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If you are living in Kenya and not searching for how to make money online in Kenya,  then you might not be living in Kenya. Just kidding.

Kenya is a geographically very important country but its economic situation is currently in the middle of somewhere. It has a GDP of 118 USD billion with 65th rank.

In the last few years number of online scam platforms has increased and because of this innocent Kenyan people are losing their hard-earned money.

Hence we decided to list the 10 best methods or ways to make money online in Kenya. This will help you to make money online and allow you to stay away from free.

How To Make Online In Kenya

Following are the best ways to make money online if you are from Kenya. If you are aware of any site or method and want to share it with us then comment below, and we will review and add it here.

What you need to start making money is a Computer or mobile, an internet connection, patience, and a bit of knowledge.

Sell Social Media Services

The demand for Social Media services has increased and has increased earning opportunities. The best way to start offering Social media services is an SMM panel.

You can start your own SMM panel if you have a small budget like about $500 to $1000 or you can use SMM Panels to resell services from their site.

To start selling SMM services simply add funds to any top SMM Panel site and reach out to Social Media pages, accounts, or groups to sell your services to them.

You can find the article related to SMM Panels on moneyforwallet.

Estimate Monthly Earning: You can earn on average $200 to $500 per month depending on the number of sales.

Become A Transcriber

Transcribers from Kenya are making a good amount of money and you can find that from the leaderboard from different sites. Becoming a transcriber is not tough if you are familiar with English and any other languages. Most of the work is in English.

What you have to do as a Transcriber is listen to recorded audio or live audio, and after listening to it convert that audio into text. Different sites do ask for work in different methods.

Most average skilled and experienced Transcribers are making around $15 to $20 per hour. To become a transcriber you need to complete a qualification test on the platform that you want to join like TranscribeMe, CrowdSurf, and more Transcribing sites.

You can find more articles related to Transcribing jobs on Moneyforwallet.

Estimate Monthly Earning: $500 to $800 per month

Become A Blogger

In the last few years, we have seen the number of bloggers increase in Kenya. There is a wide chance that you will get your blog ranked among the top bloggers.

Earning in blogging depends on many factors like views, traffic source, country, advertising methods, etc. What you have to do is choose your niche, start writing articles, make your website SEO Optimized, and just wait to get ranked in Google.

We have published many articles related to how to start a blog, even you can even find a category on Start The Blog under Menu.

Estimate Monthly Earning: If you become an experienced blogger then you can easily make $500 to $2000 per month

Online Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys are the best way to make money and it is also the easiest way to make money online. Unfortunately, survey sites do pay a high amount in first-tier countries like the USA, Canada, UK, but they do pay less in Kenya and other such countries.

There are many survey websites like FreeCash, Zap Surveys, MyPoints, Earnably, Branded Surveys, ForthRight Surveys, InstaGC, Rewardia, YouGov, and many more.

To join survey sites, you just need to have a computer or smartphone with the internet. You must be 18 years old.

Estimate Monthly Earning: $50 to $150 per month

Content Writing

Not everyone can do content writing because to become a content writer you need to have good knowledge of English languages and SEO.

You can write articles on your own blog or you can search for a job for content writing. There are many websites and companies that are willing to hire writers to get high-quality content for them.

There are platforms where you can find content writing jobs like Writer, Upwork, Textbroker, and many more.

Estimate Monthly Earning: $500 each month

Make Money Using TikTok

Tik Tok is without any doubt one of the best and fastest platforms to get viral but for that, you just need some luck as well. Tik Tok has been there since 2016 but became viral in 2020.

It just takes a few seconds to create an account on TikTok. Uploading videos is not hard either. We have published a detailed article on how to make money on Tik Tok.

Estimate Monthly Earning: Vary depends on the accounts and advertising methods

Became An Instagram Influencer

You might be using Instagram for sure but do you know you can generate passive income using Instagram? Yes, it is possible and there are already many who are making money on Instagram.

Following are the methods that you can use to earn money on Instagram.

  • Promoting Your Own Website or Blog
  • Find Sponsors for Your Instagram Account
  • Use Influencer Marketplace To Get Sponsor
  • Affiliate Marketing on Instagram
  • Sell Your Own Physical and Digital Product
  • Sell Your Instagram Account

Here is the article on how to make money on Instagram.

Estimate Monthly Earning: $2000 to $3000 per month