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Here is the list of the 10 best Free URL Shortener scripts.

Want to create your URL shortener site? Here is the guide to how to make a URL shortener in 2024. Creating your shortener provides you with extra benefits.

There are various methods and ways to create a shortener site. You can either create using a ready-made script or from scratch.

Let’s understand step by step tutorial on how to create your own URL shortener free and paid.

Purchase Domain and Hosting – First Step

The domain is the first step. You need to have a good and attractive domain, you should purchase a domain that is easily rememberable.

The domain name with 3 to 6 letters is easily rememberable. You can purchase a domain from Namecheap or Hostinger.

I found Hostinger is cheap for the long term and Namecheap is best if you are not much friendly with errors. Namecheap’s support is awesome too.

Connect Domain With Hosting

If you have purchased the domain and hosting from separate sites then you need to connect the DNS or Nameservers. But if you have purchased a domain and hosting from the same domain then you don’t need to do anything.

Make Sure To Use HTTPS or SSL Certificate

New users will get an SSL certificate for free on NameCheap and Hostinger. It is recommended to use an SSL certificate because Google shows errors while not using an HTTPS SSL certificate.

List Of 10 URL Shortener Scripts

There are many scripts available on the internet but only a few are trusted and up to date to use. There is some free URL shortener script with ads as well as a PHP URL shortener script. Check them one by one.

Premium URL Shortener Script 

Premium URL shortener is the PHP URL shortener script available on CodeCanyon. This script was first developed in the year 2012 and it’s getting updated continuously.

Already more than 5,000 people purchased this script on CodeCanyon. It has an average rating of 4.80 out of 5 from 620 buyers.

You allowed customizing links within a second. It has an integration facility for slack, Zapier, Facebook pixel, and google tag manager.

Key Features: Social-Friendly, Saas, Custome Profile, Custom Domain, Add Team, Link Rotator, Splash & Overlay Pages, Hide The Site, Social Login, Translation, Anonymous User History, API, Captcha, Stripe, and much more.

Price: $33 for the regular and $215 for the extended license

Demo: Click here and search for the demo page


Shrinky is the free and open-source script available to purchase on Sourceforge. Shrinky is a premium URL shortener with a QR code.

Key Features: 3 Templates, Ban IPs, Connects with WordPress, Multi Shrink, Make and Download QR codes, Unique bookmarklet, Powerful API, API, Password protected URLs, Click, and date limited URLs, Custom and unique hash, Administration secured by myAuth, Full and Clean OOP code (and well documented), and 5 minutes deployable.

Price: Free

Demo: Click here for the demo

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AdLinkFly – Monetized URL Shortener

You can start your own monetized shortener site. Nowadays most such sites are using this script because of easiness and its features. It always comes with new and unique features.

AdLinkFly script is purchased more than 2,400 times and has 4.95 ratings out of 5 from 250+ users.

Key Features: API Tools, Captcha, Translation, Publisher & Advertiser, Withdrawal Method (PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Wallet Money, and Bank Transfer), and Ads (pop, interstitial, banner).

Price: $59

Demo: Click here and scroll down to access the demo page

Linkity – Business URL Shortener

Linkity is a very simple and fast script. The design of the script is very smooth and attractive too. According to the author, it is a business URL shortener script.

Key Features: Simple & smooth design, Advance AJAX material, Deep analytics, Anonymous shortening, Automatic setup, and much more.

Price: $15 if you purchase from Code Canyon but $10 if you buy it from the Uncoded official site.

Demo: Click here and scroll down to access the demo page

URL Shortener by PHP5Developer

It is another URL shortener PHP script free.

This is an advanced URL Shortener, that allows you to create your short URLs, for example, Also, users will have the possibility to share links on popular social networks or save links as a QR code. In addition, this application has an admin panel.

You can easily customize any part of the application starting with language and ending with social settings. Also flexible and advanced URL search module, in the admin panel, makes your work easier to control URLs.

