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When you need money you will not get anyone to help you but these dirty ways will surely help you to earn money online.

Dirty ways make you a good amount of money but there are many difficulties that you have to pass. And the first one is competition, when you put your leg in dirty money-making methods you will find already many people struggling to make money through dirty ways.

Second, you will find that you don’t want to put yourself in such a situation where you can’t move back. If you care about society (which you should do) then you should choose safe dirty methods only.

Dirty methods don’t mean illegal stuff, but for sure some methods might include illegal ways.

The following articles will help you to get other ways to make money.

10 Dirty Ways To Make Money Online

Following are the 10 best and proven dirty ways to make money online. Choose the methods according to your situation and living.

OnlyFans – Adult Dirtiest Way To Make Money

Think of the dirtiest task you can do and perform it here to make money. OnlyFans is quite popular among adults who are open to showing their bodies to their fans.

You can set your own rates for subscriptions, your fans will subscribe to your account where they can find content uploaded by you.

It is quite profitable for those who are willing to show their body and upload adult content.

Simply create an account and keep your subscription free in starting to gain some users and if you found that your free subscribers are hungry for your content then slowly put paid subscription.

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Clean Roadkills

Do not expect to get this type of work in the countries like India and Bangladesh. But luckily if you are living in the UK or the USA then definitely you can find such type of jobs.

Driving a car is not an easy task uncertainty can happen at any time. The two things you have to encounter are Traffic and Animals.

Roadkill collectors or cleaners do come and remove dead things like dogs, animals, badgers, and sometimes huge animals.

The average earning of the Roadkill cleaners is $15. The platforms you can use are,,

If you are living near the highways, then you should get in touch with companies as they are looking for such bodies. You can sell roadkill bodies to companies.

Headstone Cleaning

Have braveheart? Then this job is for you. The opportunities are fewer but still, you can make your place by finding such jobs.

There are platforms, where you can find such tasks or jobs like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and SimplyHired. The average earning per hour is around $20 which is quite impressive.

Cemeteries are doing their jobs but cleaners do their job perfectly which makes headstones clean.

The easiest way to find a HeadStone Cleaning job is by visiting Cemeteries and proposing them your idea.

Dog Poop Cleaner

The worst and dirtiest job you can find is cleaning the poop of Dogs. The requirements of Dog poop cleaners are high in demand.

People like to keep dogs as their favorite pets but they hate to clean their poop. The who doesn’t like to clean hires the person and pays a good amount of money.

The average earning per annum is around $50,000 by spending time on the ground.

The job is not liked by most people but those who want to make money can choose this method and really they can make a good amount of money.

Mourn and Earn

Surprised? I am sure you do. And yes you can make money for mourning. Funerals are the bad parts of one’s life but it is natural and no one can avoid this.

Getting paid for mourning is not new but it can be weird and disturbing for you. There are professional mourners who are actively performing the task.

How to step into this job? There are websites where you can apply for this job like YourFuneralChoice and RentAMourner.

You can earn around $50 to $100 a day.

Sexting & Earning

The best dirtiest suitable job for women or girls who have some extra time to spend with boys who are hungry for girls’ talk.

Sexting doesn’t mean sex chat or cam chat. Sexting is where you talk with random people for fun. You can get paid to chat with strangers from following sexting sites.

Above I said Sexting is not sex chat but 99% of sexting chats are adult chats. So you have to prepare yourself for that. The more you talk the more you earn the dirtiest talk the more users will stay with you.

Click here to learn how to earn from Sexting.

Clean Offices

Are you a student or a person who is looking for ways to make money fast and it doesn’t matter which type of jo it is? Then cleaning offices might help you.

You are surely not getting this job with a fixed salary but yeah it all depends on you. How you approach office managers.

There are two ways to get this job, you can either use the online platform to search for such jobs or can personally visit offices to ask for work.

Cleaning offices includes Cleaning office rooms, and desks, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming floors or carpets or furniture, emptying trash cans, and other office areas.

The average earning of Office Cleaners are getting around $11 per hour. Which is not bad. If you can manage to get this job in at least 3 offices daily then you can easily make $33 per day which makes $850 per month and $10200 per month.

You can find such jobs on websites like,,,, and some other platforms as well.

TaskRabbit – House Cleaning Job

TaskRabbit is a very popular micro-tasking crowdsourcing platform where you can do different works and get paid for the same Tasks like moving furniture, cleaning the house, cleaning garages, and other house tasks.

The tasks or jobs include Dusting, Cleaning room floors, Cleaning furniture, Cleaning windows & restrooms, Laundry, Gardens, Vacuuming, Washing dishes, and other needed jobs.

The TaskRabbit was founded in 2008 in San Francisco. Has more than 60,000 active taskers, who have completed more than 7 million tasks to date.

They are available in most of the states of the USA and countries like France, the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

You can set your own rate, the average newbies are making $12 per hour and people with bit experience are getting $20 per hour.


Washing or cleaning cars might not fall on the list of dirty ways to make money online but it is because all cars are not as dirty as you think.

Some cars are very dirty to touch but still for money car washers do clean and in exchange, they get a good amount of money.

Washos is the platform where you can earn up to $1000 per week as mentioned by the platform.

Adult Content Writer

Demand for adult content is high and users are willing to pay you for your content. You can write adult content for many people including websites, persons, social media pages, and magazines or you can start your own website.

You can monetize your website or can sell your content to others. The amount you will earn may not be as much as high as you deserve but for sure you will get a good amount of money as you become a more experienced writer.

The best way to start is to search for adult content first on Google and check how and what they write. After that, you should start writing your own article and publish it.

Creativity is required here.