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This is going to be a short review of Extreme Rebates, this is short because there is not much to tell.

If you want to make money online then you should think about saving money. Here are the method and site of it.

If you are one of those people who regularly do purchase the product online from e-commerce shops like Amazon. Actually, they do support Amazon only.

So let’s start our ExtremeRebates review now.

What Are Extreme Rebates?

Extreme Rebates is the platform where you can get coupon codes that you can use on Amazon to purchase the product online. In exchange for that, you have to leave a review on the product on Amazon.

If you do purchase products online on Amazon then you can use them to save some amount of money. It was founded in the year 2015 and it has offices in the USA.

How To Use Extreme Rebates?

It is very easy and simple to use ExtremeRebates. You can get up to 100% cashback on each product.

First, you need to register on their website, here is their website link

After registration, you have to verify your email.

You have to log in again and choose the product online. Below are the categories you can choose the product from.
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Home & Kitchen, Cell Phones & Accessories, Sports & Outdoors Electronics, Baby Products Tools & Home Improvement, and many more.

You have to request the coupon code to use it. Once the seller accepts your offer then you have to visit Amazon and purchase the product.

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After completing the order you have to submit your Amazon order ID to the ExtremeRebates website. Then the team will check your order and if they approve it you will get your cashback credited to your account easily.

You can also post the review for the seller and product respectively.

It Is a Legit Or Scam?

So is extreme rebate legit or it is a scam like others? In the previous article, you got to know that AppDown got closed, and in the same way Extreme Rebates also got closed.

Calling them a scam will not affect their situation because they are closed now.

Currently, their website is live but not active. And no activity on their Twitter page since 2017. Click here to visit their website.