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Website owners need real users to test their websites and share their reviews on how their websites look. There are many website and app testing platforms where you can make testing of websites and apps to make money. One such website is UserFeel.

Many website and app owners or developers want to get their platforms tested by the real audience. Users are the real reasons why apps reach their goals, they play some vital roles in platform making.

There are already many platforms where users get paid for testing websites and apps. UserFeel is one of them and in our previous article, we discussed the Testerup review.

What Is UserFeel?

UserFeel was founded in 2010 by Yannis Karampelas. It is a UK and Germany-based company. Userfeel is an app, prototype, and website testing platform where clients like website owners use this platform to get their app or website tested by real and experienced users.

Users or testers do test the website and app to get paid for doing that. This is a win-win situation for both parties.

Most test takes 5 to 60 minutes which can be completed with your mobile or computer and each test can lead you to earn between $10 to $20 per test.

Users or testers can earn around on average $30 per test they complete. It has worked with more than 500 clients like Rakuten, IBM, Serta, 99designs, Tripadvisor, etc. Also, there are more than 800K registered testers from all over the world.

Click here to visit the userfeel website.

Why UserFeel Pays Users and How Userfeel Make Money?

UserFeel is also a company that needs to manage its costs. It pays users for completing test that helps companies or website owners run their business smoothly.

Companies or website owners pay money to UserFeel so that they can manage their testing process. UserFeel uses that money to pay testers and keep some money as their income.

How UserFeel Works?

There are two types of accounts you can create one as a client or advertiser and you can join as a tester or the person who can earn money.

But as you are here to make money and you are going to make money and join the platform as a Tester, hence we are going to talk from Testers’ perception in this UserFeel review.

Create Account (Registrations are closed)

First, you have to create an account, which doesn’t take much time. To create an account you have to visit this page first. After that scroll down till you find the registration button.

Do not forget to read the FAQ. It will help you to understand how the platform works in a better way.

Download Their Application

It is an important step, you have to download the application which is important to make money. The application is not very big hence you can download it.

Complete Your Profile

It is important to complete your profiles to get more and better-matched tasks that you prefer to do. Do not forget to enter all the asked details before hunting for the tasks.

Complete Qualification Test

The next step is to complete the qualification test which will take around 10 to 20 minutes. The qualification test will depend on the profile you have saved.

It is similar to real tests that you will attend later so if you get better results in qualification tests then you will surely get more tests.

Once you complete your qualification test and upload that to the platform, you will get a rating on your qualification test. This will appear on your profile as well.

Complete the Real Test and Get Paid

After completing the qualification test you will start getting real tasks on your dashboard. You can choose to join any mentioned task. Once you complete the real tests you will get paid by the platform after your test submission gets reviewed.

How Much I Can Make?

Earning on such a website depends on many factors hence earning varies from user to user. On average users are making around $10 per successful test and each test takes around 15 minutes to complete.

The amount for each test is already mentioned in the task. Several tasks depend on your profile hence earnings also depend on your profile.

If we take users’ reviews then we will get a narrow narrow-minded monthly earning amount. You can earn around $200 to $300 per month.

Minimum Payout and Payment Methods

The minimum payout is not fixed, but as Userfeel mostly pays $10 per test you can get your payment to your Paypal or Payoneer account. You can also get an Amazon gift card. Payments are made every week.

Keep in mind that once you submit the test you will get payment or reward within 24 hours to your account.

UserFeel Is Legit Or Scam?

UserFeel is a 100% legit and highly recommended platform for side money makers. They have partnered and worked with big brands and companies who only join with legitimate platforms.

We can get a better idea of how beneficial UserFeel is to users, if they are legit then what negative reviews are talking about them?

On TrustPilot, they have a rating of 4.0 out of 5 from 38 reviews. Most users reported that they are not getting proper customer support, pay rates are very low, and some users also mentioned that they are just focusing on taking clients instead of helping testers.

On G2, they have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 59 reviews. They have no 1-star rating but have one – 2-star rating.

They have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 15 reviews on the GetApp rating website.

Customer Support

This is where they lack, UserFeel might be good in everything but they are lacking in providing better customer support to testers.

There is only one way to get support from the platform. You can send your message from the Contact Us page, and they will respond to you in the next 48 hours.

They should offer Live Chat so their users can get their issues solved within a few hours or minutes.

UserFeel Alternatives

Before checking the best alternatives to Userfeel you should check out two important articles related to Userfeel, the TesterUp review, and the Respondent review article.

Following are the two best Userfeel Alternatives that you can try in case Userfeel doesn’t allow you to join their platform.

  • Userzoom or UserTesting:-
  • Userlytics:-

Conclusion: Legit

After taking a long review and reading users’ reviews I can conclude that UserFeel is a legit platform. If you love to try new apps and like to share your thoughts then you should try the UserFeel testing platform. You will surely make a good amount of money each month.

In this UserFeel review article, we tried to take care of all aspects that can provide you better UserFeel review and an idea of whether it is worth using or not.