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EarnHoney is Chicago, Illinois based GPT website. They are not much popular to make money industry but they are here for the last many years. You may not hear about them much but if you are reading this Earnhoney Review from google then you might aware of them but if you are reading this review directly or from this website then you might not aware of them.

I am going to review Earnhoney today. If you like it then share it.


What is EarnHoney?

According to their Reddit page, EarnHoney is the highest payout entertainment rewards Site. Watch videos, play games, and complete surveys to earn Honey Dollars which can be redeemed for rewards. Check out the EarnHoney Guide on how to get started.

It is a fun place to earn online rewards. Do what you already do: take surveys, play games, shop for deals but make a lot more doing it.

It was launch in the year 2014 based in the USA. But they are not much active anywhere means anywhere. You can earn extra cash for completing various tasks online. Actually you are not earning cash but earning OPTin Coins.

Is Earnhoney is legit or scam?

Yes, they are legit but from the last few months the complaints again they are increased. If you want to give a try then it is worth giving a try.

They are listed on two public reviewing platforms Trustpilot and FoxyRating. Their popularity is very low and you can know by checking their reviews.
On Trustpilot, only one person posted his review and their Trustscore is 3.3 out of 5. On FoxyRating only 4 people posted their review, but they have 5 out of 5 ratings there.
The platform which is in the market for the last 6 years has received only 4 or 5 reviews only?

EarnHoney Sign Up and Login

Like other GPT site sign up process on EarnHoney is also very easy. You can find a signup button on the homepage of the site.

While the sign up you need to enter your email, name, age and etc information. After submitting these details you have to submit the following details like Income, Gender, and Zip Code.

The EarnHoney login requires only your email and password to log in. You must verify your email in order to log in.


EarnHoney Sign Up Bonus

Yes, there is a signup bonus and every new register member will get $0.20 as a signup bonus it means you will get 2 OPTin Points.


EarnHoney Social Media

They are available on two social media platforms. Facebook has 40K likes and they are active there. EarnHoney Twitter has 23K followers but they are not active there, their last post was published on Feb 2019.


Methods To Make Money on Earnhoney

There are 5 ways you can make money


EarnHoney Survey

Surveys are the easiest way to make money on this platform. But there are not many surveys when I checked their survey page. I found only 4 surveys that are paying a total of $0.40.

There are some high paying surveys but they come occasionally. Sometime you may get high paying surveys but most of the time you will not get.


Watch Earnhoney Videos and Earn

Most used feature on EarnHoney, most of the users are using this feature to earn more money. Just open the video and watch to earn money.


Complete Offers

You can earn money for completing offers. Currently, I see they have one offer which is paying $0.2. The offer is the Earnhoney extension.


Play Games

They do not have any games for now.


EarnHoney APP

Their app for android is only available. You can download their app from their homepage. Unfortunately, they are not available on the Play Store. You can download Earnhoney APK.


Referral Program

They have a good referral program where you can earn 10 OPTin coins and 10% of what your referral earns. You can find your referral code on the invite page.

It means if your referral earns $100 then you will get $10 in your account. This is an awesome way to earn free money but for that, you need to share referral links and insist them to join you.

Here is my Referral Earnhoney Code: 11E7999ED9


EarnHoney Payout Method

You can withdraw your earned money using PayPal, Amazon, VISA, OPTin Coin or you can donate them directly from their platform.

The minimum withdrawal is $5 for every payment method.

Point Rates

The point conversation rate is 1 OPTin = $0.1000. SO 50 OPTin points are equals to $5.00. According to their leaderboard, many users are earning around 2200 OPTin points each month.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is EarnHoney is legit?
Yes, it is a legit GPT site.

What are other websites like Earnhoney?

There are many sites like EarnHoney for example InstaGC.

What is the name of the website?

earnhoney com is the website name.



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