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Making money is not either easy or not hard it is all about luck, skill, and opportunity. But if you are a Kid or Teen and want to earn money then it is a bit hard to find a way to make money as a Kid. It is because of age restrictions. But do you know there are many different ways to make money as a Kid?

If you don’t know how to make money as a kid online then this article is for you. I am free to guide you hence if you have any questions or query then feel free to comment or email me.

Did you even know there are many types of jobs for teenagers to make money? Do not worry about it, in this post you will come to know different methods through which kids or teenagers can make money.

In my opinion, the teenage years are the best years of your life and you should enjoy this time, but making a few bucks in your free time can’t give you money only it also teaches you many things.

We are going to share the 25 best ways to make money but choose one or more which you like to do. Don’t fall in those $$$$ numbers they will attract you but can’t make money for you till you don’t know what to do.

Here you will find the best methods of making money in your teenage. If you like this post then don’t hesitate in sharing this article, after all this will encourage us to write more such articles.

Ways to Make Money As A Kid

There is a number of ways to make money as a kid but today we are going to add only those websites which are flexible, easy, and efficient paying sites where teenagers or kids can earn sufficient money.

The following can be the best jobs for kids under 18. Below mentioned sites and methods can be the best list of places that hire at 15 or below 18 teens.

This is online jobs or sites where you (kids) can work, we also published an article on offline jobs for kids. So let us check out the following sites without wasting further time.

Complete Online Surveys (Earn up to $100-$400 a Month)

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the trusted sites where you can earn for completing different tasks including surveys. You can earn for doing tasks like completing surveys, playing games, searching the web, shopping, and much more.

You can win the points which you can redeem for gift cards or PayPal. Swagbucks is the best site to earn money in your free time. It also offers to sign-up bonus of $5 to new members.

Learn how you can earn $50 to $150 per month in our Swagbucks review.

2. Toluna

Toluna is a survey panel site. Where you can earn money for completing surveys. You can find lots of surveys in Toluna. Read toluna review here.

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another survey site it is a legit panel. Teens at least 13 years can join to earn for completing surveys. In our SurveyJunkie Review, we rated 9 out of 10.

4. Harris Poll Online

HarrisPollOnline is new in the market but trusted while they pay its users on time. If you are a Kid then this is a 5very simple and paying survey site that you should try to use.

5. Opinion Outpost

If you are 13 or above then you can join this site and can earn points. Points can be earned by completing surveys only. These points can be redeemed with gift cards or PayPal.

House Cleaning Jobs (Earn up to $500 to $3000 per month)

If you like cleaning the house then this job is for you. Hiring teens for house cleaning is mostly done because hiring teens is where they seem trusted and have low expenses.

You can select your own rate but never ask for high prices in starting because this is the time when you need to build contacts and trust. House cleaning services are including cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, windows, and vacuum.

Do you know how much Maid costs? According to HomeAdvisor, they charge between $120 to $250.

Following is the site where you can find house cleaning jobs.

6. HouseKeeper

On the HouseKeeper website, you can find many jobs related to house cleaning. Job posters mostly like to negotiate with cleaners or you can find fix rate jobs. The cleaner rates are around $15 to $50 per hour. Not bad for beginners.

7. AmericasJobExchange

AmericasJobExchange is the job portal website for Americans. You can’t only find a cleaning job but also other jobs too. AJE was launched in the year 2007.

8. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is another job portal website where you can find jobs related to every category. There you can find Housekeeping jobs too.

According to some jobs, you can earn $30 to $200 per day.

Car Wash Jobs

Car wash jobs are one of the best jobs which kids between 15 to 18 can do. This is not the only way to make money but also to make new friends, and relations, and full of enjoyment.

Most people do search for car wash jobs for 17 year olds.

Nowadays kids are playing games on PC, mobile, and Xbox. That is good for a limited time but not always, as it damages eyesight, kids’ mind, and how they act.

This car wash job helps kids to earn money and enjoy outside. Kids’ health will be good.