Key Features: Admin URL Management system, QR Code, Auto copy, Social Sharing, SEO, Og properties customization, Adsense, analytics support, Changing interface language, Like buttons, Google, Bing, Yandex verification, Clean and friendly user interface, Installation file, API, and Report.

Price: $14 on code canyon.

Demo: Click here and scroll down to access the demo page

URL Shortener Software by Lunatio

Lunatio’s script allows the shortening of long URLs, and custom aliases, and generates QR codes for the URLs. The script is also mobile responsive and cross-browser compatible.

More than 850 people already purchased and had a 4.15 rating out of 5 from 100 & more users.

Key Features: Short links with the option for custom aliases (, Ajaxed results for the best user experience., Social sharing, Stats page for each link, QR Code, 2 Predefined Ad spots (Home page, Stats page), Super clean and unique design, cross-browser compatibility, mobile & tablet responsive, and more.

Price: $9 on CodeCanyon

Demo: Click here to view the demo, but try to open it safely


Shortny is purchased by more than 200 users and has 4.93 ratings out of 5 from 27 users.

Key Features: Add passwords, Link stats, Dark theme, Custom URL, Simple & responsive design, Bookmarklet, and more.

Price: $24 on CodeCanyon

Demo: Login : User & Password: admin/admin

Mighty URL Shortener Short URL Script

It is owned by MightyScripts which is owned by AdLinkFly. Mighty URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener script that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters like and

Already been purchased by 610+ members and has a 4.92 average rating based on 37 ratings.

Key Features: Advanced Analytics, Smart targeting, Featured Administration Panel, Unlimited Members Plans, Custom Redirect Page, Password protection, Social Media Counts, Bundles, Comments System, Edit Created Links, Unlimited Pages, Advanced API System, and more.

Price: $35 on codecanyon

Demo: Click here and scroll down to find out demo details.
URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel

It’s a PHP script that allows your visitors to shorten their URLs, with a powerful administration panel that allows you to manage everything from searching for links to managing social network settings. The script offers single URL shortening and Multi URL shortening.

Key Features: Set a wait time, add new admins, social sharing, customizable template, PHP/MySql powered, 2 pages of ads, Adsense & Analytics support, 3 different charts, and API.

Price: $18 on CodeCanyon

Demo: Click here and scroll down to find out demo details.

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Start Your URL Shortener Using API

If you are a developer or have some bit of development or coding knowledge then this method will be helpful. You can easily make your URL shortener site.


Yourls was launched in the year 2009. The interesting thing is that Yourls stands for Your Own URL Shortener. Your hosting must be mod_enabled 5.6, and MYSQL 5.

There is also a limitation of 100 characters. Click here to learn how to install Yourls on your website.

Features: Free & open-source software, private or public site, custom URL keywords, bookmarklets, plugins, API, JSON, Easy to install, and much more.

Price: Free

Demo: N/A


ClickMeter is an awesome site that has almost no limit. They have 99.99% uptime guaranteed. You can scale up to 1,000,000,000 clicks per month.

This is not free hence you have to pay at least $29 per month for the lowest rate.

Features: Redirect options, Conversion tracking, Retargeting on links, URL shortener custom domain, multiple domains, URL monitoring, Custom link, SSL, UTM, Rotator, Branded domain, Affiliate marketing, and much more.

Price: $29 lowest, $99 large, $349 X-large per month.

Demo: N/A

Bitly – free URL shortener script

If you don’t know about Bitly URL Shortener then probably you just have zero percentage of knowledge of shortener sites. They have millions of users and active links.

Click here to open the developer page.

Demo: click here allows you to monetize your link and earn money. But if you want a simple and clean page then this is not the recommended one because ads may destroy your time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there any free URL shortener script for bloggers?
Unfortunately, there is no such script for bloggers.

Where I can find an open-source script?
URL shortener script open source is not available anywhere.

How much does it cost to start your own URL shortener website?
The first cost you have to bear is script cost which can be around $10 to $60 and the next cost is hosting plus domain which can be $20 to $40 per year.

So the total cost to start will be around $30 to $100 but there will be an extra cost to promote your site.

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