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Whenever you google the best-paying survey then you will always get one name and that is Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is the best platform to earn extra money by spending a few minutes daily. You are not losing anything here but for better understanding here is the short Survey Junkie Review for you.

There are many other survey sites available online and all of them call themselves the best but the reality is all of them are not legit only a few and some of them are legit.  And only a few of them are paying a high amount.

Before joining any survey site you must know everything about that site and company before joining them. That’s why here is an answer to every question you have in your mind. And the honest review of Survey Junkie.

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is a Survey Panel site that is active and serving since 2010. It is a Glendale California-based company. The Better Business Burea rated as B+ in their report.

Survey Junkie has currently more than 10 Million registered members. 95+ employees are working in Survey Junkie. They are available on Twitter with 4000 followers, but they are more active on Facebook where they have 120,000 followers.

Such big numbers of people can’t be wrong? Right? But you may still have a question in your mind is survey junkie safe? is survey junkie worth it? or is survey junkie legitimate? You will find the answer to every question in this article.

Is Survey Junkie is Legit?

So is survey junkie legit?

Everyone has this question “Is Survey Junkie is Trusted” and it should be, hard work should get paid.

I would say yes it is a Legit Company. BBB already rated Survey Junkie as B rank. It also has a good reputation on TrustPilot where they have 4.5 ratings by 14,500+ users.

Survey Junkie is worth giving a try if you want to earn some extra money online. But remember you won’t get rich with one survey site.

Survey Junkie is free to join and easy to use so you are not at a loss. If you find any problems with Survey Junkie then do not forget to mention the problems in the comment box so we can try to reach out Survey Junkie team.

How To Sign Up On Survey Junkie

Sign up the process on Survey Junkie is very easy, it takes a few seconds to do sign up.

Users can sign up using Facebook, Google, and Email. Survey junkie login or sign-up doesn’t require much information while signing up.

You have to enter the basic information like your email, name, gender, address, date of birth, and zip code. Also, you have to verify your email address.

Survey Junkie App

Yes, Survey Junkie app has on both the play store and the app store. They have more than 50,000 downloads on Play Store and 60,000 on the app store. You can earn money more easily than using their website. You can download survey junkie app.

I heard the Survey Junkie app is not available in survey junkie India. The Survey Junkie APK is not available yet, if you found any then do not install them.

Will I Get A Bonus?

Yes, you will get bonuses on Survey Junkie. For signing up on Survey Junkie you will get 25 bonus points. For completing the profile you will get 50 points. Confirm the email and get 25 points.

There is a “How it Works” tour, after completing this tour will get an additional 5 points. There are 10 points more for completing profile surveys. By completing profile surveys you increase the chances of getting higher-paying surveys.

The total bonus you will get is 115 points, which equals $1.15.

The Point System

The reward you get for completing surveys will be in Points. Points are usually better than dollars as it helps to convert into gift cards easily.

The bonus point you will get is 115 and which equals $1.15. Here you can see points are better in such cases. Every 100 points you earn is worth $1 and every 1000 points are 10$.

The points will be removed from your account if you don’t use your account for the last 12 months. To keep your points you have to complete at least one survey in the last 12 months.

How Much You Can Earn From Survey Junkie?

Earning on Survey Junkie is all up to your profile, the more strong profile you have the more surveys and high-paying surveys you will get. According to one of Survey Junkie’s members, he got one survey worth $60 for a 40-minute survey. In this Survey junkie reviews, you will get an answer to your question.

But getting such high-paying surveys you need to have a strong profile and no one knows which company is looking for what.

Should I try Survey Junkie? In my opinion yes you should give it a try. 

The average users are getting surveys worth $0.5 to $10 for their 5 to 35 minutes. For new users, it is not bad at all. The more surveys you complete the more chances you get an increase in getting more daily surveys.

Survey Junkie Minimum Payout

Every user has this question in their mind before joining any site. The minimum payout is only 1000 points or $10. The minimum withdrawal is very low which is good in comparison to other survey sites.

There is no fee on withdrawal as well but payment processing methods may charge their fees and it depends on your location. For USA users there is no withdrawal charge or fee.

Payment Methods on Survey Junkie

There are two payment methods are supported Survey Junkie PayPal and Gift Card. The minimum payout for PayPal is $10 whereas for Gift Card you can get Amazon and Starbucks gift cards worth $5, $10, $15, and so on.

PayPal payout takes around 5 to 30 minutes. Gift cards are instant if they are available at the site. Gift cards are based on your location.

Age and Country Restriction

To use the survey junkie platform you need to have 13 years old. It is very good as well and it is a good age to learn new things.

For now, it is available in a few countries only and they are the USA, Canada, and Australia. Users from outside of these countries are not allowed to do the registration.

If you think you can use VPN then sorry mate Survey Junkie is not stupid they know all about this. If they found you doing any type of cheating then they will close your account and you will not get paid anything.

Is There Any Survey Junkie Hack?

The simple survey junkie hacks are to visit their app or website daily and do daily surveys so you can increase your chance of getting more surveys.

Survey Junkie Access Denied ( – access denied)

Some users are seeing errors while visiting their website and that error is, Access Denied, if you are seeing this error then they might block your country from accessing the website, or they blocked your IP, or they might face downtime. Hence in this case you should wait and visit them after a few times or you can download their app.

If still after waiting for a few days you are seeing surveyjunkie access denied error then contact the team.

Conclusion: Survey Junkie is really very good survey panel site where you can earn some smart money. And if you have good luck then you can make some more extra money. It is one of the best survey panels in the market. The payout is awesome, website design looks cool. They are the perfect survey panel site. Thanks for reading Survey Junkie Review.

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