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If you are looking for a flexible job then text chat operator jobs are one of the best flexible jobs ever you can find.

The text chat operator jobs can be done from anywhere and mostly it can be done by anyone. It is the job where platforms hire freelancers for companies.

The market is growing rapidly, and even when AI-based chats are increased, the human-based chat system is still in demand and they will be in demand forever because human still has a far better understanding than AI.

More people are looking for this type of job, the main reason behind this is that the pay rate is good and the job is flexible.

In this article, I am going to explore how to find the best text chat operator jobs, how to make a good amount of money from text chat jobs from home, and the best platforms where you can find text chat operator jobs.

What Are Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home?

A Text Chat Operator Job is a job where you have to talk with clients or customers through text chat. You have to solve prob+[]lems and issues faced by the customers. Customers may have questions to ask which you need to tackle.

If you are on the internet for a long time then you might have used different platforms and used their live chat support or ticket to get answers to your question. This is the same but here someone will be asking a question and you are answering it.

Text chat operator jobs are flexible, you can choose the time and day you want to work. Chat-based operator jobs are basically related to text chat jobs but there are other types of chat operator jobs as well like call-based and video chat-based jobs as well.

What Are The Requirements?

Each of the websites has its own different requirements but the general requirement which every website are as follows. You must meet the following requirements.

  • At least 18 years old or above
  • PC or Laptop
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Must be good in English & Local language
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Pass interview and training

Best Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home

Let’s check out the list of 10 best text chat operator jobs that you can join and do from home.

The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop is a UK based registered live chat support service provider that has headquarters at Building 3, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5YA.  It was founded in 2012.

They hire employees from the UK and a few states of the USA. Must check the website if you are eligible or not. Once you submit the application you have to pass the initial review, the first interview, and the second interview.

You must be an English speaker and have a typing speed of around 80 WPM. Must be able to work 35 to 40 hours per week.

On average you can make around $11 to $13 per hour. You have to engage with three chats continuously.

Job Opening:- Currently they are not hiring.

Where To Apply:- Click here to apply is a Los Angeles-based company founded in the year 1997. It is one of the reputed text chat operator job providers.

They help companies to get IT tech support employers, and services related to customer support. You must have experience in troubleshooting Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows devices. If you don’t have any experience in any of these then you should not prefer them.

The average employee earns around $10 to $14 per hour. offers paid training, tuition reimbursement, health insurance, and paid time off. They do also perform a background check on every employer.

Job Opening:- Currently they are not hiring

Where To Apply:-Click here to apply


CrowdChat is a Canada-based chat-based support service provider. You can apply on their website at any time. Search if the job is available or not and apply.

You have to complete a test that will check your eligibility for completing the jobs provided by the platform. As of now, they are more focused on hiring employees who can speak English and French.

Their clients are mainly from the following categories like Law, Tourism, Car Dealerships, etc. On average you can make $14 per hour.

Job Opening:- Apply on the career page you will get contacted through mail.

Where To Apply:-Click here to apply


You know what Apple is and what it does. Working for Apple will not only increase your salary and knowledge, but it will also increase your skills.

Apple is consistently hiring live chat agents for their Apple customers. You will get a chance to work on their Support Website, Support app, and Community forum, and more on that you will get a chance to work on their social media.

The category they focus on is Web analysis, Content strategy, Graphic design, Content Editing, Production, User Experience, and Program management.

The person who will get hired will get iMac and Headset. Definitely working with them requires experience and skill. If you have past experience then you have more chance of getting hired.

On average you will earn $18 per hour.

Job Opening:- Have a few openings

Where To Apply:-Click here to apply


Arise was founded in  1994 as a technology company selling a proprietary switch. Later started operating as a BPO company.

Arise is a virtual call center where you can work as a chat and call support from your home or anywhere else. It also allows you to create your own customer support business.

The simple step to join the platform is first to create your profile, sign an NDA, submit the company information where you want to work, review the client you want to work with, and client certification which you have to pay a fee to get a certificate, now at last sign a contract.

The average earning on the platform varies from different to different, it is $15 to $20 per hour.