9. How You Can Do Car Wash Work?

There are two ways to get car wash jobs, first, you can visit freelancing websites like Indeed. Freelancing websites are a very easy way to find jobs but less paying in comparison to our second option.

And the second way, here you can go and meet the car owner and ask for jobs. You might not get work from every person you meet but yes you will get some customers.

How Much You Should Charge For Car Wash Job

Well, it depends on the various things like where you are living, which type of cars you are washing, and how you are doing your work.

You can charge the amount between $10 to $50 for every car you shop.

Recycle Aluminum Can and Earn Money

One of the profitable and enjoyable work kids can do.

Nowadays finding cans is not tough one can find cans anywhere near the street, garden, playground, gym, and many other public places not only public places but also at your home too. how to make money fast as a kid at home.

Where you can find a place to sell cans?

10. Coca-Cola Company

You might not believe it but yes you can sell cans to coca-cola and earn money. You can earn around $0.30 to $1.00 per can. Go to their site and learn how you can sell cans and Coca-Cola bottles.

Kids are not only earning cash but also learning how to save mother nature.

11. Search Local Companies

It is a bit hard but profitable as you get instant cash and don’t need to go anywhere else. Go to local companies and ask them if they are accepting cans or you can ask them if they know anyone who gives money for cans.

Organize and Hold A Garage Sale

Everyone has something in their house or in a garage that is not for use. You can sell that to someone who is ready to purchase and there are some platforms where you can sell your old kinds of stuff or organize your own garage.

12. NextDoor

NextDoor is one of the known platforms where you can sell your stuff. Not only yours but also your neighbors too. You can purchase stuff from your neighbor and can sell them at high rates on Nextdoor.

Run Lemonade Or Other Stand

OK, This may look outdated for most of you. But believe me, this is one of the best jobs teens can do. I can see this can be one of the profitable businesses. This can be one of the best first jobs. This can be your own hiring teens’ jobs.

Not only lemonade you can also open chocolate stands, flower stands, Donuts, or chocolate stands.

To work on a lemonade stand you need to find out the best place for it. I believe schools, gardens, factories, and public parks are the best place to open a lemonade stand. You can also open a stand near the road but make sure you are not breaking any law.

Mow Lawns and Make Side Money

This business model works mostly in western countries because most of western houses have lawns or small gardens. The pay you will receive depends on the owners.

Remember one thing, never do this job fast, yes you read it correctly. If you clean grass completely then it will be more time to grow up and till new grass didn’t grow up you will not get that job again unless you are getting monthly pay.

Babysitting Jobs

This is not suggested for kids as handling babies is not an easy job. As we are talking about kid jobs, if you are between the age of 15 to 18 then this can be good for you.

The following sites are where you can find Babysitter jobs.

13. UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter is available in more than 60 cities with more than 200K registered babysitters.

14. BabySits

Babysits was founded in 2008 by Peter Van Soldt. They are operating in more than 38 countries, and 28,500 cities with more than 1.7 million users.

15. SitterCity

Sittercity is another babysitting job portal site.

16. FindABabySitter

Findababysitter was established in 2005 by founders Delia Timms & Jeff Bonnes (pictured) who as parents recognized a real need for access to a great list of quality carers.

Become A Freelancer

Kids can also become a freelancer and can use their parent’s PayPal ID. There are many freelancing websites but one of the best freelancing websites I would suggest to you is Fiverr. Best first jobs.

17. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best and easy-to-find job freelancer websites. If you have good knowledge about computers then this is best for you.

Anyone can sell their service for as little as $5. If you want to explore more jobs related to computers then yeah try it out.

Sell Crafts Online

This method is for those who are creative and can do some creative design at least. This method improves the creativeness of kids and lets them earn some money too.

There are many sites where you can sell your design online, how to make money as a kid online.

18. Zazzle

Zazzle is the platform where you can customize your art on the product and sell them directly from their platform or you can share it on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

19. TeeSpring

Teespring is another e-commerce platform to design and sell your product. You can check my simple design here.

