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Making money by viewing ads on the internet is all about fun. PTC also known as Paid To Click sites is one of the methods to earn money online. You can’t become (lucky one may get) rich but yes you will earn some sort of money. Welcome to Ojooo WAD Reviews.

Update: It seems Ojooo Wad is a scam site now. Their website is not accessible for more than 10 days. Even if they come back after a few weeks or months use it at your own risk.

There are many PTC sites on the internet but only a few are very famous, old, trusted, and high-paying and Ojooo is one of them.

So, let’s review Ojooo wad and understand how it works.

What Is Ojooo Wad

Originally Ojooo Wad or Wad Ojooo is a PTC site but it is not limited to PTC only it is more than that. In starting they launched the Ojooo app where any Ojooo user can call any other Ojooo users for free. Later they involved in much more work like SEO service, earning methods, advertising, e-commerce, and many more.

They have many subdomain pages so make sure you are landing on the correct page.

What Stands for WAD in Ojooo Wad?

In Ojooo Wad, Wad stands for Watching Advertisements.

How Ojooo Works

To starting working on this platform you need to create an account, how to create Ojooo account? First of all, go here to the Ojooo register page. Now enter your information like username, password, email address, and submit the form. Ojooo wad register.

After creating the account you can do Ojooo login to earn money. If you once login and open another tab for a few minutes then you will be automatically logged out. You need to sign in again. Ojooo wad sign up.

Ojoo Membership

There is 4 membership plan on Ojooo wad. Each plan has come with an upgraded feature.  The minimum you earn per click is $0.001 and the highest amount of money you can earn per click is $0.026 per click.

Ojooo Membership

In the above image, you can see how much you can earn and how much you can earn from your referral. Suppose you clicked 20 ads worth $0.026 then you will earn $0.56 each day. You also get the chance of getting a puzzle reward after upgrading the account.

You have to pay to upgrade your account Standard (Free), Economy ($20/month), and Privilege ($40/month).

Ojooo how to make money

There are different methods to make money on Ojooo, for example, earn money by watching ads. Let’s see how to earn from Ojooo. Ojooo wad earn money.

Make Money With Ojooo Ads

This is the main function of this site. You can earn money for viewing ads online. The ads you can view depend on the membership level you are on. The standard members get around 20 ads worth 0.001$ per ad. Privilege members get ads worth 0.026$ per ad.

The ad’s timing is 5 seconds to 30 seconds, it can be anywhere between these numbers and also you might get ads of 60 seconds. You can view one ad at one time do not try to open multiple ads at the same time because you will not get credited.

Ojooo grid

This is the luck-based program where you can earn between $0.01 to $2.00. Ojooo Grid is a card of more than 500 blocks where you get a chance to click 10 times. If you are the lucky one then you get rewarded with money which depends on luck.

After clicking on the block you have to watch ads for 5 seconds and then it will tell you if you got rewarded or not. It is a great part of ojooo ptc site.

Privileged members get 30 chances to play and their winning chances are more. But viewing ads timing is the same for everyone. I recommended giving it a try once, ojooo earn money.

There is no Ojooo grid trick or hack and it is highly based on luck.

Ojooo Offers

They have many offer walls offers. You can earn points for completing different tasks on different offer walls. some famous offer suppliers are Wannads, Kiwiwall, and Personaly.

You must know that this method is connected with a third-party hence you will get your reward a bit later.

What is Ojooo Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange is a system of free exchange of traffic between websites. As a WAD user, you earn points by viewing other users’ pages, and they can view your pages in return when your points get assigned to the particular campaign.

If you want to promote any referral link then this is the best option just open the tab and let it run in the background and now you are getting views.

To know how it works you should log in and check the Traffic exchange page under offer.

What is Ojooo App

Ojooo app lets you call your friend, family, or anyone who is using this app. You can download the app on your iOS (iPhone) or Android device.

The Ojooo app APK is not available hence if you are trying to download their APK then make sure you are using a trusted source.

How Much You Can Earn on Ojooo Wad?

Actually, it depends on the account level you are. You can use their benefits calculator to know how much you can earn from this PTC site.

With 50 referrals you can easily make 150$ per month by just viewing a few ads daily.

How Does Ojooo Pay

There are only two methods available on Ojooo wad are Bitcoin and Payeer. There is some condition in order to withdraw funds. For standard members, they must click at least 100 ads and the minimum withdrawal is $2. For Privilege the rules are the same but just need to click 50 ads only.

Ojooo payment method is limited and this is their con.

Ojooo Payment Proof

You can find the payment proof on the Ojooo forum here. On their forum, you can post your payment proof. ojooo scam or not.

Ojooo Rented Referral

Struggling with earning money on Ojooo? Then buy referrals on the platform. You can purchase a referral for $0.20 each of these referrals will be active for 30 days. Ojooo earning also depends on the referral you have.

You can also select the autopay option and pay money automatically. Autopay options allow you to pay less amount. Ojooo PTC review.

Ojooo referral code is easily available on the referral page.

How to Delete Ojooo Account

You can’t delete your account but yes you can ask support to let delete your account. The team can only delete your account.

Ojooo Strategy

In this Ojooo WAD Reviews, you can understand how to earn money on Ojooo. The best suggestion and strategy I can share with you is to use the traffic exchange feature and promote your referral link. You can get lots of referrals on your other site. ( do not share Ojooo’s referral link).

Is Ojooo Wad is Legit or Scam?

There is no doubt that Ojoo wad is 100% legit. But making money on the platform is a bit hard until you get lots of referrals. Their unique feature fulfills this issue by providing rented referrals. Yes, it is ojooo wad legit. Is ojooo a legit website? Yes, it is.

Conclusion: Ojooo is really the best site if you know how to optimize it. The best way you can optimize it by purchasing ads and by promoting your referral links. Thanks for reading Ojooo WAD Reviews if you like this review then do not forget to share. I would suggest you check this article on the Best GPT Website.

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