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Searching for the best survey sites to join for the USA? Here you can find all the best survey sites to make money for USA users. Let’s check it out.

You can complete the survey while watching movies. You can earn around 1000$ per month from those survey sites. To earn more than a thousand dollars you need to spend at least 1 hour daily.

I am going to mention the USA survey site list.

Let’s take a look at the best survey sites for USA residents, I found and added the following top 10 survey sites in USA after reviewing them.

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YouGov’s headquarter is in London and was founded in 2000. It has 6+ million registered users. They have always had a good number of surveys for users from the USA. It is free to join and joining the process is very simple. YouGov also publishes its annual report which significantly provides a marketing report.

You may get around 5 surveys in a week. Most of the surveys take 5-15 minutes. You don’t need to check your YouGov account daily. You will receive an email when any new survey arrives for you. Users can check their answers submitted to the survey.

Without any doubt, it is one of the best survey sites in USA that is paying for the last many years.

Bonus: 100 Points on Signing up and completing the welcome survey.

Minimum Withdrawal:  50$

Payout Method: Check and Gift Cards

Average Reward: 1$ to 5$

National Consumer Panel

It was launched in 1987 and is previously known as Nielsen Homescan. Registration is based on acceptance, you will receive an email saying if they accepted your account or not. The USA paid survey.

The NCP team provides its users with a scanner by using which they have to scan their grocery bills. In this way, they collect users spending attitudes. Here are the best survey sites in the USA.

You can earn free points on your birthday, 6th month anniversary, and one-year anniversary. NCP also does sweepstakes where you can win 25$ to 20,000$ per month to a year.

Minimum Withdrawal: 5$

Payout Method: Amazon Gift Card, Prepaid Debit Card and Credit Card, Itunes Gift Cards.

Average Reward: 0.5$ to 5$

Survey Junkie

It was launched in early 2011 and currently has more than 4 million registered users. Survey Junkie received 12K reviews on TrustPilot with a 4.5 Star Rating.

There are only a few countries supported on Survey Junkie the USA, Australia, and Canada.

You will be rewarded with points, 1000 points = 10$. Your points will vanish if you do not complete at least one survey within 12 months.

Payout Method: PayPal and gift cards

Average Rewards: 1$ to 5$

Minimum Withdrawal: 10$


It is one of the oldest and most trusted “get paid to” sites. They paid more than  250 million USD. Swagbucks is there since 2005.

Users can earn by doing a survey, watching videos, shopping online, doing online searches, testing new products, playing games, completing tasks, viewing sponsored ads, and doing daily tasks.

You will be rewarded with SB, 1000 SB= 1$. Your points will vanish if you do not complete at least one survey within 12 months. Swagbucks is one of the best paid survey sites in the USA.

Bonus: 5$

Payout Method: PayPal and gift cards (like Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, and many more).

Average Rewards: 0.4$ to 5$

Minimum Withdrawal: 1$


On registration, every user gets 100 points and can get up to 300 tokens on filling in personal information. Tellwut is North American based company having more than 5 million active users. Users will get 100 points on registration and 100 points on completing a profile.

There are three types of surveys where users can earn from 5 points to 2000 points.  The point rates are 4200 points for 10$.  Most of the surveys are very small about 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Users from Canada and the USA are only allowed.

Payout Method: Gift Cards (Visa, Cineplex, Amazon, and Walmart, or merchandise such as a t-shirt or Motorola tablet)

Average Rewards: 0.05$ to 4.5$

Minimum Withdrawal: 10$


It is one of the biggest online Get Paid To sites. Prizerebel is trusted since 2007 with more than 9 million registered users.

There are many ways to earn money. Users can earn more by completing surveys and joining offerwalls. Also, it gives a chance to earn by playing games, watching videos, raffles, and daily challenges. In a raffle, users can win different gadgets.

Minimum Withdrawal:  2$

Payout Method: Gift Card, Gadgets, and PayPal

Average Reward: 0.5$ to 5$


ProliFic is active since 2014. It is backed by Oxford University Innovation. Prolific pays around 6.50$ per survey. It has more than 25,000 registered participants.

There are approximately 20 countries that appear to be fully supported, including the UK, USA, CA, AU, IT, PL, and CZ, among others. Prolific currently paying through PayPal and CHarity fund transfers.

Minimum Withdrawal: 5$

Payout Method: PayPal & Donation

Average Reward: 5-6$

Paidviewpoint is operating and maintaining Paidviewpoint. They give a 1$ free bonus for USA and Canadian residents for others it can be below 1$.  Most of the surveys are served on the basis of the Trait Trust Score. Paidviewpoint gives daily at least one survey which takes around 1 minute.

On every new survey, you will get a notification in your mailbox. The Chance of getting daily is higher on the Paidviewpoint panel rather than on other sites.

Minimum Withdrawal: 15$

Payout Method: Gift Card and PayPal

Average Reward: 0.1$ to 0.5$


ViewPointForum is part of MarketVision Research. It is currently accepting users from the USA only. Public registration on ViewPointForum is currently disabled. To get register on this interesting site you need a referral link of an existing user or a special invitation from the team itself.

Surveys are very less in numbers in comparison to other sites. Here users get 1-4 surveys in a month only but the reward per survey is high. The survey takes 10-20 minutes. USA top survey sites to earn money.

Minimum Withdrawal: 20$ (750 Points)

Payout Method: Gift Card

Average Reward: 3$ to 8$


It is owned and operated by Dynata. OneOpinion was founded in the year 2011. The signup process is very simple it takes a minute to complete the signup. Currently available for US, UK, and Australia only. OneOpinion offers product testing to its valuable users. Here 1000 points are equal to 1$.

The most interesting thing about OneOpinion is it offers 24/7 customer support. In case you have any questions or queries you can simply call them or contact them through the contact form.

Minimum Withdrawal: 25$

Payout Method: Amazon Gift Card, VISA, and PayPal

Average Reward: 1$ to 5$


The sign-up process on PointClub is very simple after signing up users will get a 5$ bonus and after filling in their profile details you will get missions to complete (We got missions worth 7.5$).

After completing the survey you will get your rewards after the approval of the survey owner, it depends on the surveys if they want to verify or not. If survey owners don’t want to verify then you will get a reward direct in your account. If the survey owner wants to verify the survey done by you then the reward will show as Pending Fund.

Minimum Withdrawal: 25$

Payout Method: Amazon Gift Card, and PayPal

Average Reward: 1$ to 5$

PineCoin Research

It is backed by a famous market research company Nielsen Media Research. It is one of the highest-paying survey sites. You can earn a minimum of 3$ from each survey site. Registration on PineCoin Research is a bit tough as you need a referral or invite link to join this awesome site.

It also allows users to test the new product before its launches in the market. Your rewards will be removed if you do not complete any activity on-site for the last 12 months. Most of the survey lengths are 10-20 minutes. PineCoin Research is the top survey site USA 2023.

Minimum Withdrawal: 1$

Payout Method: Gift Card, and PayPal

Average Reward: 3$

Conclusion: These are some of the best survey sites for US residents. If you are from the USA then you must join the above sites to earn some smart money. Remember Survey Sites are not for long-term income. Earning is on luck how many surveys you are getting in a day or week. These are some highest-paying online surveys.

How Much You Can Earn

The USA is a tier-one country hence payout and chances of getting a survey are more. If you spend around 1-2 hours daily on all the above-mentioned sites then you can make around 2000 USD per month.

Survey sites In USA Paid Surveys For Americans

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