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You might aware of many money-making online methods and about play games and earn money too but did you ever heard that you can earn money from classic games like Solitaire Cube?

Most probably no, but it is possible to make money with Solitaire Cube. In this article, I will show you how you can make money online with classic games.

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Let’s start our Solitaire Cube review.

What Is Solitaire Cube?

Solitaire Cube is just another solitaire game that allows you to earn money while playing the game. This is the person-to-person game. You will be playing against another person instead of a computer.

The game was developed by Tether Studios and powered by Skillz. Tether Studios was founded in the year 2014.

It is a mobile-based game app to play games and earn cash money online.

How Much I Can Earn From Solitaire Cube?

You can’t earn money with their free game. You have to deposit at least $10 in order to play the game.

You can earn around $50 to $120 daily if you are good at playing solitaire cube. They also host tournaments where you can get a chance to win a huge amount of money.

In a recent tournament, they opened a tournament where you can get a chance to join a tournament worth $375,000.

According to a report, one of their user Katie N. has earned $380,980. It all about the game you play.

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Solitaire Club APP

The Solitaire Club app is available for Android, iOS, and also available on Samsung Store. The app size is a bit big, it is around 300 MB in size.

Types Of Games Available On Solitaire APP

There are two types of games available on Solitaire. One is a practice match and another one is a league match.

Practice League:- In the practice game, you will not get anything in reality, it means your earning will be nothing but you will get free money to test their platform. You will also earn tokens that can be used to claim the reward, it’s not worth it.

League Match:- These are the games where you can deposit money and can play a game where you can earn money for playing the game. You will earn real money here and can cash out that.

How To Play Solitaire Cube

Once you open the app and log in. Next, you have to deposit at least $10 which you can use to play the game. The game will include only real players it means there will be no BOT in front of you.

The players who will come in front of you will have similar skills that you have. It means while playing game you will face the opponent with same skills that you have. Each game has default same timer of 5 minutes.

Is Solitaire Cube Legit

Yes, Solitaire Club is 100% legit website. You can earn money for playing classic game online. The back side of the app is that you can’t earn money for free. You have to deposit at least $10 in order to play game with them.

You can deposit money by using Apple Pay, credit cards, and PayPal.

Promo Code For Solitaire Cube

Currently there is no coupon code is available.