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From this article, I am going to publish an article on different questions that each online earner has in their mind.

So let’s start with our first question without wasting time as time is money.

Only People Who Earn A Lot Of Money Are Successful?



First of all, what is success? In simple words, Success is something that we achieve or complete.

For example, students target to achieve 95% in exams and when they achieve this target are successful.

Or if someone had started working on his start-up and achieve his desired goal.

The meaning of success can be different for each of us.

If you think only those people who are successful who have lots of money then you are wrong.

See it’s human nature to acquire more and more. Even billionaires are not feeling good. Success doesn’t need money but if your target is to become a billionaire then you need lots of money and when you earn that much money then you are successful to achieve your target.

Making money and success is two fully different things that can be dependent on each other at some level. So earning money is what you need to celebrate your daily life with happiness but living happy life is what every those person who has “lots of money” lacks.

The best way to become a successful person is by helping. You can help others who need help and people will applaud you, and you can compare with someone who has lots of money with yourself, the person who is surrounded by people who are ready to help you.

Only People Who Earn A Lot Of Money Are Successful? No.

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