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Today I am going to talk about one of the interesting methods of making money online.  Online Filling Jobs are one of the topics that was searched by many people and some users asked us to suggest trusted online filling jobs websites.

Hence I decided, to publish an article on online filling jobs or online jobs form filling without investment.

If you are one of those people who are looking for such jobs but didn’t get any such jobs then I would suggest reading this article so you can know if they are legit or scam jobs.

What Is The Online Form Filling Jobs?

Online Form Filling Jobs are the type of jobs where users fill the different types of forms to get paid for it. These forms can be in any form and any type.

These types of jobs can be the best work-from-home jobs and are flexible too. Anyone can do these jobs who has an internet connection and computer.

How Much I Can Earn?

It depends on the job provider. Someone may pay $2 and someone may pay $5 per the form you fill.

But before that, the main question is where you can find such jobs? And are they trusted or just another scam job?

Best Trusted Online Form Filling Jobs

There are many online job form filling without investment to do from home. But all are not trusted so let’s check out the current status of all previous and current websites.


PentaGonJob’s website becomes very famous in 2018 and they cleverly scammed many people. Yes, they are a scammer. They claim that they are in business for the last many years.

They will ask you to pay deposit money first and then they will ignore you. You will not get a refund or any job. and if you ask them for a refund and will call them then they will not reply to you.

Negative reports: Here you can read how they scam their users. They first insist you join them by showing different offers.




CyberExpo is another scam website and they scam their users through their blog website. They say that they do charge zero fees from their users but it’s a lie they will ask you to send you money to get you a job.

They claim that they have an office in Mumbai but it is also fake. There is no office in their name in Mumbai.

Negative reports: Here you can read how they scam their users. They first insist you join them by showing different offers.


Review posted by a random user

HomeBaseWork.Net – Typing Online Jobs Free Registration

It is another scam website that is owned by a CyberExpo owner. It means it is a scammed network that scams its users. Data entry jobs online free to join.

How Do They Rank In Google?

You may have a question in mind about how these scam websites are ranking top in Google right? They did good research on SEO and using proper keywords for it.

For example: posting ads online jobs, online typing jobs without registration fee, online typing jobs free registration, genuine online jobs without registration fee, and earn money online by typing without investment.

Google Form Filling Jobs

No, there are no such official Google form filling jobs. All those are scams. Do not fall into any such scam websites. Either they will waste your time or scam you by taking your money.

So Online Form Filling Jobs Are Scam Or Legit?

Yes, online form filling jobs are scams. According to the current scenario, it is a scam. No website offers legit free online form filling jobs.

Frequently Asked Question

Are any online form filling jobs government powered?

No, there are no such jobs, Do not fall into the scam.

Which are the best online form filling jobs with free registration?

As I said above, all current online form filling jobs are scams so there is no such free registration or something similar.

CyberExpo is a scam or legit platform?

CryberExpo is the 100% scam platform. And all their related websites are also scams.

Any genuine online form filling jobs without investment?

No, there is not a genuine way of earning money through form filling jobs.