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Everyone wants to make money online, right? No matter what type of work they have to do. And I am coming up with all possible methods which can help you to earn money online. In today’s article, I am going to share methods through which you can get paid to go on dates with rich women.

No, not any platform, site, or app is going to pay for it. Here are some methods that you can follow can get paid. It’s all up to you how you follow this method.

This method is definitely for men but do not worry in the next post I will guide where a woman can get paid to date rich men.

Who Can Get Paid To Go On Dates With Rich Woman

Anyone can follow this method and can earn money. But the person who is good-looking, good personality, can flirt, or the person who can impress the girl with his words has more chances to get paid.

There is nothing racist.

You just need to be picky on words while talking with any woman.

How You Will Get Paid

Nice question, it depends on the method you follow. If you use an online platform then definitely you will get paid online, most likely. But if you choose offline then you will get paid in different ways.

How Much I Can Earn From Dates?

As a paid dater you can anywhere between $100 to $700 for each date. But that is not limited. You can earn more than that, you can earn more than $10,000 to $30,000 each month.

But still, it is not limited if you are smarter then you can become a million or two but it might create a big problem for both of you. So we are not going to talk about that method.

Safety Measures To Follow

Anything you do in the online world contains risk. Even when you buy small pencils online. You must stay safe and try to avoid any risks.

  • Never share extra personal details. Sharing small details is ok but not much more.
  • Use a different email ID. You need to use a new email address to avoid any spam.
  • Meet at an open place. You can’t understand others from online chat hence while meeting for the first time try to meet at open & public places.
  • Record everything. This is not very necessary. But you don’t know what you have to prove to someone.
  • Try to do a video call. Yes, this is important. You must see her and try to analyze it.

5 Sites To Get Paid To Go On Dates With Rich Woman

There were many websites but only a few are trusted and active sites. Some of them are now dead or inactive. Let’s find out the best ones.


Ohlala is a free and paid dating website. You can find all types of women on this platform. They have 650,000+ Members worldwide and manage 3500+ dates per day.

After registering you will get 75 coins and you can purchase 50 coins for $25, which you can buy using Credit Card or Debit Card.

It is only web-based but its website looks like a mobile app so if you are going to use them then I suggest using the mobile browser. To connect and talk with any woman you have to pay 25 coins.

Seeking is the best and most active website to find a rich woman. You can register here for free and can find profiles. But before finding profiles you have to complete your profile details which will not take more than 5 minutes.

Dating a rich older woman is possible on the Seeking sites.

They have a mobile app too which has more than 1 million downloads.


MillionaireMatch is one of the active sites with more than 4.6 million members. It was founded in the year 2001. You will find most of the members are celebrities in their businesses.

And they all are a millionaires. You can find the VIP and general members list. You can get a membership for $70 per month to $35 a month for 6 months.


RichMeetBeautiful is a premium website where you can access the platform and find a rich woman. Their membership price starts with a minimum of $3.75 each week for a yearly plan and $11 for a weekly plan.

This platform allows you to find verified millionaires women. You will find almost every profile of a woman. You can find profiles and can view profiles for free but to send a message you have to be a premium member.

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WhatsYourPrice was founded in April 2010. Already more than 3 million men and women are using this platform. It is a dating site to find a rich woman.

It is not a free platform hence you need to top up your account with credits. You can purchase 100 credits for $50 or 1,000 credits for $250.

3 Methods To Find A Rich Woman

Visit Seminars and Public Meetings

You might not believe but this is one of the best and most effective ways to find a rich woman. In big cities or metropolitan cities, it is possible to find such big seminars and public meetings.

Gym and Restuarant

The gym and Restaurant are the places where you can find rich people. And it is possible to find women or girls in a gym or restaurant.

Work At Airports

This method may not work for everyone but if you know how to impress girls then this is for you. Airports are places where rich people visit.

Dating a rich older woman or single girl requires some professional attitude to do. If you can manage to get a rich woman number then you can earn money with this method.

Best Place To Meet A Rich Woman

How to date a rich woman?

The best place to meet a rich woman is in public and open places. The public & open places are like cafeterias, restaurants, gardens, public sitting places, and any other place where you can find more people.

And you should try to avoid meeting alone, in the cinema hall, and somewhere where no one is going there. To get paid to go on dates with rich women.