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Looking for secret websites to make money online? In this digital world searching for such a website is not hard but still many can’t reach these websites. The Internet is full of secrets and making money online world is the same.

In our previous article, we saw how to make money online using dirtiest ways and if you are from Kenya then you should check out this article on how to earn in Kenya.

Secret websites are not hidden from the world but these websites include the methods and their popularity is not high enough to make money online.

Without wasting much time let’s check out the list of the secret websites to make money and to earn extra cash by using these platforms.

10 Best Secret Websites To Make Money

Following are the websites, platforms, and apps that you can use to make money plus to save money as well which is equal to making money.


BestMark has been there since 1986 which started helping businesses to improve their brand reputation. The platform allows you to find the best deals to get you free meals or services. You can get your rewards directly in your Paypal, gift cards, and deposit to the bank.

You can shop online, dine, or visit various businesses to provide your feedback on how you feel about the usage of the product, in exchange you will get paid for doing this.

Earning depends on the assignment you complete, on average users are making $35 per hour.


As you can see the name of this platform is GigWalk, which means you will get paid for completing “gigs”. The tasks include taking photos.

GigWalk pays you for doing simple and small gigs, most of the gigs or tasks take only a few minutes and some gigs take a few hours too.

Most of the time you will find gigs rewarding $3 to $700 per task you do. It is a mobile app for workers to complete tasks.

This task includes taking pictures, checking prices, verifying inventory, or testing products. You have to simply search for gigs and complete it as guided.

You can find the article guiding you on how to make money by walking.


Rumble is a video platform that allows creators to utilize their videos and content to make money online. At first, you will find Rumble as a platform like YouTube that offers different ways to earn money.

They have more than 44 million active users each month. Also, they have partnerships with big companies like MTV, Xbox, and Yahoo which helps creators to make money on the platform.

Partners have the right to approve your video, if they approve your video then you will get $50 for that video. If your video gets placed on the homepage then you will get $100.

They have a pay-on views-earning method too which means you will get earned for views. Extra earning is possible if you join contests, challenges, and partnerships.


If you are from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, or Germany then you can only join the platform. It is available in this region only.

It has paid out more than $45,000,000 to the users for completing surveys and mentioned tasks.

There is no minimum withdrawal limit so you can withdraw as possible as early. It is one of the best secret websites to make money

It has a mobile-based app plus they have an extension too.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon KDP is one of the awesome platforms for authors who are looking for platforms to sell their self-publish eBook and paperback for free.

You can reach millions of users who are always looking for awesome books to read and enjoy. You can write your book and publish it on your Kindle Direct Publishing.

It is a secret way to make money per month on Amazon KDP by listing your book. Most of the top sellers are making $17,000 per month. But as a newbie, you can make around $100 per month.


TaskRabbit is a website where you can earn money for completing simple offline tasks. Once you sign up for the platform you will get the tag of taskers.

It’s up to you when and where you want to work, you can control which type of task you want to complete. The platform is not free, you have to pay the registration fee of $25.

TaskRabbit is available in most of the states of the USA. It is also available in other countries like the UK, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, and Germany.

They have more than 200K registered users with more than 100K downloads. They have more than 50 different categories. You can withdraw your earnings to your bank account directly.

Average users are making $200 to $1000 per month by spending 1 to 2 hours daily.


Neighbor is a unique platform for those who are living in the USA. You can rent your extra garage or unused space at your home.

You might have unused equipment at home that you want to sell out which is a good idea but you know you can earn money by just renting it out.

You can easily make around $200 to $800 per month depending on the item you are going to rent out.

Testing Apps & Websites

There are testing platforms where you can get paid for testing websites, apps, mockups, and prototypes. Platforms like Userlytics, Userfeel, and UserTesting are some of the popular platforms to find testing jobs.

Userlytics and Userfeel are the most popular paid-to-test website platforms. You can earn around $200 per month from each month.


Wrapify is the place where you can find advertisers who are interested in putting their banners on your car. Yes, you will get paid for advertising on your car.

Most car owners are making $180 to $450 per month for doing nothing other than just doing their usual things. You will find it useful only when you have a car. They have more than 100K downloads on the Play Store.

Contra & Freelancing Sites

Freelancing is the best way to make money online and there are secret websites to make money online in the freelancing world as well.

Following are some of the best and most popular secret freelancing websites like Contra, Speedlancer, DailyRemote, and GrowthCollective.