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Toluna is the best alternative to Survey Junkie which offers and targets surveys only. Toluna Influencers which is also known as Toluna is available for everyone. It is owned and part of the Toluna Group.

Toluna lets users decide to choose the survey’s categories that interest them. Users can select their favorite category from the list. Toluna is a family of more than 15 million members from 50 countries.

You will enjoy the surveys from Toluna as they are not much longer and are high paying. So let’s start reading and enjoying Toluna Influencers Review.

What is Toluna Influencer?

Toluna is a survey panel site that pays its users for completing surveys. In 2018, changed its name, and now it is known as Toluna Influencers. But still, most people call them Toluna only.

According to ti its Wikipedia page, Toluna is in the market since the year 2000. As a member, you can earn from various methods on Toluna but Surveys are the main source of earning.

Toluna has 22K followers on Twitter but they are not active on Twitter. On Facebook, Toluna has 180K followers. They have an Instagram account too with 20K followers.

The surveys and their rewards on each and every site depend on users’ profiles and locations.

Is Toluna Safe?

Is Toluna legit or not?

Toluna is a very legit and safe site that pays its users on time and has a high reward rate. It is very easy to use and reliable for all types of users.

More than 2K users reviewed Toluna on Trustpilot, and Toluna has a TrustScore of 3.8 out of 5. The Toluna keeps replying to the user’s feedback.

How Many Points Make a Dollar?

3000 points are worth a single dollar. It means when you earn 3000 points you will get $1. This means 30,000 points are worth $10.

Bonuses on Toluna Influencer

There is a bonus for newly registered users. After registration and filling in your profile info, you will get 500 points.

Every new member you invite using your referral link joins Toluna Influencer you will get 500 points.

Methods to Make Money on Toluna

Toluna survey: The main source of making money on the Toluna Influencer is Surveys. You get more surveys and high-paying surveys only when you complete your profile surveys. Profile surveys are the best way to boost your earning chances.

You will get around 5-10 surveys each week which is not bad. You should try to do a Toluna login once a day to check if there is any new surveys arrived or not. In some cases, you may get emails on new surveys but it is not always.

If you got disqualified from the Toluna survey then still you will get 200 points for each survey. Getting disqualified from surveys is seen rarely.

Product Testing: The users with high-profile ratings can get a chance to test a product that is going to launch in the market soon.

You will not get cash or money for a testing product but you will get the product itself.  If you are qualified then you will get the chance to test the product and you can keep that product after doing a test. After checking and using the product you have to send some feedback to Toluna Influencer

Products and numbers of products depend from country to country. Product Testing allows in some selected countries only. In the case of the USA, it is accessible.

Polls: You can get paid for attempting small Polls which take around 10 seconds. The reward is also small, you will get around 15 to 50 for each poll you attend. It is not a waste of time at all or it is?

Contests or Sweepstakes: Anyone can join Toluna’s contest by just purchasing a ticket for it. You can win up to $4,500 from monthly sweepstakes. There are other winning prizes for contestants are  LED TV, smartphones and etc.

In order to participate in a contest or sweepstakes, you have to complete your profile details including your profile pictures. You must be an active member of Toluna Influencer, you must have a participant in surveys and polls.

How Much You Can Earn From Toluna?

Earning on Toluna depends on the region you are in and the profile you have. The more profile survey you attend the more chances you generate of getting higher Paid Surveys. The conversation rate is 3,000 points per $1.

A small survey can earn between 500 points to 15,000 points and some big surveys can earn up to 50,000 points. This means you can earn an average of 0.2 to $4 or up to $15 per survey. Users from the USA, UK, and Canada have higher chances of getting highly rewarding surveys.

Payment Methods on Toluna Influencer

You can withdraw your funds using PayPal or Gift Cards. To withdraw using PayPal you need to have 95,000 points which are equal to $30. If you want to redeem your points into Gift Cards then you can do that with a minimum of 30,000 points ($10).

Toluna supports big retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, Starbucks, and many more. The minimum Toluna withdrawal money and supported payment methods may be slightly different from country to country.

Support on Toluna

The Toluna team members are highly active on various reviewing sites, where they try to reply to every feedback posted by users. You can contact Toluna directly using a contact email from the website or can use Facebook to contact them.

Who is Eligible for Toluna?

Toluna accepts most countries, you will get to know if they accept your country or not only when you do Toluna sign up on their platform. All users must have 13+ years old.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Toluna Influencers safe?

Toluna Influencers is one of the oldest and safest survey panel sites. It has also partnered with governments for survey research.

Does Toluna pay money?

Yes, Toluna pays real money for completing surveys on their platform. You can redeem your earned points for real money through Paypal or gift cards.

Is Toluna Legitimate?

Yes, Toluna is a legit company and a legit platform to earn free money online.

Toluna Accepts Users from India?

Is Toluna safe to use in India? Yes, Toluna India is available and you can apply for paid surveys there or toluna surveys paid.

Conclusion: The Toluna Influencer Review doesn’t endorse any product from Toluna. If you don’t have enough time to spend on survey sites then I suggest using Swagbucks, as it takes a small time and has a variety of methods to earn money. Toluna is best for users from the USA, UK, and Canada. Thanks for reading the Toluna Influencer Review or you can say Toluna reviews.

Toluna Influencer Review

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