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Who doesn’t like to click photos? Many people love to click their own pics, some like to click natural beauty, dogs, cats, animals, or any other things. Want to know how to make money selling photos of yourself then this article is for you.

Everyone has their own taste and style. That makes human beings perfect. Do you click your own photos or normally take photos? Then why don’t you make money by selling photos of yourself?

There are many websites and methods through which you can sell your photos. You can make up to $150 per photo you sell

In this article we are going to check the best sites to sell photos online, how to sell photos online, Tips to take photos, Tips to sell photos online, what types of photos you should take, and much more.

Websites To Sell Photos Online

So what are the best websites to sell pictures of yourself online for money?

There are more than 40 websites to sell your images online but not all of them are high paying, trusted, or good. Hence I have added the 15 most high-paying and trusted websites where anyone can sell their images and earn money.

You can sell stock photos on stock websites, following are the websites to sell pictures of myself.

1. SmugMug

SmugMug is one of the famous websites to sell your photos online. First, you need to register on their website. After signing up you will get a dedicated page for your photos, for example,

You can choose a design for your page from their 21+ premade designs stall.

They have three membership plans are as follows, Basic for $55/year, Power for $85/year, and Pro for $360/year.

Unfortunately, there is no free membership, you can try their service for 14 days trial. But the good thing is that you can keep 85% of your earnings from each pic you sell.

This is best for those who are looking to start their own image website. How to make money showing your body online.

2. 500px (500px prime sell photos)

You are a professional photographer? If yes then this is the recommended site for you. They have more than 7 million registered members.

I said professional because the team checks the images uploaded by you. Also, you need to fulfill their basic requirements first like images should be in JPEG files with a minimum 3MP file size and Images must be saved in RGB color mode. get paid for pictures of your body.

You can earn around $250 per image you sold but 500px takes 30% from each image you sold.

You can withdraw your money using PayPal.

3. Etsy

Most people know Etsy as an online shopping website. Etsy is the website where you can sell your photos too online.

They take a flat $0.20 fee plus a 5% transaction fee. It means if you sell the photos for $100 then you have to pay a fee of $5.20.

This is not an easy way to sell images online but you should try them at least. You have to set up your own shop and choose your own price for each image.

4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock was launched in the year 2003 and it is one of the oldest photo selling platforms. You can earn up to $120 for each to sell photos to Shutterstock, which you sell on this platform. To date, they paid out more than $1 billion to their members.

You can earn up to 40% for each video and image you sell. Yes, they sell videos too, and sell photos on Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is the place to sell your art. You can also sell vector images. Remember they verify your images before adding them. Shutterstock sells photos review

They also have an attractive referral program, where you can earn up to $200 per person you refer to. Sell my photos on Shutterstock.

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5. iStockPhoto

iStockPhoto is owned by Getty Images. It was founded in the year 2000, iStock created the crowd-sourced stock industry and became the original source for user-generated stock images, vectors and illustrations, and video clips.

You will receive only 15% and up to 45% commission for every image you sell.

6. Alamy – Sell Pictures Online

Alamy lets you earn 50 to 70% from your sold images. Payments are sent using Paypal, Skrill, and bank transfer once you reach the minimum payment threshold of $50.

How to make money selling photos of yourself.

7. PicFair

Do you know the correct value of your image? Then PicFair is the best site for you, you can set your own price. Sell my photos online for money.

PicFair adds a fee of 20%. It means if you set the price of your single image as $50 then your image will be priced at $60. But you will receive $50 and $10 from PicFair.

8. Foap

Foap is a mobile-based photo marketplace that lets you earn money by selling photos through your mobile phones. This is the best place to sell photos online of yourself.

They charge 50% of every sale you made. The images are sold at a rate of around $10.

Foap is not recommended because of two reasons first, they have very bad and negative reviews on their app (Submit pics for cash app) and second reason is they charge a 50% fee.

9. GettyImages

GettyImages was launched in the year 1995, in the USA. It is best if you have regular images for sale, as they increase the rewards in stages the more image you sell the more you earn.

10. 123RF

123RF is another website to sell your image online for money. Just sign up and upload your image. You will get a 60% commission from every image get sold. This is one of the websites to sell pictures of yourself online for money.

