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There are many Ads networks available on the internet and Adperium is one of them. But why their website is inactive? and what happened to them? You will get to know that in this Adperium review.

These ad networks can help you to make money online through your website.

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What Is Adperium?

Adperium is the ads network that is started in the year 2009. It has offices in Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands. As per their website, it has more than 3K+ advertisers and more than 5K premium, publishers.

More than 5 billion ad impressions are served monthly. They have an ads model that is CPC and CPM-based only. Adperium reviews each site manually and approves or rejects within 24 to 74 hours only.

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Requirements To Join As Publisher

They have some requirements which each publisher needs to full fill before submitting their website to them.

  • The website which is under construction at the time of applying should not apply.
  • Contents that are not relevant and not useful to advertisers.
  • Websites with huge traffic and traffic from tier 1 countries have higher chances of getting approved.
  • If your site is adult, hacking, spam and etc subjects included then it will be not accepted.
  • No download sites are allowed.

What You Should Not Do

You as publisher must not do the following things after getting approved.

  • You must not use any bots or software to get traffic or clicks.
  • Traffic from illegal sites is not accepted.
  • Incentive clicks and traffics are not allowed.
  • Clicking on your own ads can lead to the deletion of your account.

Adperium Payment Methods

Payments will be sent on a Net 30 basis. They support three different payment options that are PayPal, Stripe, and Wire Transfer.

The minimum payout is $25 for Paypal and Stripe, but for Wire Transfer, it is $100.

What Happened To Adperium?

Adperium was active from 2012 to 2014 like hell but later after facing tough competition in the next few years. Hence they stopped working in the year 2016, suddenly.

Not much notification sent to users regarding their close-ups. You can find their Twitter account where they didn’t say anything about their inactive.

Their last tweet was in April 2016.

Click here to visit their Twitter page.

Unfortunately, their website is also not active. Their website is

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Still, if you want to meet them, then here is their address: Wilhelminapark 61 3581 NP Utrecht, Netherlands