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Note:- Cam modeling is 100% related to adult things hence you can stop here if you are not OK with adult things.

There are very different methods to make money online and cam modeling is one of them.

Do you know how much cam model does make? There are cam models who are earning $30,000 to $60,000 each month and around $400K per year but they are pro models (stars).

Do you know how to make money as a cam model? No? Don’t worry in this article I will guide you on how you can make money online as a cam model.

This is mostly done by girls but it doesn’t mean it is limited to them only.

There are many websites too from where you can start but you can’t just join any website, you have to know about their pay rates, a number of users, terms and conditions and other things which I am going to cover in this article.

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What Is Cam Modeling or Web Camming?

Cam modeling and Webcamming both are the same things. Cam modeling means performing adult-related things like stripping, dancing, s*x, fetish in front of a web camera which goes live to users who are willing to watch them.

The Cam model performs these actions in order to earn money and this profession has vast space on the internet.

Models do join different sites and do what users do like to ask them to do in exchange for that they do earn money online which is easy to earn method. Cam modeling involves adult things hence who doesn’t like Adult things can stop this.

Who Can Do Cam Modeling Online?

Anyone can do this job who are above 18. Either you are a boy or a girl both can do cam modeling but most the sites do require Girls only.

Single, Couple, Male, Female, and Transgender anyone can do cam modeling.

How Much Do Cam Models Make?

So how much do cam girls earn?

It depends on you and the website you use. Some sites pay more and some pay less. If you are very attractive and good looking then many people will contact you for your services.

If you ask any girl how much they do make then will get different answers. However according to some reports, pro models do make around $40K per month.

And newbies do earn around $100 to $500 each week.

Things Required To Start Cam Modeling

There are some little or few things required to have at least to start the cam modeling journey. Below I am mentioning those things with Amazon links as Amazon is almost available in every country at a reasonable rate.

Computer or Laptop:- I know most of you have a computer and laptop but if anyone of you doesn’t have then you can purchase a computer or laptop with at least 4 GB RAM. I personally suggest HP and DELL laptops only, they are cheap and the best.

Click here to visit the Amazon LapTop Page. Or you can purchase second-hand laptops from the websites that are mentioned here.

Some suggested laptops are:- (1) HP Elite Desktop Computer – Intel Core i5 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB SATA HDD, Dual 19in LCD Monitors (Brands Vary). (2) Apple iMac only if you have a good amount of budget.

High-Quality Web Camera:- The camera quality of Laptops is not good hence using webcams is suggested. You can get one from Amazon for as low as $20.

Click here to find the best and most high-rated Web Cameras.

High-Speed Internet:- 2G will not work at all, 3G is good but 4G is highly recommended. After all, you won’t like to disturb users’ interest.

Suitable Room:- You have to prepare your room according to your video. Make sure no one disturbs you while camming. Keep the background simple and do not put any other things like photos, camera, clothes, wallpapers, and all those things

Social Media Accounts:- You need to keep engaging your users and you won’t want to lose your customers, right? the best way to keep them connected with you is for Social Media accounts like FB, Twitter, and Telegram groups or channels will work.

5 Best Cam Modeling Websites

There are many and many websites to make money as a cam model or where you can start a webcamming job but I recommend the below 5 websites as I believe they are good and easy to get customers.

StripChat or MyWebCamRoom

Stripchat aka MyWebCamRoom is one of the active websites on our list. You will love them because they promote new models for the first two weeks. So it is all up to you how you attract more viewers.

If you can manage to get lots of viewers in these first two weeks then you are in a good position. You as a model can get up to 60% of revenue.

Stripchat was founded in the year 2016 and had more than 250 million visitors per month.

The token rate is $0.05 per token (TK). You can withdraw your earnings through Paxum, COSMOpayment, Direct Transfers, Checks, Cryptocurrencies, Wire Transfers, and SEPA.

