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InstaGC is one of the oldest GPT sites which is active since 2011. You can earn points that you can redeem with Gift Cards or Cash for completing surveys, watching videos, testing apps, and other tasks.

There is a number of tasks in InstG C to complete to get rewards some are high paying and some are less paying. In today’s InstaGC Reviews you will get to know which one is best for you.

InstaGC is the best to make money online platform, and no doubt it is a legit site which pays its users since 2011. Where other survey sites allow minimum withdrawal are $10 or more InstaGC minimum withdrawal is only $1.

What is InstaGC?

InstaGC is a free platform to make money for completing easy tasks online. Who doesn’t want to earn some extra money? We all are here to earn some money. InstaGC is the best side hustle site to earn money.

InstaGC stands for Instant Gift Cards or InstaGC Gift Cards.

InstaGC is owned and operated by Day Online Solutions. Day Online Solutions, LLC was launched in 2007 and currently, they have 3 websites or projects under them are InstaGC, SparkLeads, and ProxStop.  They also sales domains, which means quality domain.

The office is located at PO Box 48; Sellersburg, IN 47172.

InstaGC Sign up and InstaGC Login

Sign up is free on InstaGC. Users must be 18 years old before joining. To sign up open InstaGC website and there on their homepage you will find the registration form. Teens (at least 13 years old) can also join by taking their parent’s permission.

You can register using the classic sign up form or you can sign up using Facebook, Twitter, and Google. You will get 10 points as a signup bonus.

Remember InstaGC may ask you to have some requirements to start using this platform. For example, users from India must need to have verified PayPal. You can earn free Paypal money.

How to Use InstaGC

InstaGC pays for attempting and doing surveys, and other tasks. We can say it is the best combination of Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

Earning with InstaGC is reportedly high, some members shared their payment proof and says they are instagc earnings thousands of dollars with InstaGC, definitely they are working with InstaGC for many months.

As we all know survey sites and GPT are profitable once you starting using continuously. You are not going to be rich with these sites but yes you can make a smart amount of money.

Is InstaGC is Legit or Scam?

Yes, InstaGC is a legit GPT site. It was listed on Trustpilot with a trust score of 3.7 out of 5 from 75 members. InstaGC is also addressing all negative reviews posted on Trustpilot, this shows how much they care about their users and reviews.

InstaGC’s partnered company DayOnlineSolutions is also a known company and listed on BBB, with an A+ rating on it. Overall they have a good name in the market and they are trusted sites.

Different Methods to Earn Points at InstaGC

There are many different ways to earn points on InstaGC. Each way is different payment methods and rewards. Some tasks will pay you more and some will less. You should try each and every method and find the best one through which method you can earn more.

For completing every task you will be rewarded with points that you can redeem with cash or gift cards. But in some countries, they allow using PayPal only.

InstaGC Surveys

Paid surveys are the most common way to make money online.

The more time you spend on surveys the more you earn. They have three survey providers TheoremReach, LiveSample, and Your Surveys. So you need to take surveys from these sources.

You have to pass qualifying surveys before attempting the main surveys. The bad part is these qualifying surveys are a bit long and when you get disqualify from these surveys you will not get anything and you will lose time.

You can expect to earn $1 for a 10 to 30 minutes survey. In starting you will get less rewarding surveys but after spending and completing some surveys you will start receiving high-paying surveys.

Watch Videos

Where surveys are the highest way to make money watching videos is the easiest & fastest way to make money. But it is a very low paying method. You can earn around  1 to 10 points for watching 20 minutes video.

Some good paying video providers are AceWall, HyprMX, and You can also get a bonus of watching 50 videos within a week.

Test the APP and Earn the Points

Do you like to test new apps? This is the best method for you to make money. Most of the apps are related to games and shopping apps.

For downloading apps you may get 5 to 30 points but some apps requirements can help you to earn 700 to 1000 points. Requirements are like upgrading the app and playing the game for a long time.

Visiting Website & Searching The Web

Another easiest way to make points is surfing the web. This method is for fun more. You can earn 1 cent for web searches. This offer is not available for every country, this offer is available in a few countries only.

Purchase and Test the Product

This is another method, where you need to purchase the product you will earn points for purchasing and testing the product. Try this only if you are planning to purchase the product else you will lose money for some points.

Bonus method

You can also earn free coupon codes (are known as Instagc point booster code). They are actively publishing InstaGC codes on their Facebook and Twitter profiles.


They don’t have any app for now but their website is very mobile friendly hence you will get app touch in your mobile browser. Why download the app when you can get the same feeling on your mobile device.

InstaGC Points

The reward you will get in points which are convertible into cash and gift cards. 1 Point equals $0.01.

Referral Program

InstaGC also has a referral program where you can earn quick money. You will get 10% from your referrals earning but you will not get anything from their bonus earnings.

Your referral will also get 10 points as a bonus. Imagine you have 50 referrals and each referral is earning $10 each month than you can easily earn $50 per month for doing nothing.

Social Media Activeness

They are active on three social media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Instagc Facebook has 330K followers and they are quite active there. Instagc Twitter has 58K followers and they are active there too. Instagc Reddit has 1.4K members, members also can ask their queries there.

Minimum Payout and Payment Methods

The minimum amount you can redeem is 100 points for a $1 worth gift card. If you want with cash then you need a minimum of 5,000 points.

InstaGC supports the following payment methods are Gift Cards (Amazon, Groupon, BestBuy, etc), PayPal, Cryptocurrency,  and bank cards.



Instagc how many points equal a dollar?

100 points equal a dollar, they recently changed the points for some countries but for the USA it is 100 points equal to 1 dollar.

Instagc how to get 5 dollars quick?

It was an offer which is not ended. SO you will not get $5 now.

How to disable Instagc account?

If you want to disable or delete your account then it is possible with InstaGC.

How to make the most on Instagc?

The more surveys you complete the more rewards you will get.

InstaGC support

You can either contact them using Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and the ticket system.

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Earning Methods


Average Reward


Site Speed





  • Available in every country
  • Vast numbers of ways to make money
  • Operating since 2011
  • Referral program
  • Many payment methods


  • Some surveys are very less paying
  • Disqualifying rates are high
  • Customer support is bit slow