Pet Sitter or Pet Care Service

Most of the online platforms are hiring members at least 18 years old. But yeah teens can utilize these platforms and can find pet owners near you. Why find Summer jobs for kids when you can get one by roaming here and there?

20. Rover

Rover is available in most European and American countries. Here as a kid you can search for dog owners near you and can contact them to get a job. These can be high-paying jobs for teens.

Or you can go to neighbors and ask them to let you do their work for some money.

Make Money From Social Media

There are many social media apps and sites where you can make money and it doesn’t matter what is your age. But withdrawing your earned money required your parent’s help.

21. Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps all over the world. There are various methods to make money from your Instagram like sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and many more.

You can read about how you can make money from Instagram here.

22. Make Money Using YouTube

There are 7 methods to make money by using YouTube which I talked about it here in my post on how to make money on Youtube.

23. TikTok

TikTok is new but one of the fastest-growing social media apps. Click here to learn how to earn money as a teenager from TikTok here.

Make Money From PTC Website

PTC sites are the easiest way to make money without any cost. You just need to have a mobile or pc and internet.

24. Ojooo Wad

Originally Ojooo Wad or Wad Ojooo is a PTC site but it is not limited to PTC only it is more than that. In starting they launched the Ojooo app where any Ojooo user can call any other Ojooo users for free. Later they were involved in much more work like SEO service, earning methods, advertising, e-commerce, and many more.

25. Paidverts

Paidverts is a Paid to Click (PTC) site. This is not a traditional PTC site this is something new in the industry. If you are working on PTC sites then you know what simple paid to click sites are.

With a traditional PTC site, you can make $0.002 or $0.005 or a maximum of $0.20 but not much more than that but with Paidverts you can make up to $2.00 to $200 per click.

Start Small Business

This is for the kids who have some money to spend but I don’t recommend this work because it has some more problems than the above-mentioned works. To start a business you must be age 18 or above but there are small online businesses that kids can start too.

Points to Note:

  1. This requires initial funds.
  2. Don’t spend more than 70% of your saved funds.
  3. You are not going to be rich by starting small businesses but yes you will be on the profit side.
  4. Focus on only one project (business).
  5. Do side jobs to earn more money.

Now, let’s talk about projects you can start online as a small business.

Start Own GPT Website

Starting your own GPT website is always fun but it required funds to purchase GPT Script, Domain, Hosting, and Marketing. If you don’t how to start your own GPT website then read our article here on how to start the GPT website and purchase the GPT script.

There are more jobs you can do which you can find under the “Start A Business” category.

Start Own Blog

Starting a blog requires some initial funds to start but this can lead you to make thousands of dollars. With blogging, you can make money but it may take time. I received my first earnings from my first blog after 8 months.

To start blogging you need to choose a niche (topic), understand SEO, purchase the domain, hosting, and in some cases theme.

If you want me to help you in setting up your blog then contact me by using the contact us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which method do I suggest?

If you ask me then I would ask you to do all the above works once. Kidding. For short-term babysitting, pet care, and lemonade stands are best and if you have creative ideas then start your own youtube channel or sell your creative idea on Fiverr.

If you have some money then I would suggest you do blogging. In the end, it depends on you which types of work you can do.

How to make money as a teenager?

There are various methods to make money as a teenager. If you are a teen and looking for ways you can make money in your teenage then read the above methods.

Part-time Jobs for teenagers?

Actually, there are no opening jobs for teenagers but yes you can do freelance jobs on site like Fiverr.

Places for teens to work?

Freelancers are the only website where teens can work and on the above methods they can work.

What are the best jobs for high school students?

High school students are not above the age of 18 (except you keep failing). Above all methods or jobs are best for high school students. Where can a teenager work?

How can I make money as a kid online?

Making money only depends on one more factor and it is your situation. If you don’t have money to invest then you have to go with sites where you can earn and if you have to invest then you have to find a way to grow your work.


Conclusion: These lists are limited here but on the internet, there are many more ways to make money as a teenager. In the article “how to make money as a kid” I covered only those methods and sites which are really profitable for kids. I hope this article helped you to know how to make money as a kid online

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