Last Updated on April 18, 2021 by Justin Su

So, you have traffic?


Then stop here.


Then yes you should keep reading this PowClick review.

I am going to tell you why people started calling them scams. If you have used other URL shortener on your site then you might have heard about them.

It was one of the famous URL shortener sites in 2017-18. Let’s start our PowClick review.

What Is PowClick?

PowClick is a free URL shortening website that pays its publishers to shrink and share links. And advertisers can use them to promote their website, videos, link, and any other things.

The best alternative is ShrinkEarn, it is a legit URL Shortener site.

PowClick pays on CPM-based. You can use them to promote your link on social media or anywhere else and you can earn money for it.

Type of Sites They Do Accept

They do accept all types of websites excluding adult sites. If you have your own crypto faucet site then you will love them. Or you can promote links using social media.

Or you can contact them if they are ready to accept your site or not. If they do then it’s good else you can try another platform.

PowClick Publishers Rates

It pays on each visitor you bring to your link, once they complete a short link visit. The minimum payout per 1000 visits is $1.5. The highest payout rate for each 1K visit is $3 for country Norway and other tiers 1 countries.

Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
 Norway $3.0000 $3.0000
 United States $3.0000 $3.0000
 Canada $3.0000 $3.0000
 Sweden $3.0000 $3.0000
 Australia $3.0000 $3.0000
 United Kingdom $3.0000 $3.0000
 Netherlands $2.0000 $2.0000
 Denmark $2.0000 $2.0000
 France $2.0000 $2.0000
 Germany $2.0000 $2.0000
 Spain $2.0000 $2.0000
 Switzerland $2.0000 $2.0000
 New Zealand $2.0000 $2.0000
 Italy $2.0000 $2.0000
 United Arab Emirates $2.0000 $2.0000
 Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $1.4000 $1.4000

Referral Commission

Anyone can earn extra money by just inviting other publishers. You can refer friends and can get 20% of their earnings for life.

Available Payment Methods

The minimum payout is $5 for Paypal and Payeer, $25 for Bitcoin, and $50 for Payoneer.

PowClick Is Legit Or Scam?

It was a legit website but now it is “may” not. Because the owner of this URL Shortener site is the same person behind which is a scam site itself.

So it is a scam? According to some users, it is and some say it is not. I suggest using them and check by yourself.