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Be Forthright Surveys claims the highest paying survey panel site through which you can make money online. Which pays its users for completing surveys online. But do you know what is the history of BeForthright and are they legit or a scam? Today I am going to review Forthright Surveys.

First of all, we need to know what is the real name of the company, Forthright or BeForthright? Someone call it Forthright and some BeForthright. The official name of this paid survey panel is Forthright but their domain is, Forthright means clear, outspoken, frank, or straight-up and sometimes it calls trust.

Formally it was known as Innopoll, Innopoll changes its original name and domain in the year 2017 from Innopoll to Forthright and domain to Members of this panel are called Forthrighters.

What is Forthright (aka BeForthright)

Forthright is a survey panel site where you can earn points for completing forthright surveys and partner surveys. It is owned by Bovitz Inc. a NewYork based market research company.

They are operating in the survey industry for the last many years they were receiving good reviews from users before they rebranded from Innopoll to Forthright. After rebranding their reviews starts getting dissolving.

Some say they are high and quick paying surveys, actually, it is right that they are instant paying survey panel sites.

BeForthright Login and Sign up

The signup and login process at Forthright is very simple. I never saw such a signup and login process like forthright has. You just need to enter your email address to register, you will receive a confirmation email and after confirming the email you will be logged in automatically.

To signing next time you just need to enter your email address and you will receive the link in the email just click on that link and you are not logged in. There is no be forthright logout option.

You can add a password under Account > Preference. Forthright surveys login is easy in comparison to other sites.

How do forthright surveys work

Like any other survey panel site, Forthright also works similarly. They have clients who are looking for opinions from the USA persons. To receive high-paying surveys you need to complete a profile under My Account > Profile. They will ask you some basic questions which you need to submit.

To start working with Forthright you need to register using email which takes less than 3 seconds. You don’t need to pass any qualifying survey while joining but after joining you might need to complete a small survey.

Forthright Surveys is Legit or Scam?

Be forthright is a 100% legit survey panel site. While searching on google about their reviews you will not find much info. Most of the survey panels are register on reviewing sites like BBB but Forthright surveys are not listed there.

But they are listed on Trustpilot and admins are not concerned about this. They have a 3-star rating of therefrom 4 members.

Many users reported online that Be Forthright is a legit and paying survey site. Beforthright is a legit company.

They are legit but they have some problems since they rebranded many users reported that qualification for surveys is getting tougher than ever. If you look at this from a user’s perspective then it is very irritating but if you see this from a Company perspective then they are doing it professionally which is beneficial for their long term.

Different Methods to Earn Points at Forthright

The main method of making money from the survey panel site is Surveys but they are not limited. Nowadays survey sites are offering different methods to earn money like Swagbucks.

Forthright paid surveys

Forthright surveys are the best way to make money by completing surveys. You can earn a good amount of money from this but the problem is surveys are very limited in comparison to other survey sites. Forthright online surveys are the best way to earn money

You may not get surveys daily. They ask a few questions before they take you to the main surveys if you disqualify from questions then you will be not able to take surveys. But it doesn’t mean you will not get anything, for attempting surveys you will be rewarded with Loyalty Credit.

Partner Surveys

Apart from the forthright survey, they have extra surveys which are from their partners. To attempt these surveys you need to have an Approved Member there.  You can earn up to $10 from partner surveys according to their website.

Once you open the Partner survey page you will get a link to answer a few questions to get the tag of Approved Member. These surveys are bit high-paying surveys.

 Loyalty Bonus

This is what Be forthright has a unique feature. In the above, I mentioned that you will be rewarded with loyalty credit from disqualifying surveys.

For every disqualifying survey, you will be rewarded with Loyalty Credit and when you earn 3 loyalty points you will get $2 in your account. This implements with Forthright Surveys only and not with partner surveys.

Forthright Payment Methods

There is no beforthright minimum payout hence you can withdraw whenever you want, this is instant payment money. They support 4 payment methods are PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Tango Cards, and Bitcoin.

Social Media Activeness

Forthright has two social media accounts one is on Twitter and another is on Facebook. Click here to open BeForthright Twitter and click here to open  BeForthright FacebookBeForthright always posts on their social media accounts with interesting offers. In the past, they did $500 and $100 giveaways and many other small giveaways.

Forthright Surveys FAQ

Do forthright surveys actually pay?

Yes, they are legit and paying.

Do they support users outside of the USA?

They didn’t mention anything regarding this but they do not accept a mobile number and Postcode outside of the USA. So No, they do not support members outside of the USA.

Do beforthright have a referral program?

No there is no referral program and there is no beforthright referral code.

Beforthright app is available?

No, but their website is mobile-friendly.

How do you cancel beforthright account?

You can send emails to the team in order to remove or cancel your account.


Beforthright Summary: BeForthright is the overall best-paid survey site for USA members. If you are looking for high-paying survey sites then this one is for you but if you are looking for high-paying surveys and more survey sites then go with SurveyJunkie. Thanks for reading beforthright reviews. Do not forget to share this forthright survey post with your friends.