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If you are making money online for the last few years then you might hear about Rewards Buck. But if you are a newbie then you might now aware of them.

There are many GPT websites that you can find on the internet and Rewards Buck is one of them, I published an article where you can find more than 20 trusted GPT websites.

GPT websites are also known as Get Paid To websites.

Let’s start our Rewards Buck review.

What Is Rewards Buck?

Rewards Buck is the GPT website where you can earn money for completing different tasks. It was founded in the year 2016-2017. It becomes very popular in the online earning world.

You can use them on any device like mobile and computer.

Anyone can join their platform and can earn money by completing different tasks like downloading the app, playing games, completing surveys, visiting websites, and many more. Like money earning app offers.

How To Earn On Rewards Buck?

There are various methods to earn money online through Rewards Buck. Let’s check out those methods.

APP:- The simplest method is downloading the app. You can earn money by just downloading different apps. Payout rates will be different for each app.

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Paid Surveys:- High-paying survey through which you can increase your earning. Surveys are from a third party hence reward will take time to get credited. You can easily make $0.2 to $5.00 per survey you will complete.

There are some other ways to make money like offers.

Download The APP

No, there are apps that are not available now. They were removed from Play Store but you can download APK from the APKPure website, in case you want.

Website Links

If you do google then you will not find their website at first and I will tell you why just keep reading.

Their official website link is “” which is currently not accessible at all.

But their shop page is accessible here you can visit their shopping page but I suggest not to use their shopping page to purchase any product.

Is Rewards Buck Legit Or Scam?

RewardsBuck is a 100% scam. They went without any notice. Also, they didn’t pay their users. If you are thinking that you can earn from them then believe me and do not try. You will not get anything.