11. Adobe Stock

You can get up to 60% commission from each image that got sold. The minimum commission you can get on Adobe Stock is 20%.

Bonus Sites To Sell Your Photos Online

1. TourPhotos

TourPhotos is a great site for travelers. You can sell your photo for free or can get money for it. Their charges are 20% commission from each image.

2. PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter allows you to add your photos to your favorite template and sell them to your clients or users. This website allows you to sell pictures of yourself online for money immediately, what you have to do is just visit the site and upload the image.

3. Snapped

If you have event photos then this is the right place for you. Events like weddings, parties, engagements, or other events. Click here to join snapped4u.


Crestock allows you to add keywords to reach more buyers. Royalty rates are calculated on a progressive scale, based on the total number of images sold since joining, ranging from 20% – 40% commission. This is the best place to sell photos online if you are a targeting special keyword.

5. FotoMoto

Fotomoto is not an online marketplace, but rather a widget that integrates with your website to help you sell photos online. After you add it to your site, Fotomoto manages all the photo-selling processes for you.

Methods or Ways To Sell Photos Online

Above are some best and most trusted websites to sell photos online but below are methods or you can call it ways of selling photos online.

Where can I sell photos of myself? Following are the methods to sell pictures online. And above are the websites to sell pictures of yourself online for money.

Start Blog and Sell Images

Blogging helps you to explore the new world. Through blogging, you can connect with many new people, and from many of them, you may find a buyer of your image. This is best for beginners, selling photos online for beginners is easy with this method.

For that, you need to learn about SEO and keyword research. Else there are many websites to sell pictures of yourself.

Start Youtube Channel

Youtube is another best way to sell your images. You can talk about your images and ask your viewers if they are interested in buying your images.

Background images, wallpaper, desktop images, and extra are the most sold images. How to make money selling pics of yourself.

Become Freelancer

If you think the above websites are not reliable or not satisfying your needs then you should offer your service as a freelancer. You can register on websites like Fiverr or Truelancer. And create your service in Fiverr they call it Gig. Then try to share your gigs in different places like Facebook.

What Do You Need To Sell Photos Online?

The only thing you need is a DSLR camera to sell photos of yourself if you can’t afford a DSLR camera then any mobile phone with a high-quality camera is ok. If you want to use your mobile phone then you need to have a selfie stick.

How to Sell Photos Online on Stock Marketplaces?

After registering on any marketplace the main factor you need to solve is reach. There are thousands of people who are uploading photos daily and you are expecting that you will get sold by just uploading them? If yes, then you are wrong. Sell pictures of yourself for money.

You need to do SEO on your profile and uploaded photos. Selecting the proper keywords for related images is very much important.

Who Buys These Photos?

There are bloggers, magazines, websites, newspapers, agencies, and many more. Even YouTubers buy these photos. If you have a good quality of images then you should search for such bloggers who are using stock photos.

Hope you got to know how to sell photos online and make money.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to make money selling pictures of your body?

Yes, you can get paid for pictures of yourself, most of these websites accept photos of your body. I suggest Shutterstock as the best one for selling pictures of your body.

Is it legal to sell pictures of yourself?

You can do anything with your body, but make sure you are not harming anyone. And yes it is legal to sell pictures of yourself.

Best sell photos app or website to sell pictures of yourself? 

Foap is the best and most user-friendly app to sell pictures of yourself but I don’t recommend that because of lack of support.

How to sell photos to magazines?

SmugMug, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock are the best sites to sell photos to magazines. exchanging pictures for money.

Is it a good idea to sell photos of yourself for money?

If you agree then it is OK but if you are not then do not do that.

How to sell photos of yourself online?

To sell photos of yourself online you have to create a collection of your photos in the first place to attract more users. Then you have to upload them on the above platforms with proper tags and headlines.

What is the best way to sell photos online?

The best way to sell pics online, that you create your own network for images. And keep connecting & updating them regularly.

Can I sell pictures of myself for money?

Yes, you can there are many places to sell photos online.

Conclusions: These are the best site to sell photos of yourself online, if you are aware of other sites then comment down so I can review and add them here to this list.

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