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Up-4ever is a site where you can earn free money by just uploading files. But it is legit or a scam? Let’s check it out in this Up-4ever review.

Some sites reported that Up-4ever is a listen-to music but it is not so what it is? The platform offers a high-income source of money. But there are many questions that arise as there are many alternatives in the market with the same name.

If you have an audience and want to share files with them then this is the best place to start making money. You can make a good amount of money by just sharing files with your users.

Up-4ever review will guide you and tell you if you should go with the platform or not. And it is really worth it or not?

What Is Up-4ever?

Up-4ever or Upload 4Ever is an online file-sharing platform where you earn money online by uploading your files and sharing them with others. You will get paid for uploading the files online on this platform.

You can upload the file online and share it with your visitors or users when your users share it with your visitors. And every time when someone downloads the file you will earn money for it.

The site has two domains previously site was active on the domain name “” and currently it is working on the domain “”.

In this Up-4ever review, you will find out whether it is legit or not.

How To Use Up-4ever?

First, you need to create your account Up-4ever platform then you can start using it.

Up-4ever sing up is quite easy. You just need to enter your username, email, and password. You can also sign up using your Gmail and Facebook account.

The free account will get a disk space of 120 GB.

After creating an account and login. You can go to the dashboard and find the option to upload files.

You can download directly from your computer, URL Upload, Copy Files, and FTP Upload.

After uploading the file you can find the information on file like File name, Size, Download Lik, Code for Forums, HTML, Short Link, and Delete Link.

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How Much I Can Earn With Up-4ever

Up-4ever has different pay rates for different regions. They have a tier system which they have 4 tiers, in first-tier countries like the United States and Canada includes. In tier 2 countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Australia comes in tier 3 countries and all other countries come in tier 4.

Tier / Length
Tier 1 $7 $7 $7
Tier 2 $4 $4 $4
Tier 3 $4 $4 $4
Tier 4 $3 $3 $3

Up-4ever Payment Methods

They support more than 15 payment methods. Some of the known payment methods are Paypal, Payeer, PM, Skrill, Crypto, Payoneer, and more.

The minimum withdrawal is just $1. Up-4ever allows you to earn in different ways like PPD which is Pay Per Download, PPS Pay Per Share, Mix, Referral, and Sell Files.

Up-4ever Is Legit Or Scam

The Up-4ever has mixed reviews on the internet. But you are here to get an honest review of whether Up-4ever is legit or not.

First check ratings on TrustPilot, they have a rating of 3.7 out of 5 from 18 reviews. Recent reviews are mostly negative reviews but starting reviews that are posted earlier before 2020 are positive.