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Today we are going to review three survey panel sites. These three sites are not much famous and there is not much information about them. That is why we are going to review these three sites in one article.

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Panel Champ Review

What is Panel Champ?

PanelChamp is a survey panel site that is very similar to Saybucks. Previously it was known as Quest Mindshare. I got to know that saybucks and Panel Champ both have the same survey provider and it is cint.

You can easily make $1 to $3 from each survey if you have some good luck with you. But if you are from countries like the USA and Canada then your earning will be more.

They are operating in countries like India, the United States, Australia, and etc.


Is PanelChamp is legit or a scam?

Yes, they are legit sites. They have worked with companies like Budweiser, Cisco, Coca-Cola, CNN, and etc.


Methods to Make Money on PanelChamp

Paid Surveys

There is only one method to make money online and it is Surveys. When I registered and I checked for surveys I found surveys worth a total of $3 for two surveys for a total of 45 minutes. Most of the surveys are related to music.


Payment Method

Currently, there are two payment methods that are PayPal and Amazon gift cards.


Panel Champ Contact

Panel Champ
Quest Global Research Group
238 Lakeshore Road East
Oakville, Ontario L6J 1H8



Panel Payday Review

What is Panel Payday?

It is like all other survey sites. According to their website “Take Advantage of The Value Of Your Consumer Opinion”.  According to their website, you can earn money for completing surveys.

They claim that you can earn up to $25 for each survey you complete.



Is Panel Payday Legit or a Scam?

Personally I think this is a scam site. Why? Because they have very vague links on their pages, I mean who ads pop ads? They are promoting random gambling websites.

They also claim you can earn up to $25 – $75 per survey. Who claims such things? Just remember big number in the survey industry. And that’s why I think Panel Payday is a scam survey site.


Panel Payday Sign up

You just need to submit your name and email address. I remember sites like the AOJ Online Jobs site where you don’t need to submit a password.

After sign up they will ask you t complete surveys when you click on YES it will redirect to the random gambling site.


Should You Join This Site?

No, big noo. because they are a clear scam. You will waste your time if you open their website. It is better to get paid for a walk than joining this scam site. Yes, you can visit their website and check if you want.



MindsPay Review

What is MindsPay?

MindsPay is a USA based company that pays users for completing online surveys. Users can earn cash for completing online surveys while doing your own work.

They have their office at 2885 Sanford Ave SW # 14119, Grandville, MI 49418-1342. Not able to find other information like who owns this company or site.


Is MindsPay Legit or a Scam?

They are not a scam but they are not much trusted too. Some users reported that they got paid from this site. The positive side of this site is they are listed on BBB.

But many users reported that they never received their payment. You can check those negative reviews here on BBB.


MindsPay Login and Sign up

It is free to join this website but if you are not from the USA. To sign up on MindsPay you just need to enter your email and name. After submitting the form you need to verify your email and fill out basic profile details,

The minimum age should be 18 to join this panel site. If you want to delete your account then you can’t do tho that but yes you can email them to do.


Should You Join This Site?

No, Because they have more negative reviews than positive. Also, sometimes their website is not active.


  • Android APP
  • Accept PayPal and Amazon


  • High payout threshold
  • Lots of email spam
  • You can only take third-party surveys
  • Poor BBB rating with lots of company




Conclusion: I reviewed these three sites and out of them I found only one site is legit. Only Panel Champ is trusted and the other two survey panels are scams. But if you want to try them then you can visit them.