Job Opening:- Have a few openings

Where To Apply:-Click here to apply


Concentrix is available in more than 40 countries worldwide supporting 70+ languages from 6 continents. They have more than 300K employees working for them.

They pay $10 per hour for new employees, but the amount is not fixed you might earn more it depends on different factors.

It is an award-winning global CX solution company. They have different types of work-from-home chat operator jobs. What you need to start working is only a Computer with a high-speed internet connection.

You will get a paid training program, performance-based incentives, and other company benefits like insurance and holidays.

Job Opening:- Always have jobs, filter to search for available jobs in your country.

Where To Apply:-Click here to apply

ECS Virtual Support LLC

ECS Virtual has clients like Airbnb, Kay Jewelers, InstaCart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Carnival, Comcast, etc. The company was founded in the year 2018 with the aim of providing a world-class customer service team and starting contracting.

The industries that they support are Health, Dispatch, IT, Financial Services, Real Estate, SAAS, Telecommunications, Tech Support, Government Services, Life Sciences, Sales, etc.

There is the cost that you have to bear which is for Home-Office set up which they do not provide. The good thing is that you can choose your own working hours.

They have two different types of employment, you can join them as Full time where you can earn $10 per hour for working at least 40 hours or more per week. Or you can join as a part-time where you can earn $8 per hour for working at least 25 hours per week.

Job Opening:- Always have jobs, filter to search for available jobs in your country.

Where To Apply:-Click here to apply


Outplex is known for being a call center that allows you to work from home as a chat representative. They have headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, founded in 2005, and also operates in the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

It offers Live call chat ad Text Chat support to the companies like American Express, Rosetta Stone, AT&T, P&G, Boots, and more.

The first requirement of working with them is that you must be at least a US citizen and 18 years old. The average earning is $11 per hour, it can be more or less depending on your work.

Also, you must able to type at least 30 to 50 words plus good grammar, spelling skills, and communication.

Job Opening:- Availale

Where To Apply:-Click here to apply

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LiveWorld has more than 300 companies’ social media properties from 70 different countries. They are covering 6 of the top 12 pharma companies,

It is a social media customer support provider, that targets and hires employers who are able to work on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

You will get allocated to work on different brands’ social media pages to tackle and answer questions asked by customers or visitors.

The problem with the platform is that they are hiring employers from the USA only. Sometimes they have some openings for international agents as well but it is rare.

On average you can earn $15 per hour or you can get hired as a full-time employee at Live World, depending on your performance.

Job Opening:- Availale

Where To Apply:-Click here to apply

SiteStaff Chat – Office-Based Jobs

SiteStaff Chat was founded in the year 2011 by Bill Jennings. They aim of providing proactive live chat services to elite businesses.

They have mostly hired chat staff for their Denver office. Hence most of the employees are from American colleges.

The industry they target is legal, home care, finance, senior care, and more.

Job Opening:- Hiring on a regular basis

Where To Apply:-Click here to apply

Other Text Chat Operator Jobs

There are some other text chat operator jobs that you can try to join or apply for.


E-moderators is the platform where you can get moderators jobs that are similar to chat operator jobs. You will get paid for every message your send, which means every time you answer the customer’s question you will earn money.

They are paying 10 Euro cents to 24 Euro cents per message sent by you. Hence on average, you can earn around $300 per week. Payments are made on the weekly basis.

You have to pass the test, which is an interview. Where you have to answer a few questions.


Amazon keeps hiring employees including text-based chat operators. It is one of the largest retail sellers in the online world. Click here to check out the latest available jobs.


Smith.AI is continuously hiring chat representatives. They hire for both full-time and part-time where you have to work 40 hours per week as a full-time employer and 25 hours per week for part-time employees.

You can earn on average $11 per hour and up to $16 per hour. You have to work 30 hours per week. Click here to visit the career page.


Experienced experts can join them easily, they don’t easily hire freelancers because there are very limited opening positions.

Currently, they are not hiring but if you get a chance to apply then you should apply as pay rates here are good.


ModAquad was founded in the year 2007, founded to provide a better customer service industry with leading brands like NFL, Vimeo, A&E, etc.


10 Best Text Chat Operator Jobs From Home