Average Earning:- $8,000 to $20,000 per month

Revenue Share:- Up to 60%

Payout frequency:- Weekly


Chatur-Bate is one of the fastest and easiest camming sites. They have more than 400 monthly visitors. It has more models than any other camming site. So yes you will get tough competition.

The unique feature of them is that they allow you to promote your social media page and website while going live. But the negative point is that they ask for ID verification for age verification of course.

They have partnered with many websites hence your video will go with them too so you can earn more. The better way to get more views is to use proper tags and keep yourself alive for more than an hour.

100 tokens are worth $11.

Average Earning:- $4,000 to $10,000 per month

Revenue Share:- Up to 60%

Payout frequency:- Weekly


BongaCash is known for its huge active users and according to some sites, they are the 2nd largest cam site. They have more than 300 million visitors each month.

They are also partners with Stripchat if you upload a video on Stripchat then there are chances that you will get your video shown on BongaCash.

Their token rates are from 0.04 – 0.095 € per token. But most users like to watch for free.

Average Earning:- $1,000 to $5,000 per month

Revenue Share:- 60% to 90%

Payout frequency:- 2 Weeks


LiveJasmin claims that they are the no.1 cam site. At LiveJasmin, any man or girl can create an account. You can also upload or go to live as in HD or VIP show.

If you don’t have a computer then you can do a live cam using Mobile phones. They really have huge traffic in comparison to other websites but not more than Chatur-Bate.

It was launched in the year 2001 and has offices in Luxembourg.

Average Earning:- $2,000 to $5,000 per month

Revenue Share:- 30% to 80%

Payout frequency:- 2 Weeks


CamSoda is an online adult webcam platform that was founded by Daron Lundeen in the year 2014. It is a USA-based website that offers a live streaming service and also allows anyone to join as a model and earn money.

According to some reports, normal webcam models are earning $80/ hour at an average rate and around $100,000 annually but actual earning depends on the following things.

Average Earning:- $3,000 to $12,000 per month

Revenue Share:- N/A

Payout Frequency:- Weekly


Flirt4Free is the best site with low competition. You will find less competition on this website. I suggest using them as the extra site because your earnings will be very low on this site.

If you are not getting any wide scope on another website then try this else do not use them, my suggestion.

Average Earning:- $500 to $1000 per month

Revenue Share:- 20% to 30%

Payout frequency:- Weekly


Jer,kmate is another well-known camming site in America. You will love them as models as they host monthly contest where you can earn free money.

Website Link:- https://jerkmatelive. com

Yes, it is good for newbies as they do have not many more models like other websites.  Payments are made through checks, wire transfers, and international e-wallet accounts.

Average Earning:- $2000 to $5000 per month

Revenue Share:- 80%

Payout frequency:- Weekly

Other Web Camming Websites

imLive:- You can easily earn around $500 to $2K per month.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the percentages of earnings I can keep?

It depends on the website you join some sites share up to 90% and some give 30% only. You have to choose wisely.

Is there any fee I have to pay to join these sites?

Till now, I haven’t found any website that takes any upfront fee. But if you then comment below.

Can I set my fees?

Yes, you can. You can take how much you want but they all depend on on-site revenue sharing.

How much money can you make as a cam model?

As above I mentioned you can make up to $60,000 per month.

The easiest way to make money as a cam model?

The easiest method is, to join all the above sites and do live webcam modeling.

My identity will be private?

If the watcher is not your relative then it is and if you are not showing your face then it is private. Every site claims that they will not share your identity cards.

How to make money as a male cam model?

There is no difference in girls’ and male methods to join but it depends on the site if they do accept males or not.

Can you make money online as a cam model?

Yes, anyone who is 18 years above can make money online as a cam model.

How much do male webcam models make?

Revenue generated by male webcam models is less in comparison to female models, as the demand for them is less.

What is the best or recommended way for a male to enter this profession?

You just need to look cool and smart. And for sure you need to have something which most girls like to watch.

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