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In one of the previous articles, I shared a guide on how to get paid to go on dates with a rich woman and now in this post, I will tell you how you can get paid to go on dates with rich men.

There are already many methods to make money online and this is one of those methods to earn money online.

If you are searching for various websites where you can get paid to go on dates with the rich man then you might not get many because there are not many websites.

I am going to share some websites and some methods from where you can start.

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Sites To Get Paid To Go On Date With Rich Men


WhatsYourPrice is the best place to find rich men who are ready to go on dates with you. They have more than 4 million registered users since they launched their website in 2010.

If you are from India then I would not suggest using them because they have very low numbers of users from India. Most of their users are from the USA, UK, and Canada.


Seeking is another USA-based dating platform to date rich women as well as men too. To join them you need to register on their website and complete your profile, remember you will not be able to use the whole platform without completing your profile.

SeekingUpgrade helps you to find more and more active profiles near you.

You can find more than 2K active profiles alone in California and thousands of active users from different places.


If you have used the above two websites and are not happy with their platform design. Then SecretBenefits is the best for that.

SecretBenefits is the platform where women and men can find their partners. You just need to sign up and start finding your loved one.


Luxy is the dating platform where Millionaire uses its platform to find their dates. They have most of the users whose accounts are verified manually and their income too.

You will be able to get paid to go on dates with rich men.

Other Methods To Go On Dates With Rich Men

Find Rich Men On Facebook

I am 100% sure that you have used Facebook before and every day. You can find all types of people on Facebook from poor to rich.

Just visit Facebook and search for the profile or visit groups where you can find rich people.

Visit Seminars and Meetings

In seminars and meetings, you will find all rich people. If you are good at talking then you can go with this method else you should not try it.

Conclusion: I do suggest finding rich people near you or you can use the above websites to find rich people. But these websites are useful only if you are from the USA or UK else you will not find users. Or you can try other methods to earn money like from Sexting websites.