You will not find any type of ads on their website or any type of extra design.

The website also allows you to generate your shorten URL.


1. Free
2. Easy to use
3. QR Code Generate
4. Automatic  on extension click
5. History of links
6. Delete History
7. Export

Demo Link:

Some Other URL Shortener Site

Bit.Do – Free to use. Comes up with a QR code generator. Click here for a demo.

URL Shortener – Chrome extension only.

Short URL – Click here for the – Click here for a demo.


What Happened To Google URL Shortener?

Unfortunately, the Goo gle URL shortener is now closed. They closed their service in the year 2018. But if you have created any link through their URL Shortener service then you can view stats.

How does URL Shortener work?

URL shortener services sprung the long URL into small which is basically nothing more than redirecting. Companies do store the activity done on the link by visitors.

Which URL shortener is best?

If you are seeking the best free URL Shortener sites then go with TinyURL but if you are seeking more data then go with Rebrandly.