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Playing for fun is good but why not make money by playing games when you can? Yes, you can earn money by playing games and now it is much easier and more fun. There is no need for a huge setup for this. You just need a mobile or computer and the Internet.

You will not be going to make thousands of dollars from playing games. But yes you will earn some money which can pay your mobile and house bills.

How Gamers Can Make Money Online?

The gaming industry is growing year by year. The gaming market was around $130 Billion in the year 2018. You can play a game and earn money. You can earn in your free time then why not try?

Here are the Best Games to Make Money While Playing Games

1. Lucktastic

 Lucktastic app is where you can play scratch games and win cash. You can also win reach cash by participating in the lottery and contests. It is one of the trusted apps in such an area. Cash prizes are from $2 to $1500.

It holds sweepstakes too there you can earn up to $1 million on winning the round. The app is available for both iOS and Android with 10M downloads on the Play Store.

You can withdraw using a Check, Dwolla, or Amazon Gift Card. The minimum withdrawal is only $5.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks has been in the industry since 2010 and it has already paid out more than $40 million to its users. The number of games is around 5-10 in Swagbucks but it mostly depends on location.

There are many other ways to make money from Swagbucks like completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping.

Swagbucks also offers 3$ as a welcome bonus to new users.

3. World Winner

The WorldWinner is not a free game there is an entry fee of $0.25. It is available on mobile and web app-based games. You can enter the various tournaments and earn real cash. play games for money iPhone.

Playing and winning is simple on World Winner. You have to sign up using email (which takes 10 sec), make a deposit, select the game, play, and wait for the results. There are lots of games that are available like Angry Birds, Solitaire, and Super Plinko.

You can deposit using PayPal Credit Card or Debit Card. There is also a bonus on deposit it is different for each user.

4. InboxDollars

The website allows users to earn money by doing multiple tasks. It also includes playing games like Soduko and Solitaire. InboxDollars offers a variety of games on their platform where users can play a game and earn money.

There is a $5 bonus for every new user register.

5. WealthWord

WealthWord is a crossword puzzle game. You can win real money by playing the daily crossword puzzle. Every game comes with a timer, you have to finish the game within the given time.

The winner is only one, it doesn’t matter how many participants solve the puzzle. Always the winner is one. You can withdraw the payment with PayPal.

Use bonus code “akhiNDc0NTU=” while registering to get bonuses.

6. Gamesville 

Gamesville has been in the industry since 1996 but started paying its users for playing after a few years. They have many bingo games on their platform. I liked their slogan, which shows how cool they are. The slogan is ” Wasting Your Time Since 1996″.

Their site is also very classic they don’t have a great UI design on the web. It is now acquired and managed by Golden Hearts Gaming.

Here is the link for the Gamesville app download.

7. GSN

GSN aka Game Show Network, is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It is a USA-based gaming network project. They have some known games like Casino, ord games, arcade, cards, strategy, and puzzles. This is the best to play casino games to earn real money.

8. MistPlay 

MistPlay is a mobile app-based platform for earning money. It allows you to earn money while playing the game. It is available only for Android users for now.  iOS users have to wait for more time.

They have 5 Million downloads on the Play Store with 4.1 overall ratings. Some users reported that they are getting warning messages like they are using multiple devices.  money ios.

9. GamerSaloon

GamerSaloon is the global leader in skill-based, cash-prize online competitions for console, PC, browser-based, and mobile games. Established in 2006. Is gamersaloon legit? Yes, it is a legit and trusted gaming site.

Till now they paid out more than $60 million in prizes and rewards. is the primary property of Beyond Gaming, LLC, which also operates Beyond Gaming Entertainment. Beyond Gaming Entertainment produces live tournaments and brings the live gaming experience to special events

If you guys are interested in gamersaloon review then I will publish the review soon.

10. GivLing

Do you love to answer the question? Givling is the best trivia game to play and earn money online. They have been in the industry for the last 5 years, since 2015. You can play games for real money apps.

They are also on the Play Store but do not have many users there, they have only 500 downloads. But most of their users are from the web. They paid out more than 400K USD to date.

Frequently Asked Question

Can users earn real cash?

Yes, they do, and you can too.  play games with real money.

How much you can earn by playing the game?

I am not going to say that you will earn $5000 by playing games but yes you can earn some extra money. There are people who earn $800 to $1500 per month. These earnings are from many gaming apps and not just from one.

How I can get payments?

Most of the games are paid through PayPal. (Some scammers may contact you with phishing link from PayPal so always twice check the original URL)

How many games I have to download?

I suggest downloading 5-10 game apps. Check the earnings you are making from games if any game is paying low then delete them and install another one.

Cash apps are paid or it is free?

Most of them are free but there are “few” paid apps too.


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