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FlikOver is Group Buy SEO Tool that allows its user to purchase SEO tools in a group at a cheap rate. There are already many group buying tools available on the internet and it is one of them.

Things to note are the domain name, as you know there are many fake and phishing sites there. The only and only original and official website is (

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What Is FlikOver?

Flikover is the premium SEO tool provider at a cheap rate. You can get mostly all high-quality SEO tools at a cheap rate from this platform.

If you are a website owner, writer, freelancer, or youtube channel then you should have at least one of any SEO tools.

FlikOver Is Cheap?

If you compare it with ProSEOTools then no Flik Over is not cheap. At ProSeoTools you will get access to ahref at $4.01 whereas at Flikover you will get access to ahref at $8.00 the difference is in the account type.

On Flikover you can get more keyword research options and fewer limitations.

Download Their Extensions

Yes, there are two extensions that you need to install in order to use this platform. These plugins are available only for the chrome browser.

Flikover Alternative

There are many alternatives to Flikover there, some of the known and trusted alternatives are ProSeoTools and ToolsZap.

Flikover Tools List

Here is the list of Flikover tools and it’s pricing. Prices are in Indian Rupees and the US dollar.

Is Flikover Safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe and trusted. But it doesn’t allow you for sharing your account details with any third party. If you share your account with someone else then you might lose your account.

Will I Get a Refund?

Yes, if their service doesn’t work or their website went down for a long time then you might get a refund. There are some rules for receiving a refund. Like if their service doesn’t work for more than 3 days then only you will get a refund. Banned accounts will not get a refund.

Also, there is no refund on the account limit reach. Hence I suggest using ProSeoTools because you have to pay less for it.